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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

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I Need Help

April 21st 2010 7:07 pm
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I need your help, pup friends. Or actually, it's MOMMA that needs help. She's in a "bad place" right now. I'm trying everything I can to cheer her up. I've given her lots of kisses, I've licked at her leaky eyes, I've even let her hug me! When she lets me outside I've been really silly, getting all tangled up in the bushes, coming in the house with leaves and twigs in my furry all makes her giggle for a little bit, and then she's all leaky again.

She says her work is "overwhelming". I don't know who Whelming is or why she's over him but that's what she said. And money. Money is a word she keeps using, too. But I don't know what it is about money that's upsetting her. She keeps saying "We never have any money! I HATE money!" Why would you WANT money if you hate it? And worry worry worry about Fizzy. She's ALWAYS worried about me and she follows me around the yard while I peeps and vet this and no money that...I don't understand it all.

But I know Momma sure can use your kind thoughts and prayers right now. Maybe if you pups sent some good warm fuzzy feelings her way she'd stop leaking so much. I just can't get her to stop, and it's upsetting me! I keep following her around and whimpering cause it's MOMMA. She's not SUPPOSED to leak so much!



Happy Birthday To Meeeeeeeeeee!

April 17th 2010 7:57 pm
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It's my birthday! I'm the Birthday Dork! That's what Daddy's family has always called people on their birthday, so today it's me!

I had a pretty good day! I got my special wet food (YUUUUUUUUM!), and Momma and Daddy bought me new Nyla bones and a little stuffed piggie! Momma calls me her little piggie when I burp. I love my new little piggie! I've been carrying him around in my mouth all day!

Thanks for all the gifts and pawmails, pups! You make a schnauzer blush!! It made me feel like a very very special birthday dork!!



April 14th 2010 7:21 pm
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Guess what, pups?!?! Momma just told me some exciting news! On April 28, I'm going to Momma and Daddy's school to visit the little humans!! It's Animal Week in Momma's classroom, so my Grammy and Pap Pap are going to pick me up and drive me to their school! I get to play and lick and kiss and snuggle with BUNCHES of little humans!


Now if only I had a sense of time...


This Neighborhood!!!

April 13th 2010 2:54 pm
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I'm telling you, this neighborhood is going to the dogs! Literally!

I'm outside doing my private business, when once again, some random dog prances into my yard and sniffs my butt! I didn't see the dog at first, so I kept doing what I was doing. I heard Momma gasp and say "Oh MY!" and I turn around and there's this HUGE HUGE black dog sniffing my butt!!! Momma opened the door and yelled "Fizzy! Get in here!" cause really, this dog coulda gobbled me up in one bite.

Momma stepped on the porch after I was in to see if the dog had tags, when two things happened.

1) She saw right away he didn't even have a COLLAR on and

2) He growled at her. Meanly. HEY! Be nice to my Momma, random dog!

Momma quickly got back in the house, and the dog peed all over her burning bush that nearly got crushed by all the snow this summer that Momma "painstakingly" revived when the snow melted. She said a few naughty words at that.

Momma always tries to help a dog in need, but THIS one wasn't all cute and sweet and bouncy like that beagle pup from January. She said THIS one was like Cujo and she's stayin away!

What's a Cujo?

Momma and I have just two questions now.

1) Why don't any of the dogs in this neighborhood seem to have tags on? and

2) Why do they all come in MY yard to pee?!?!


Poor Momma!

April 3rd 2010 6:05 pm
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Momma had to get a shot in her butt! BOL BOL!

She got stuck by some evil bug thingy at school the other day and she's allergic to them bugs. She wasn't gettin any better so Daddy took her to the dogtor and the dogtor stuck a needle in her butt!! Now she's sitting all funny in her chair and she's giving me the stink eye cause I'm laughing at her, but Daddy's laughing, too, so that makes it ok! How come she's not wearing a cone of shame? Usually when I get a needle in my butt I have to wear the cone for a little while. Hmmm...I'll have to investigate this...

A note from Fizzy's Momma: I would just like to point out that I NEVER laugh at Fizzy when he gets a needle in his butt or ANYWHERE else. I'm just sayin...



March 30th 2010 4:51 pm
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I'M a Diary Pick again?!? ME?? I think the Dogster HQ must have seen my handsome new haircut. That's why they picked me!

Thank you, pups, for your rosettes and paw mails! You make a schnauzer blush!!



March 29th 2010 6:48 pm
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I got my hairs cut! I'm looking SO handsome and Momma lets me give her kisses again! YAY! Momma says I'm smooooooooooooth, like a baby seal!

What's a seal?

In other news, Momma found evidence of a furry woodland critter in our landscaping. She suspects chipmunks, since they destroyed her garden last year. They were B-A-D BAD. Anyfur, she found a small little hole tunneled into the mulch. Don't worry, Momma, I'll sniff it out and get it!

Are chipmunks just shrinked down squirrels? Momma says no, but I THINK they are...



March 28th 2010 5:07 pm
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I had a good weekend! I went visiting to Grammy and Pap Pap's house TWO TIMES! I got to play with Uncle Thumper, too! He's a schnauzer, just like me! He's crazy. He likes to play with balloons. Me, I don't want them. I want Grammy's lap and that's it! Although it IS funny watching Thumper run around with a balloon dangling from his mouth. He looks like he's blowing a bubble!

Momma keeps telling me I stink and that she can't wait until I get a hair cut. I like Joyce and Karen, my hair cutters, but I HATE that big blow drying machine. But Momma won't let me kiss her too much cause my beard is yucky, so I guess I can put up with it for a bit. Plus, Momma sings to me in the car. Whatever song is on the radio, she changes the words to be about me! Daddy makes fun of her when she does it, so she only does it on the way to the groomers. I wonder when I'm going...


An Ode to Bunny Pooh

March 24th 2010 6:26 pm
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Oh bunny pooh, I love you so.

You are tasty brown nuggets of yum. I don't know why I love you so, but I do. Spring is the best time for bunny pooh, of course, because it is the time of bunnies frolicking in the yard. I like to go spelunking in the front yard for the tastiness.

Momma, of course, does not understand the appeal of bunny pooh. She says it's "repulsive" and tries to stop me. She says (in mock imitation of Momma's voice) "Bunny pooh is NOT on your special diet. Bunny pooh should not be on ANY puppy's diet! It's POOH, Fizzy, POOH!!!"

I don't expect her to understand. I offered some to her once, and she ran away screaming. That's ok. There was more for me, then.

I love you, bunny pooh.

Note from Fizzy's Momma: GROSS! And Fizzy wonders why I brush his teeth!!!!!



March 16th 2010 11:03 am
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Aw man, I got in trouble again. Momma's really really sick and her head has been hurting REAL bad since Saturday. She's stayed home with me these past two days cause she says she feels so bad she just COULDN'T go teach her little humans. She says they talk too much. :)

Except I got the spring fever SO BAD. Hey! Maybe that's what's wrong with Momma! Anywho, I got the fever, so I keep barking to go out. So Momma let me out and GUESS WHAT?? There's was a SQUIRREL on our wall! The first squirrel of spring!! So of COURSE I had to alert all the neighborhood dogs! Let's see, there's Lucy 1 and Lucy 2, Sandy (she's new to the neighborhood so I had to tell her what to do when a pup sees a squirrel around here), and Pepperoni and Rigatoni (the two funniest little hot dog dogs I've ever barked at!!). Now EVERYONE is barking and Momma's giving me the stink eye cause I've been running around the house like CRAZY! ZOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

A note from Fizzy's Momma: Yes, pups, Fizzy's finally spotted the first squirrel of spring and has been running around the living room in circles ever since. It's true I have a horrific headache, and now ALL the neighborhood dogs are barking, but Fizzy did NOT get in trouble. Yes, I've given him the stink eye, but that's about all I can muster right now. And no, I don't have spring fever. I have a REAL fever. Blah.


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