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Second-Chance Dog by HoneyBunny

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So many Pup Pals...

July 12th 2005 9:05 am
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One of my most favorite things about Dogster is getting to make friends with so many pups! I 'specially like hearing from other Golden Oldies like me.

I also really love to make friends with all of the pups just starting out. I wish I could bark to their people to TRAIN 'EM, don't GIVE UP ON THEM like my original people did! I was a stray--not claimed, beaten, scared and a really BAD fear-wetter (gee, I wonder why???). I just needed some training and some love and understanding.

Hey, Goldens ARE one of the top ten breeds as far as intelligence, but that equates to the mind of a THREE YEAR OLD!! Give us a break! You wouldn't yell or strike out at a toddler, would you? Take the time to train us, 30 minutes a day in these formative months, and we will reward you with years and years of devotion and unconditional love. Pretty good deal, huh?


The Chicagoland Family Pet Expo--where I become a PRINCESS!

March 21st 2005 11:16 am
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We travelled to the annual Pet Expo on Sunday where I represented As Good as Gold. Remo & I pressed paw, Dad & Mom answered questions, I got lots of love from lots of kids! Mom bought me a DIVA collar (pink, of course!) from the booth next to us. So many people said I looked like a little Princess that Mom took a pic & made it my new primary photo! This Pet Expo was something else! It was held over 3 days at Arlington Park Racetrack, home of the famous Arlington Million horse race. Dogs, Cats, Rats, Rabbits, Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Birds, Snakes (ugh), Ferrets (luv 'em--used to live with 2), Reptiles, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs, Miniature Donkeys, name the pet--it was there! There were lots of really great exhibits & events! It was a very long, but fun-filled, day!


We're Going! We're Going! We're Going! We're Going!

March 1st 2005 12:37 pm
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Woo-hoo! I went to Samantha the groomer's Saturday! Now, I'm wasn't really excited 'bout getting groomed ( but I admit I luv the BATH). I knew it meant I was GOING TO PRESS PAW!!!!! And I was right! Sunday we drove to Chicago's McCormick Place. I got to ride from the parking lot on this neat trolley. Then it was into the convention center to be a part of the spectacle that is The International--the International Kennel Club of Chicago's 137th annual benched dog show, obedience trial and rally trial. As Good as Gold had this great booth with lots of Golden Retriever products for sale to support medical care for rescued Goldens. And there were lots and lots of little kids! I love that part the best! Kids to hug me, kids to pet me, kids to kiss me, kids to scratch me on my special spot...HEAVEN! The picture with me and the cute little boy in the stroller is from the International. Next up...the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo on March 20th.


We go to As Good as Gold's First Annual Picnic!!!

January 25th 2005 8:07 am
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Back in Sept '04 Remo the Red and I had a picnic with 60, yes, SIXTY, of our Golden Retriever friends! It was the 1st picnic As Good as Gold-Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois had for members & adoptive families. It was great fun! We played a very neat baseball game. At each "base" you did something else. Mommy took Monty out to play, 'cuz Monty's Mommy had hurt her arm. Mommy calls Monty "Mountain" 'cuz he's the biggest Golden she's ever seen. Well, I couldn't let Mommy take another dog out to play without me, 'specially when there were TREATS involved, so I paid close attention to what was going on. Mommy was asking Monty to do "down" at 1st Base when I appeared next to her--in my pretty pink harness (see picture). And you know, IT WORKED! Mommy was so flustered to see me out on the course that she gave ME the treat! Mommy and I tried the course later without Monty, and I won a prize for being the oldest contestant. It was a GLORIOUS day!


We drove, I barked, we drove, I barked, we drove...

January 18th 2005 4:05 pm
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This is a story about my 1st fundraiser for As Good as Gold--Golden Retriever Rescue of Northern Illinois. It was the big Harley Anniversary Homecoming Weekend in Milwaukee. Mommy bought me a Harley bandanna to wear & a Harley leash. We drove forever up I294 toward the Lake County Fairgrounds. Wave after wave of big loud noisy machines with people sitting on them kept passing us. Woof, Woof, Woof, Woof...what fun to make noise with them as they go by! We finally get to this thing called the Lake County Home & Outdoor Living Expo & Pet Expo. Neat! Kids, kids & more kids...I just sit here & look cute & they pet me, hug me & kiss me! This is great! Dad & Mom tell the Moms & Dads about this thing called AGaG & how pups like me need good homes. Then people give money to help AGaG pay vet bills for dogs that are in the adoption program. Aren't people great? I look cute, I get petted, they give money! I had such fun!


Picking Daddy Up at Work

January 15th 2005 9:25 pm
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Daddy works in the Art dept at the Chgo Sun-Times. Sometimes on Saturdays we get to go ride down & pick him up from work. Mommy bought a big red station wagon just for has a floor to ceiling dog barrier right behind the driver's seat so we have the entire back part to us dogs. Mommy even put a big ortho dog bed in the back-back so I could ride in comfort & get outta my goofy brothers way. It's fun to look out the car window, but not so much today. It was very cold in Chicago & we couldn't open the windows even a little bit. I was so excited & breathing so fast I fogged my window up! Rats!

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