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sad day

January 29th 2009 9:14 am
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Its a very sad day around here, our sister kitty past over the bridge last night. We've been sticking to mom like glue, we know how sad she is. Whiskers waited for my daddy and brother to get home last night before she would take her last breath, it was just so strange. Mom had been sitting with her for quite a while, she called my skin brother to find out how much longer they would be away, they were in the driveway, so mom told my skin brother to hurry, he came in, a few minuted later dad came in, and there was one more breath, and she was gone. Boy, I so enjoyed chasing her around, now I have only my sister to run after. We will all miss her very much



September 20th 2008 11:20 am
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Boy I really scared my mom today. I got her up this morning to go to the potty, she took me and my sister Britania Marie out, we came back in, and went back to bed, mom was tired because our skin brother Steven races on a Friday nite, and they get back late so she came to bed with us. (nice to have someone to lean on), anyway 2 hours later I woke her up rubbing my face on the bed, she sat up, and to her horror my face was bright red, and my eyes were swollen shut and my muzzle was huge. She freaked out, went to the kitchen cabinet and got 3 Benadryl out, she tried to give them to me in a pill pocket, wasn't having that, so she thought she would trick me by giving me a treat then the pill pocket. Nope, that didn't work either, so she resorted to putting them down my swollen throat, which she discovered while trying to give them to me. She called my skin brother out of bed, he said to her that she should give me Benadryl, which wasn't working, so he said they better call the vet and take me, because it is a weekend and they will only be there till noon. Mom called and they said to bring me right up. I was a sorry sight by the time I got there, I looked like I had been in a Boxing match. Dr. Jon knew right away what to do, they put this awful catheter in my leg and infused me with meds, they worked in like 15 minutes to mom's surprise. He told them that there was a bee sting on my lower lip, that I would be fine now, that it was a good thing they brought me in. So mom says it was an expensive bee sting 228 dollars worth, but it was worth it to know I was OK now. So, I am sleeping on the couch all covered up with my skin brother and sister, I just came in to let you all know, what a day!!!!


Best surprise ever!!!!

May 1st 2008 5:21 am
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Yesterday was my mom and dads anniversary. Mom was so pleasantly shocked yesterday afternoon when she got a phone call from my girlfriend Remi's mom Sherry in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. They have been friends for over 3 years but have never talked on the phone. They talked for a long time and mom laughed, she was very happy. They met thanks to Dogster. They e-mail each other almost every day but this was just super. I can't thank Remi's mom enough for the happiness she brought to us.



April 24th 2008 5:57 am
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Wow where do I start, mom was crying like a baby yesterday after she took me to see the Ophthalmogist, she told us that I don't have Corneal Degeneration, but have Axial lipid degeneration/corneal lipid dystrophy. This will not cause me to loose my sight. The only problem that I will have is at night when lights shine on my eyes. For the past week mom has been crying all the time, she was so worried about me losing my sight because she knows how much I love life. Now she is feeling pretty good, but she has to keep an "eye" on me for ulcers. So if she sees me squinting or rubbing my eyes excessively it back to the specialist.

So we celebrated last night with lots of extra hugs and kisses and my bed time snack was Frosty Paws, yum.

So it a great day!!!!!



April 16th 2008 9:08 am
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Well, I had another test done on my eyes yesterday, and they now are giving me a diagnosis, its called Corneal Degeneration. Mom has been crying, she is so worried for me. I go to a special eye doctor next Wednesday to see if there is anything that they can do, mom has her fingers and toes crossed. She said she just can't believe that all of this stuff happens to me. But I did score a new toy yesterday because it was my sister Britania Marie's birthday, but it didn't last long, she took it, the little money, and then she got nasty so mom took hers and mine. We both had Frosty Paws before we went to bed. I am just so worried about my mom, she just loves the both of us so much.

So if every one of my friends could just say a little prayer for me, I would really appreciate it.



VPI at it again

April 15th 2008 7:45 am
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Wow, where to start. Mom took me in the beginning of April for my annual, well I got checked for heart worm/lyme, got the booster shots that were necessary and mom thought since I was there, she would ask about the white spots in my eyes, the veggie lady wasn't sure what they were so she did a smear test on my eyes with drops. Well mom got reimbursed from VPI yesterday which floored her, they have never been this quick. Anyway, they didn't pay for my well office visit or the smear. When she called them, they told her that the office visit wouldn't be covered because it was for a medical problem. Now mind you, mom pays extra to have me covered for my annual stuff, which is why she took me to begin with, but since I was there she would have them check my eyes, rather than have another $45 dollar charge for an office visit that wouldn't be covered because it wasn't for my annual visit. Mom says she is getting very mad because the reason I went to the vet was for my annual NOT my eyes. She has little faith in this company anymore since they didn't pay a cent for my sister who was diagnosed with cancer and had insurance through them. They don't live up to their end of the contract. There, I feel better now that I vented, just want to give my fellow Dogster friends a heads up.

Now, after going back for a full round of blood work to try and figure out what the spots are, I am no further closer, so I am going today for another eye test which my vet isn't charging for since she charged mom $116 for the blood test and it didn't tell her anything.

Wish me luck!!!



October 11th 2007 6:34 am
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Well, its been almost 3 weeks and mom says its time to share. About a month ago I broke my dew claw, so off to the vet we went, she fixed it all up, but during my exam Dr. Lori noticed that the lump on my side which had previously been needle aspirated and was nothing, looked a little funny, so she did another biopsy and it came back a mast cell. So I was scheduled for surgery the following week. So on the 21st of September I had a total of 3 different procedures, mom had the lump on my left hind leg taken off, before that one too would turn bad and had my gums lasered, I had a mild case of gingival hyperplasia, so I was a hurting boy to say the least. Mom came to get me, I was not walking to well, and when she got home, there was no one here to help her, so she called the police. They were so nice they sent 3 officers over, they got me on a blanket and carried me into the house. Mom cried something terrible, but I felt so bad I couldn't console her, but my sister Britania did. Dad and my skin brother got home a few hours later, they went to the races, my skin brother races his quad on Friday nights, anyway, I pretty much ignored mom all night, but when dad and Steven got home I wagged my little nub, I then knew that I was gonna be OK. After a few days I was OK, even chewed off my bandages, mom had to take me back 3 times!! I don't mind though, they are very nice to me at the vets office. So, now all the bandages are off and I am running again, it feels great, and am cancer free, it was a grade 1, so all turned out well.



June 10th 2007 10:32 am
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Well, what an awsome day, its my 4th birthday!!!! I had a scrambled egg with my Canidae for breakfast, I got new toys (oh yeah!!!) and mom is gonna take me and my sister for a ride, since her AC is fixed in her Jeep, and I am gonna have my Frosty Paws before bed. I just took a break, I've been outside all day so far playing with Britt and mom and dad, I love my birthday!!!!


Birthday wishes

April 15th 2007 8:54 am
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Today is my sister's 4th birthday. I plan to be extra nice to her today. Mom worried that she wouldn't see this day, since her cancer surgery and everything that happened since then, but here we are to celebrate!!!!! She has been my sis only since July, but we are such good buddies it feels like its been forever.


Birthday Wishes

March 6th 2007 10:09 am
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I am so mad at my mom, today is my girl Remi's birthday, and mom thought it was tomorrow. She thought that today was the 5th, I suppose that I will forgive her, she has a lot of stuff on her mind.

So I want to take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday to my girl.

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