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Well, Ticks From Those Bunnies, I Am A DDP! BOL!

May 14th 2014 11:01 pm
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When I got up today, growmly told me I was a furmouse pup!
You are honored for catching bunnies and acquiring a tick. YUCK!
Thank woofs to the Dairy Gal fur picking me as a DDP!
Well the DDP isn’t yuck, BOL!

Here is a nice picture Cooper and his gang made fur my DDP. Thank-woofs so much!

I have not been able to scare out any more bunnies.
Growlmy hasn’t found any more tick on me thankfurly.
It has been rather quiet, other tun all my barking racket.
And it has been raining and raining and raining…maybe I should turn into a duck until the rain turns back to sunny times!
And the nice warm days have gotten dank and chilly with a cold breeze.
Its been raining so much that our grass is growing like the proverbial weeds…and pawppy says he can sit in a chair and watch it grow…and it will just have to wait until the rain stops to get another mowing...

Pawppy is getting a new vehicle, and unfur the younger will get the used one. I think when unfur drives into our driveway, I shall be all confused when pawppy doesn’t get out of it…and I need to relearn the new one. Today I was watching the street from my inner dry sanctuary in the dining room…I can sit at the picture window and look out over my terriertory…and I started to bark and woof and wag…pawppy was coming home from work…and I knew it befur growlmy did, BOL!

Thanks to Hershey and Winkie fur the blue ribbon, and thank-woofs to Anya and her furmily fur the Golden Bone. Thanks to Dixie and her furmily fur the balloons, too.At least I don’t have to get all bent out of shape about those balloons, they are a lot less threatening than hot air balloons, BOL!

And now being as it is so furry late…I shall woof my goodnights and hit my nesting spot…you know; a good turn around, and a better scratching to ready the place and then I shall sink down and ZZzzzzzzzz…………zzz…….zz…….z……..


Ticks & Chicks - Bunnies & Balloons

May 11th 2014 8:48 pm
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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Growlmy's Day, BOL!

Boss-boy came over today to spend time with growlmy, and me of course.

Unfur is out of town, so he sent a card and lots of love.(He didn’t have phone service where he was, how primitive!)

It is now midsummer here, OMD!

Over 80Degrees. That is quite warm for this time of the year. Not long ago we thought spring would nevfur come let alone hot weather.

Growlmy was watching our weeping cherry tree for a burst of pink bloom, but that isn’t happening this year, Only a few measly blossoms widely scattered over the branch. It is leafing out, though. Winter kill is what happened here, I think. Maybe next spring…

I have noticed some yummy candies scattered throughout the yard. So growlmy tries to thwart me from my loot. Yuck she says…hey, finders keepers; does she want them?

They seem to be close to the dandelions that are having fun growing here…now who gobbles up dandelions? Bunnies!

I think the Easter Bunny got sidetracked here by all the salad greens and has taken up residence here. I get to enjoy his rental fee payments, BOL! Growlmy still says yuck.

Growlmy also said a bit more than yuck the other day. She had me on the counter to brush my teeth,,and saw something sticking up out of the fur by my ears.

Eeuuwwwww! YUCK! DANG!

A Deer Tick - transmitter of Lyme disease. It was partially engorged, stealing my JRT-delish-corpuscles…how dare it do that:(

Well growlmy didn’t have a tick remover, but she got under it with the fine side of the flea comb, and got it all out, even that nasty head. YUCK.

If it had been found on her, she would have called the human vet and gotten some prophylactic antibiotic (doxycycline) but she has read that prophylaxis is not recommended for dogs.What? So now being a senior pup and already prone to things like Arthur I Tis…she all need to be vigilant for lameness.

Nevfur had an imbedded tick befur, though some have been seen crawling over me…promptly removed…

Growlmy thinks the bunnies are bringing me more than candy…so she also warned the neighbors to pay attention to their pup and kids for ticks. They don’t have a fence, and critters come and go. Way more than in my yard.

And speaking of bunnies…on their account I have been called a bad dog, a monster, a murderer…and worse…not suitable to put here…

I was helping growlmy when she was weeding, and OMD, I found a whole bunny nest! I dug and dug…and sniffed and whoops! Out came at least 4 if not 6 wee bunnykins…in all directions. Which one to snag first was my only trouble…I got two…and one went into the neighbors yard and Daisy had it for a snack…*my* bunny…

Could not find the rest…until yesterday, pawppy found one, and befur I could do anything growlmy coaxed me into the den…and shut the door. Hey! I want to play with that one too!

I keep going back to the nest site hopeful to find me a playmate…but growlmy knowing the wee ones were not there dismantled it and poured bleach on it to make it unpleasant for my sniffings…

I was just doing what I am supposed to do growlmy, hunt varmints…esp ones that bring in nasty things like ticks…

We have not had snow here since early April, but last week, there was a snowstorm of feathers all over the northern neighbors grass…some critter had gotten yet another chicken dinner. At least growlmy knows it wasn’t me…poor chicken…now the southern neighbors have gotten another bunch of them, I wonder how long befur they are a foxes dinner…

The roosters crow all day long, what a racket. I sure do hope they do not try to fly into my yard…they also have nasty beaks and claws.

And today there were balloons! OMD! I *hate* those huge things. They trespass in my airspace, they make lots of noise and they need to be barked loudly and incessantly until they take heed and fly away. And yup, they did…and I barked fur a long while after I could’t see them anymore just to make are they stayed away.

Now I am barking at the thunder that is rumbling and grumbling all around us…Hope that we don’t get a bad storm.

Off to bed I go...


Unfurbro-the-Younger Is An Offurcial Bachelor

May 5th 2014 11:34 pm
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Unfurbro-the-Younger Is An Offurcial Bachelor

May 3, 2014

On Friday May 2, unfurbro the Elder, also known as Boss-Boy to me; the dog-guy, came over to the peeps den, which of course is where we all dwell. I thought we were going to spend 'quality time' together. But nope.
He had an overnight bag and crawled into his old bed which is still here for such times as this I suppose…

On May 3, 2014, the peeps got up in the wee hours and we furry ones just kind of blinked at them, what on earth? So we slept and suddenly they all left.
But not befur Boss-Boy started grumbling and made some naughty words, too…Um I won’t woof more…TMI, BOL!
He picked up a dangly black thing with silver colored ends and threw it away…
He said some fur had chewed through his USB cord.

Boss-boy's chewed up USB cord...

Oopsie, those silly kitties thought it was a worm or a snake that had to be evicted…and they are not telling who killed it either, so there.
He couldn't blame me, because I don't get to go in the livingroom where his stuff was unless growlmy or pawppy are there...
That’s what you get fur planning to leave us all day…

As I said they all left, and it was barely light.

It was blustery, damp and heavily clouded. Rain on the radar in some areas of our State. And cold, made more bone chilling by that biting wind, Brrr! It didn’t get much above 45 if at all.

They all drove to Ann Arbor; final destination: 'The Big House’. That’s another name for the University of Michigan’s Stadium, called that because it is one of the largest if not *the* largest football stadium in the country, the third largest in the world. It holds 109,901 peeps. OMD! That’s too many peeps fur a couple of shy kitties and a reactive dog-guy. Well, no matter pets are not allowed in there…


They didn’t go to see any sports, though. They had to witness the offurcial becoming of a Bachelor of our Unfurbro-the-Younger. He now is A Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Otherwise fondly known as a geek, BOL! An Offurcial Bachelor Geek! He also got to wear a long scarf and some golden tassels, in honor of some of his good grades and scholarships. The kitties think they would have had lots of fun with those tassels, and more fun with the tassels on his cap. We all could even play hide & seek under his gown…but of course non of us furry ones were there…only in thought could we cheer on our newest Bachelor.

As I said it was cold…the clouds were oh so furry thick, and threatened rain most of the over three hours the peeps were sitting on those cold hard bleachers. Growlmy had on a sweater, a scarf, gloves and 2 jackets…and she still shivered…as did most evfurryone there.
But being thankful fur small blessings, it did not rain! Now that would have been terrible. Growlmy was thinking enough already, we are all going to get pneumonia…
For a couple of short moments the sun made an appearance, and how the crowds cheered and clapped. So loud they scared it back behind the clouds, BOL!!

Grads Filing Into The Stadium

TimeTo Start The Ceremony

Thousands of grads and their families at the Big House, May 3, 2014

It took over 90 minutes fur all the graduates to file into their seats, like a nevfur ending stream…

After all the speeches, and lots more shivering it was over and my peeps all met out in front of the stadium to make a few pictures…

My unfurbro is a Graduate Bachelor!

Dan: A Newly Graduated Bachelor May 3, 2014

Dan, my unfurbro and new Bachelor with Growlmy & Pawppy It was cold, but Growlmy took off her jackets...Brrr!

...and then they had to walk the long way back to the car, and drive off to get some hot coffee and noms. Growlmy left her jackets on all through lunch…and even left them on fur a while after they got back home, BOL!

So now Unfurbro-the-Younger is going to go to Grad school, to put yet more learned matters into his head…and then the peeps can sit on bleachers yet another day when he will be a Master! They hope it will be much warmer...

You're going to need a lot of coffee, Unfurbro of ours!

Just for fun here are some pics from Boss-boy's graduation a year was sunny and warm...

May, 2013

Boss-boy May, 2013

And that is the latest chapter in our furmily doings.
I did say I wasn't allowed to go, nor my kitty brofurs, but just as well, being as it was so cold. Yesterday and today was a lot warmer...but that's another story!


Continuing My Dogabrations!

May 1st 2014 9:19 am
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Yesterday was my barkday/birthday, but I still got more comments, prezzies and messages after growlmy went to her own nest...
So of course I have to write all about it!

And thank woofs to all of my pawsome pals!!

I got a couple more pictures from Droopy and her Momma, and of course that means that Rascal helped, too, Woofs!!

A Birthday Picture from Droopy and Her Furmily

Another one from Droopy, too:

A Second Birthday Picture from Droopy and Her Furmily

They did a nice job!

I got to bark at that truck that comes by each week to steal the junk in the big bin at the curbside...its so noisy, it doesn't even pretend to be stealthful in its deeds...

I had to do some yard-guard duty last night, as the peeps went out to dinner, but even though it was my barkday, I had to stay home...shucks.
Oh well, I got more treats when they got back!

I gotta go now, ore barking work out there....WOOF!


Birthday Barks

April 30th 2014 10:31 pm
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OMD!! Its my birthday!
I have gone around the sun 12 times!

Happy Birthday to Freckles 4-30-2014

I got a nice picture from Cooper and his helpers:

Happy Birthday to Freckles 4-30-2014 Thanks Cooper and Helpers

I got another nice one from Austin and Doo:

Picture from Austin & Doo - Thanks!

And I also got another picture from The Kirk Furs and their Momma Shawna:

Picture from The Kirk Furs and Momma Shawna - Thanks so much!

And now I sure am hoping to make that same journey lots more times! So as to dogabrate a lot more of these funtimes bark days!

I was worried the other day that Dogster was going to be problematic and not be there anymore, but the fleas were evicted and now things are well. Hooray!!

Today growlmy stayed home with me most of the day, so that was fun…she didn’t do yard work, so I didn’t dig, BOL!
But we did go out back to see some things going on back there:



The Bleeding hearts are thriving. See the buds?!

I said hi to Daisy

Watching things in my yard...4-30-2014

But then she came downstairs with a big bag of stuff…Oh-oh! Birthday stuff.
She messed around in there and came up with several items…and then she got out that camera of hers…Oh-oh! I know what that meant…


You got it pals…picture session time.
Oh well, I always score me some treats, so thats OK.
At least until the blinds fell down, almost on top of me, Yikes!
She needed to pull them closed to deal with lighting issues, and when she started to do that, down they came! And up I got!

So eventually when she fixed the problem it was back to picture taking.

Hey, growlmy, did you forget something?

Its my birthday, but I don’t smell any cake baking?
Well, maybe later when she has to go to the store…I sure do hope so!

I did get some yummy treats...4-30-2014

Minko tried to photobomb my pictures, but then the tables got turned and he got some pictures taken of him! BOL!

Minko the Photobomber...4-30-2014

Later this week, growlmy and pawppy have to leave me fur the whole long day…unfurbro is graduating, from college, and there are no pups allowed over there…
Maybe later on I can show you pictures taken of that event, sans me of course.


More Blue Stuff…Exterminator Duties Thwarted…And A- Screwy Tail

April 9th 2014 10:19 pm
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Well, growlmy found me in the yard hunting!
Nose to the ground...then munch-munch-lick the chops and repeat.
This started after I ran lickety split through my doggy door to bark at the neighbors cat. (A handsome tuxedo kitty, growlmy says.)
Well, something else caught my eye, actually my sniffer. Yummy stuff! By the time growlmy had caught on to this I had cleaned up a whole lot of cookie crumbs…and there was blue icing and easter egg sprinkles on it, Mmmm!
Now how on earth did all those yummy crumbs get on my side of the fence??
The older kids over there know that I am not supposed to have that kind of thing, and they wouldn’t want to share yummy cookies with me anyways.
The youngest rascal over there is about 4 years old. Likely he was the guilty pawrty, BOL!
Goodness only knows why he would want to part with a cookie. And no the icing was a light blue, so still no clue as to how my schnooter turned blue a while ago, Tee-hee!

Monday I was enjoying helping growlmy do her yard work. OMD What a load of limbs and branches came down over the course of our harsh winter.
That stick/wood pile is humongous!
I cannot even try to climb it, its so full of sticks all in a tangle and evfurry-which-way! Only those pesky rude red squirrel dudes are able to maneuver their way through it to the top…where they sit, munching left over 2013 walnuts and taunting me. Grrr!

Well, she was trying to be a lumberjack, and was removing a dead honeysuckle shrub. She must have disturbed a lot of underground varmints…cause suddenly she saw me in pointer mode. And then I pounced…pointed and relocated the sounds,and pounced again…YES! I got it!
A vole. It kept trying to escape, and even tried to dig itself underground again. No Way! I wasn’t going to let it go, I worried it and grabbed it by the neck…and it was a goner. But then growlmy spoiled all my fun…and wasn’t going to let me even try to sample that prize…she gave it a vole funeral, whatever that means, BOL!
And then it tarted to drizzle…sigh…even the weather spoils my fun...

Our yard is already showing lots of those typical trails from the work of all the underground moles, voles, and gophers. UGH, say the pawrents, fun say I!

Growlmy says her work is cut out fur her…so many weeds are already coming up! Sheesh, they are so dang frost hardy and a constant cause of hard labor. And the real gardening work of the season hasn’t even gotten underway!

Today was a great day, about 60 degrees! And sunny all day long!
But…growly couldn’t do anything in the yard…she had to go and find out why one of her tires was looking so tired. OMD! There was a big screw stuck in it. So, well, now her van will need to be retired, but at least it won’t have to go to the pasture, BOL!


Why, Growlmy, Why??

April 2nd 2014 10:06 pm
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Hey, Growlmy!
I woofed at her furst thing this morning, but she wasn't paying attention to the confuser stuff at all...
She did take care of my food and water and the kitties, too...but then she grabbed some coffee and off she went.
Hey, why didn't you stay here and help me have a fun DDP day, Growlmy? Why?
Sheesh, she said she was going out with the girls. What!?
On my DDP day? Oiy Vey!
She didn't have to go to her work, so she was going to do this fun stuff fur herself...but poor little fun being a DDP and can't dogabrate it.

Well, Cooper saw it, and made a nice picture fur me:

Cooper's Picture He made for my DDP on April second. Thanks!

Thanks evfur so much! That picture is my 'giggle-face', BOL! Look at all those pearly whites! OMD! Better not get too close...

Well, when growlmy got back, pawppy was already back from his work...but did she sit down and let me get on the confuser? Nope.
She went to the kitchen and cooked supper. Yes! Well, I got some noms from that...yummy salmon and veggies and sourdough bread. I got the crumbs...and some veggies and a teeny morsel of roasted salmon. But the kitties were not nearby so they got none, BOL! Then I got my own supper! YUM!

Well, after that she had to get things all cleaned up and ready for the morning so pawppy can go to his work with a yummy lunch...and finally I got to see her on the confuser.
She was doing stuff fur the other furry pals offense, but...I am a DDP!

At last it was my turn! Wow! Thanks for all the messages, and prezzies!
What good pals I do have!

The sandhill cranes are coming to the field across the street about daily now, I think they are scouting about to make a nesting site.

Growlmy saw a Great Blue Heron, yesterday. Spring is here...I hope! It rained and rained on Monday night...and now most of our snow has melted and only the remains of the big mountains are still visible.

And go figure...tonight and tomorrow we are under yet another winter weather advisory. OMD! Will it evfur end? This one calls for freezing rain:(

And wouldn't you know it, growlmy has to go to work tomorrow. Maybe by the time she has to leave (2pm) it will be better...or hope against hope, maybe it won't happen at all! BOL!

Well, it is now past 1am here...time for us to all go to bed!

I heard her make another date fur a similar girls day out...on April 30...what??!
That's my Birthday, how dare she do that...peeps seem to think that they are way more important than us pups...sigh...Oiy Vey.


You Can View My Blue Schnooter

March 29th 2014 7:22 pm
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Pictures of my Bluenose Job:

MJF's Blog - Blue Noser pictures here:

Now you can see me all in blue...
But last night it was a lot darker...
Still a Miss Stir Eee!


Blue Smiles Along With You!

March 28th 2014 11:16 pm
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Blue Smiles Along With YOU!

Some of you might remember this slogan for some good Canadian beer…
But tonight I greeted growlmy with a big blue smile…OMD!

She went to work as usual, and later pawppy came home…and then much later growlmy got back. I was all barky at something in the backyard , sheesh, its been a long time since I was able to do that, the snow piles are finally receded enough, and lo and behold the grass is showing again!
Of course you all know from my last entry what that means…BOL!
Anyways, my schnooter is BLUE!
And the pawrents have no idea why!
Nothing amiss inside the den, and of course its too dark to inspect the great outdoors…and I am not going to reveal any good secrets…teehee.

I wonder how long it will be fur this mystery to be solved?

And, no I didn’t drink any beer, blue or otherwise...


Time To Get Out Our Sooper-Dooper-Pooper-Scooper

March 19th 2014 8:12 pm
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Its that time of the year when the peeps have to get out the heavy duty pooper scooper...

I am feeling lots better, I finished my medicines, and am eating normally again. And my barker is working just fine. Sheesh, when it was quiet, growlmy worried about that, now she wishes it would be quiet…it is hard to please our peeps sometimes, BOL!
I didn’t have the poopy troubles for more than a day, because right away I got to take lots of human grade probiotics, plus some pumpkin. I will keep using those probiotics, they are good fur us pups as well as peeps…to keep the poops good, BOL!

After all the snow we had last week, there has not been anymore. We have had a fair bit of rain and days of sunshine and temps above freezing. So lots of the snow piles are shrinking in height…and OMD, I can see grass here and there. It is still hard to run around in the yard, because what snow cover is left is furry soft and I sink into it. Only time lately I *can* get on it, is early in the morning if the frost has been on it.

And with the melting snows…come other types of piles…um…well, any dog peep will know what I mean, BOL! The other day, growlmy filled up eight bagfuls…wowee!
That was just from the edges of the yard…now when the snows are all gone…YIKES! I think there may be way more than eight bags full…now growlmy is humming something silly…baa-baa-black sheep…have you any (doo)? Yes sir, yes sir, many bags full! ♪

Growlmy had a time of not being able to bark either…something she referred to as Larry N Gitus. All she said was croak and squeak…not sure which critter she wanted to be; a frog or a mousie! Well she is over that rough part though she still sounds diffurent than usual…

Well, spring is supposed to be sprung out of hiding according to the calendar, I sure hope so!

I posted some pictures in my blog, since I can't add anymore here, I am almost at 200, BOL!
This is a link to the blog:
Barks and Woofs from MrJackFreckles

Woofs and good night to all!

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