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Christmas Woofs to All!

December 25th 2014 10:00 pm
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Woofs all my pals!

Merry Christmas!!

Or I should woof, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, because its already Dec 26th here, BOL!
Growlmy is always so late...

We were supposed to have a white one, and we thought we might, it was snowing late Wednesday night, but today there was only a dusting.
At least it was better than all that rain we had past few days.

Boss-boy and unfurbro are home, yippee!

I got some yummy treats and a couple of new stuffies. One of which I have started to destroy! BOL! Its a rabbit, what else does a terrier do with a rabbit?? OMD!

Thanks to all my pals fur sending me all those Christmas trees today!
Now finally I have some seasonal themes there...growlmy decided to leave the current background up permanently. Sigh...she just hasn't got time to keep changing it she says...

I also got lots of snail mail cards from furends! Thanks so much!

Today I wore a red, white and green collar, sort of festive with little jewels on it, as befits a 'Sir Jack'...but growlmy had to take it off, cause I was scratching and got some of the 'jewels' dislodged...shucks, it was nice not to jingle so much that is what those tags do on my regular collar.

Well, I am sleeping now, to be ready for what the next days shall bring to do...

And just in case I furget:

Happy New Year!
May your 2015 be fun filled and well blessed.



Barking Like A Dog

November 9th 2014 10:24 pm
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Hi there! Woofs to all!
Sorry I am not much here, but I do try and check in each day, but I know I missed a lot while growly was away. Sorry about that.

Barking Like A Dog
Growlmy went on a vacation/visit to see her sister and aunt. Here is the account as it is in my blog: (along with some pictures.)

MJF's Blog

Growlmy got her just rewards…at least in my eyes for abandoning me while she went on her vacation.
She drove to aunties house in pouring rain…had to wait in a traffic snarl due to an accident…and then some dog stole her identity and traded his voice with hers. So now she is barking like a dog. BOL!
And on her drive back she had to wait for yet another accident, and more rain combined with snow showers….UGH!
And she says she feels her vacation was a waste because she was sick…and still is. Off to the peep-vet tomorrow. Running a temp for more than 5 days isn’t good. Sigh. (The only good thing is that she doesn’t have to miss any work for now…she hopes to be feeling well enough by the time she has to resume her duties with her residents…who surely do *not* need any barking dogs taking care of them, BOL!
She can’t talk without coughing like that dog, I wonder what kind of dog it is, I had to have a good sniff of her when she got back. All she had for me was a Christmas collar…OMD! Are you kidding? She says her excuse is…well that barking stuff.

She didn’t even get out her camera for a selfie, today…but she did get one of my doggy cousin Murphy sporting that new collar.

My Great Auntie settled well into her new abode in a long term care facility. She seems happy enough, and is eating better now, so she has regained some strength. She motors around with her walker, though its more of a mental crutch than a mobility aid.
On Nov seventh, she turned 95!
So it was a momentous and busy day.
In the morning coffee was had in an alcove just off of where she has her room…(she is in a huge complex, 6 apartment buildings, and 2 nursing homes, as well as many services such as a bank, a teeny grocery store, 2 hair salons, even a church. All under one roof, all attached by a series of tunnels, like a rabbit warren! Easy to get lost in, but most of the peeps who live there have out all figured out!) (Great Auntie lived in her own apartment there until just now, for 22 years already!)
Everyone passing by said Happy Birthday and stopped to greet the lady of honor.
A cousin who lives in Europe called in via the confuser and Skype, that was fun!
Great Auntie just smiles back, because she is so deaf she can’t hear a thing…
After growlmy was gone, one of her cousins popped in on his lunch hour.
Then she took a rest, and later she was picked up to be driven to another city where growlmy’s other cousins live. And they took her out to dinner…she ate with a voracious appetite! BOL! Must be yummier than the nursing home fare…
Of course they met up with yet another huge traffic jam…and a trip that is about 35 miles took 90 minutes, OMD.The return trip was much faster!
Growlmy says at least she wasn’t barking then yet. Or she might have been thrown out as a doggy impostor!

Now growlmy says that there are almost 100 unread blogs to check out…um…no way will she be able to do that. But she soon will try to pick up on the latest entries.
And maybe even she might find some time or barkless moment to reply to all your comments.
Sorry about being AWOL…or missing important stuff.

Growlmy is going to keep a low profile for a while until she feels better…and gets her own barkless identity back.

Maybe if I furgive her and send her some POTP along with all of you it will help speed the healing up?


Pirate Woofing Day!

September 19th 2014 5:59 pm
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Ahoy mateys and swabs!

Oh dear me, My pirate swashbuckling self was not allowed by my captain-growlmy to get on here today, so I missed sending out those pawsome pirate flags.

I shall just get back into my galleon and sail away to some isolated island and lick my wounded psyche...BOL! Arrgghhhh!

I appawlogize if it becomes a pirate to do that, esp a swashbuckler like I...otherwise I shall make growlmy walk the plank fur her misdemeanor and falling short of the pirates be there fur the boss! BOL! Arrgghhhhh!

Hope ya'll had a fun day, being pirate mates!


Hooray! Its Soooooooooo Improved!

September 6th 2014 9:39 am
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Dogster is doing evfur sooooooooo much better today!
I only seem to have a wee trouble when I want to make a comment somewhere, but I can get there with a bunch of extra clickings. I am becoming clicker trained, BOL!

Thank Woofs I-5 Publishing fur working so furry hard and with great diligence to fix our most beloved site(s).
I am so gratefur!

Through this long deflea-ing process I am revved up and ready to woof and bark all around, but growlmy is busy with tons of not doggy stuff these days, so you may notice that I am not sending out art works lately...I do a-paw-logize.
And well, I do know that I have missed lots of doings and spawsial dates, too. Sorry and please let me hug you ((( ♥ ))) to make it up!

I hope all is well with my many furry pals and their furmilies.
I have missed you all!



OMD, OMD! Thank-you I-5, Thank YOU so Much!

August 19th 2014 8:09 pm
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Wowee! The comments are back! OMD!! Hooray!! Yippee!

Thanks so much to I-5 Publishing fur getting that fixed, now we can all woof with each other again. Sheesh, I was getting sort of lonely!

Not much happening with me...I turned 12 somewhere along the way, but my batteries run at full power when I am not in napland.
I did a ton of digging, and barking at all kinds of stuff, and Growlmy & Pawppy had their 27th wedding annifursary.

I still get to do lots of yard guard duty, which includes lots of barking...

The peeps are furry busy, and sometimes I don't even get any confuser time. That means that now the picture factory/shoppe I ran, will be running at much reduced sorry about that, pups. Maybe the days should be 48 hours...but I guess there is a reason they're only allowed 24 hours, BOL!

Well, now I gotta go snoop around the other doings here.


A Note From Growlmy

June 12th 2014 6:26 pm
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Hi Pups!

Growlmy is so frustrated today. Not with me, though, BOL!

She is in a coffee shop to use their internet to tell you that ours is out of commission and we do not know when it will be back up and running. Grrr,
Sorry I m missing out making pictures for you and not playing In your pages, either.
I know I am also missing out on spawsial days and honors...shucks. Please forgive me and hang in there. I hope you are all having a great day...and I will be back as soon as I can.



Gotcha'd I Was & Gotcha'd I Am

June 10th 2014 6:57 pm
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Today is the date I dogabrate the fact that I was Gotcha’d. I was in a litter of pups, outside in a big pen and my doggy Mommy and Daddy were there, too, though not in the pen with us.

All of us were excited to see someone…peeps meant noms, or playtime, or release from that pen to romp in the grass.

Well, we all scrambled to climb out of the pen, but growlmy said to the man who was snoopervising us all, that she wanted a boy pup and a mostly white one at that. There were two boys in that litter of puppies, and only I had that whiteness desired by growlmy. I was also responding well to the temperament tests she was doing with me, I just thought she was doing a new kind of game, BOL!

So she took out some papers, and after the man put them in his pocket, she got some other larger papers from him. Growlmy said they had my birthday, my vet info and some other info on them. Alas no paper was forthcoming from AKC or UKC, BOL!!

Then she let boss-boy see me…and he said, YES!
I was his present you see, but it would be months before it was his birthday, So I was an early present, BOL! So that on his birthday I was all ready able to play and give good doggy licks and wiggles!

I was teeny and only 2 1/2 lbs! OMD!
I fit in one hand, though even then I was a wiggly dude and one hand wasn’t enough to properly contain me!

I had some little black spots on my pink schnooter, so since they looked like freckles, that became my call name. 'Mr Jack Freckles' came a bit later when growlmy & boss boy wanted me to be more…um… distinguished, BOL! Well of course! There was some gentleman who cuddled my head in his hands, looked me in the eye and said: You have a noble head.
I got really good at using my licker, so boss boy said I was Sir Lick-a-Lot. Growlmy says it should have been Sir Bark-a-Lot! That fits with being noble right?!?

All the skin on my little doggy body was pale pink.
But as time went on, My schnooter got all black, and my skin started to have lots & lots of black spots, some lager splotches and some like little dots. Not unlike a Dalmatian. Since my furs cover the skin spots, I must be a disguised Dalmatian…or a Dalmatian under cover, BOL!!

All that was 12 years ago.
OMD! Time flies. Boss boy doesn’t even live in my den anymore. He has an apartment about 26 miles from here, he graduated from college a little over a year ago, and has a full time job. I see him about every two weeks when he comes over on Growlmy’s Sunday off work…presumably to eat Sunday Dinner, but of course its to see little old me!
He even has his own car to zoom around in!

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY! Thanks Copper Allan and your whole furmily! (( ♥ ))

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY! Thanks Cooper and crew! (( ♥ ))

Great pictures pup pals!

I spent a lot of time helping growlmy mow the weeds down in the woodsy part of our yard. Pawppy with his new hip, can't do that section because the ground is quite soft and uneven back there, and there are so many trees & shrubs to maneuver that mower around. UGH. Growlmy was doing that for at least 3 third of an acre. And she also took down some rogue saplings. The weeds seem to be under fair control this way, its better than using chemicals she thinks, and so do the critters...her echinacea plants and red poppies have all been rabbits or groundhogs. OMD. They never are around when I am back there, and if I do not see them or hear them in their dens, I don't try to evict them. Maybe she needs to set live traps? If they are on the outside of our fence its hard for them to get under the fence because it is deeply buried...

Any other ideas?

Well, before I go, I want to say my thank-woofs to all my wonderful furends who sent messages, and prezzies. I ‘wuf’ you all!
Dogster is still a furry fun pawlace to romp about in, Hip-Hip-Hooray!

MJF's Bloggie
That is a link to my bloggie in case you wish to visit me over there.



A Stroll Through My Village Lanes

June 8th 2014 9:41 pm
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I dogtated a big bloggie to the dogretary after a long stroll through the lanes of my village, well at least the ones I go on fur my daily walk!
Here is a link to the whole posting so that you can see the pictures that go with the text.

Freckles Blog: A Stroll Through My Village Lanes

I hope you enjoyed that virtual stroll!


Harry The Dirty Dog - aka - Stinky Pup

May 30th 2014 7:13 pm
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I was a Stinky Pup!
Yes I was!
My nickname sometimes..and sometimes my real name!
Tuesday it was my real name. OMD!

Growlmy was puttering in the yard…and still in her jammies, Yikes!
She went to the wood pile to add some junk from her patio planters that she had clipped in her daily dead-heading. (OMD, I hope she doesn’t do that to me, BOL!)
So of course that means I took the opportunity to start my own rounds of the back woodsy area.

When I finally emerged, I was no longer a white dog with tan marks, I was a grey dog with black all over. So stinky that I even had my own cloud of flies. Eeuuwwwwwww!
At least that is what growlmy yelled. I was quite proud of my accomplishment. Wagging my tail…
Growlmy acted quickly and shut my doggy doors…and than went to get a leash. Hey, a leash on me while I am in my fenced yard?
She then opened the back door and made me come inside, still on leash. Oh-oh. Now I knew I was in big trouble..cause we went into the bathroom. Its not called the *bath*room for nothing…
And I got the royal treatment.
And I even presented growlmy with another tick! Eeuuwwwww! At least it was only looking for a home…nope, not happening, growlmy said and flushed it down the toilet!
She scrubbed and scrubbed me trying to get that awful stank off of me. She rinsed me all off and did it again. That’s better she said…though I was begging to differ, I had kind of liked that 'not-doggy-smell’.
Then she insulted me further by clipping my tootsies. She said that is easier when they are soft…but now how’s I supposed to be a good digger?

And then she still didn’t let me out of there, she got out the hair dryer and used that on my furs to fluff them up…and what is a dude gonna do with floofy furs I ask? Well she wanted me all dry because she had to put new flea and tick treatment on me, it was time again. And she sprayed me (...with *Neem Protect Spray*, too…a repellant of natural oils. Smells not too bad…peeps can use it too.
And then she only let me out on the leash after that. Humph…Pffftttt. She said she didn’t want me to go back to my roll spot, cause she didn’t have time to give me another bath. Well, I didn’t want one…but she also says she can’t have me on the carpet being a Stinky-Pup.

She said all this reminded her of the childhood books about Harry a mostly white terrier doggy and the tail of his called ‘Harry The Dirty Dog’.

And today I found a new spot that was oh so rollable!
Growlmy shoveled dirt over it…Booo….

She wishes she knew what/who is making these rollable spots fur my pleasure and her consternation. There are varmints there, I know it! If they keep making yummy rollables, I might just let them stay, BOL! Actually I only can smell their dens, I haven’t been able to oust any of them…as yet…give me time, give me time.

No pictures ...TMI, and too gross...BOL!


Catching Up and Snapping!

May 30th 2014 7:06 pm
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Growlmy has been doing lots of not doggy things…like yard work, her job and other chores.
She even abandoned me for a whole day when she and 7 other ladies went to some flea market. What? She went to buy fleas? She is nutszo, BOL!
All she brought home was some boxes of greeting cards, presumably not for any fleas, I hope.

The weather has become quite summer like, and pleasant. We did have a very bad round of thunderstorms coming through our area just before growlmy went on her outing. One of the ladies in her group said that her childhood farm home had been hit by lightening and burned down, a 4 alarm fire, OMD:(
No one was hurt and growlmy’s friend hasn’t lived there for many long years, but of course it held a lot of memories for her, and how she must be sad when she drives by it each day. ( Same lady’s own home burned down about 20 years ago, she must have renewed nightmares during storms…the power of lightening is not controllable.)

A few days ago, growlmy was out in the woodsy part of our yard, and doing some more ‘lumberjack’ work…I was hot and too lazy to go inside to the house where it was being cooled by the A/C…so I lay down on the remains of the burn pile. Growlmy about had a fit, here is a mostly white pup laying on an ash heap, BOL!
Of course you all know what happens later in this tail...

Pawppy got himself a new set of wheels, but says I am not allowed to go in it. Shucks.
I still have to do any car rides in the old van…but hey, it won’t knock me out with the ‘new car scent’! And it smells like me anyways…and I mostly get to ride shotgun in it! (With my doggy travel harness on, of course…)
Unfur-the-younger inherited pawppy’s older car, since he needed his own set of wheels.
Our driveway will look like a car-sales lot if evfurryone is at home!

And now a Super Snapping Snapper Saga…

Pawppy came home from work, and growlmy was pulling up those eternally pesky weeds.
Pawppy came in, and quietly went to growlmy and told her to keep me occupawed, and to try to figure a way to remove a large snapping turtle off our property.
So I got called to growlmy, was given a treat bribe and put inside the den, and the doors were shut. Just as if I had to do guard duty. Wait a minute! There was a varmint out there and I got locked in the den?
Growlmy took a look in the front yard, and sure enough there was a snapper there. A big one!

It looked like this one...Super Snapper - UGLY!

Head stuck in the fence fabric, and still trying to get through. Digging wouldn’t have worked either. And woe was MJF if he tried to woof/bite at this angry critter.
So growlmy got a couple of shovels and a yard cart…and first she shooed that snapper to pull its head out of the fence fabric…she put the shovel in front of its beaky head, and then pushed a bit…that rascal snapped at the shovel, OMD!

I don't think I want this to snap off my schnooter, OMD...

Eventually it retreated enough so that growlmy could now figure out how to get it into the cart and relocate it.
After a lot of snapping, shovel manipulating and more snapping/lunging, she got it into the cart. Now what?

She saw the neighbors to the north were home, so she asked the girl if her step daddy was there…yes.
He gave permission to take snapper to the creek and release it.
Little girl was fascinated by this snapper, and had to be warned not to get close because that dude was angry! It tried to climb out of the cart on the bumpy ride down to the creek, so growlmy laid the shovel over it to keep it corralled. That thing tried to take a bite out of the shovel…and growlmy could feel the shovel being jostled...yikes!
Eventually the creek was attained, sheesh that was a long hike down there, that property is way bigger than ours!
Snapper was released, but needed encouragement to go in the right direction. All the while it kept lunging. Talk about scary!

When growlmy finally let me back outside, I had a good sniff of that cart…but there was nothing in there to get excited about anymore. Growlmy said she was glad I had not found snapper before she did…else my schnooter might have been gone, or my paws…
That snapper was about the size of a dinner plate, and rather tall and heavy, too. It was more than likely a female who was trying to find a good place to lay her eggs…um…not in my yard pawlease!

A long time ago, before my time, growlmy said there was a huge snapper in the neighbor's yard, it was super-duper ugly, too. It was even more scary looking not because of its size which was so big it could have been a living garden stool...but because it was likely an Alligator Snapper, we are just at the northern edge of its range.

It was like this ugly dude:

I hope you all had a fine Memorial Day...Growlmy had to be at her work, helping Nursing Home Residents. Some of whom are Veterans. Thank you so much for all you did!

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