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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

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August 21st 2012 4:39 pm
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I'm trying to be very very quiet today, pups. Momma's had a bad headache for 3 whole days, and today her sigh-nusses hurt so bad that her teeth hurt. Daddy got pizza for dinner and Momma barely ate. Trust me, pups, Momma does NOT pass up pizza, so she MUST not feel good. She's been asking Daddy to squeeze her head all day. She says it makes it feel better.

I tried giving her kisses, but she says even THAT hurts, so I've been a good boy and have been licking her toes instead. That at least makes her giggle.

Nurse Fizzy, reporting for duty.



August 19th 2012 11:26 am
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Momma and Daddy are off this whole week, pups! Oh boy! Me and Momma had some GREAT snuggles this morning, full of kisses and ear rubs! Momma giggles cause when she stops the ear rubs and I want more, I use my schnooter to flip her hand up onto my ears. She laughs and laughs and rubs some more!

I love having Momma and Daddy home with me!


Feel the Love!!

August 14th 2012 6:09 pm
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Our pal Hershey just wrote a very nice diary about his 4 year anniversary of belonging to this Dogster place, pals. Momma and me have been trying to write a diary together about why we love this place, but every time we start, Momma gets leaky and it gets all over the keyboard and then she can't see. So we're trying again, cause Hershey inspired us.

Momma was told about this place from Shakey and Lacey's Momma (I'm sorry, pups, Momma doesn't know how to link the pups to their pages...if anyone can tell us how, we'll fix it later). See, Momma had met their Momma, Christy, on another website they both belonged to. Momma wrote about my original surgery for the rocks in my belly, and Auntie Christy told us about this place, and how wonderful it is, and how folks all pray for each others pups and whatnot, and she said we should join. So we did! Momma was SO overwhelmed at first, cause all these pups started adding us as pals, and Momma couldn't keep any of them straight!! She doesn't remember who was our first pal, but she distinctly remembers Zaidie adding us cause she thought he was ridiculously cute and wanted to squish him. And his name is really different, so that helped Momma remember him. Pup after pup after pup added us until Momma's head was spinning!!!

All those pups helped me and Momma get through that first surgery. It was an awful time for us, pups. I hurt, and it made Momma real sad to see her baby in so much pain. But with all your love and support I pulled through just fine. And I've pulled through every other medical emergency (Momma: TOO MANY!!!!!) with all of your POP and love and junk.

Because of Dogster, Momma's old class got to talk to a real live soldier all the way in Iraq!! We've made many friends through this Dogster place. We haven't met any in person yet, but we're hoping to, someday. Some of those friends have supported Momma through some really poopy times. We won't name names, but you know who you are. All of you pups and your peeps helped Momma through that awful scary time with Grammy and the nasty c-word. MJF's Growlmy was particularly comforting and helpful through that time. All of you pups and your peeps were there for Momma was she was upset at the start of last school year. And of course, some of your peeps sent Momma paper money to help with my latest medical emergency (Momma: I still can't get over that...). When Momma's feeling down, we come to this Dogster place to look at pictures of you pups, cause they make us giggle. Momma particularly likes to look at Ebby, Ceeley, and Rinky's pictures, cause those pups are hilariously cute. Zaidie, Zoe/Drover/Tux, The Beesun gang, Coco Rose and Puff, the Morris Pack (especially Buddy...Momma goes gonzo for that Buddy dog...when she sees a picture of him she squeals like a little girl), Austin and Doo, Rudy/Izzy/Ben (ah little and Momma sure loved him), Shakey and Lacey, Sophie Claire/Harley...oh my dog, there's so many pals on here that we love and love and love. And love. If I didn't mention you by name, blame Momma, cause she's leaking all over the place and her brain isn't working cause she's all emotional. It doesn't mean we don't love you, because we do.

I gotta go mop up the keyboard, pups. Momma's leaked all over it.




August 5th 2012 4:19 pm
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Momma gave me some sad news today, pups. Her and Daddy go back to work tomorrow for 2 weeks, then they have a week off, and then they go back for the school year. Momma says it's ok, they're earning extra money these next two weeks, but no more morning snuggles!! Momma says we can still snuggle on weekends and all the holiday breaks, but still. *sniff* I hate being all by myself all day...


No More!!!! PLEASE!

August 4th 2012 4:03 pm
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Momma was leaking AGAIN today, pups! Sheesh, if she leaks anymore there's gonna be nothing left to leak!!! Ebby and Ceeley sent Momma paper monies! They sacrificed their treat money to help me pay my vet bills!! Now if you all know Ebby, you KNOW she's sharing impaired, so this is a BIG DEAL. They're not gonna buy treats for a WHOLE MONTH. Ebby, are you gonna starve??? Will you make it? Will Ceeley share what little treats you have left????

Note from Momma: *sigh* And again, I'm crying. I've been truly blessed. Truly truly truly. Do you think the creators of Dogster have ANY idea what a beautiful place they've created? Do the current owners have a clue about the love and friendships that blossom here? Probably not. But I'm eternally grateful for this place (and grateful for Shakey and Lacey's mom for leading me here!) Thank you, Lulu, Ebby, and Ceeley. I don't know that I can EVER truly express my gratitude for the friends I've made here.

Now stop sending me money LOLOLOL!!! I swear it, we'll be completely fine!!!!!



August 2nd 2012 3:26 pm
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Pups, can you believe Momma got two more paper money check thingies from pals here at Dogster?!?!? OMD!! Hammy and Duncan's Momma sent me some, and so did Austin and Doo's Momma!! Oh, pals! You all are SO wonderful!!! But please, no more money BOL!!!! Daddy worked summer camp and he'll get extra money, and Momma and Daddy will BOTH get extra monies from working a 2 week camp starting on Monday!! Momma says we now have enough paper monies to pay more than the first minimum payment on my vet bill. Momma says that's a good thing. She talked about interest and stuff, but...I'm a dog. I don't get it. All I know is that my first payment has been paid for by my wonderful pals here on this Dogster thing!

Note from Momma: *sigh* Well, dangit, here come the tears again. I honestly didn't think or expect money from anyone when I helped Fizzy write his diary about money issues. I needed a place to vent my frustrations, and I chose Dogster because I knew folks would say a kind word or offer up a prayer for comfort. NEVER did I expect to get MONEY! I was tempted to send it all back...but then I didn't want to insult anyone. And, I, too, have given money to folks that have needed it when I had some and they didn't, and I know how it feels to give. THANK YOU, Hammy and Duncan and Mom Linda, and Austin and Doo and Mom Lou Ann. I am truly humbled and eternally grateful for EVERYONE I've met here at this Dogster place.



August 1st 2012 1:37 pm
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I think the Dogster gift shop has a few fleas, pups. Momma tried sending free cake (FREE CAKE DAY!!!) to my pals and it wouldn't work so she hit the refresh thingie a few times, so if you get a bunch of cakes from me, go easy. Don't eat them all in one sitting or you'll get sick! BOL!!

Also, I'm finally no longer Dog of the Week. It was fun while it lasted!!


OH JOY!!!!

July 30th 2012 4:00 pm
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No surgery, pups, no surgery!!!!! Oh happy days, NO SURGERY! Momma was SUPER relieved. Thanks for all your POP, pals! It worked AGAIN!

I have to go back in 2 months for another picture of my gallbladder, cause the vet wants to make sure it's ok. I'm gonna keep eating the food I'm eating, and I have to take 2 pills a day to help keep the rocks in my bladder away. Momma about poohed in her pants when she saw how much a 1 month supply cost, but she's hoping it's cheaper at my regular vet (I saw a special vet today). And even if it's not, we'll manage.

But pups, get this...I got the bestest news. The vet said it's totally fine to give me my pills in....wait for it....are you's not's CHEESE!

I CAN HAVE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh...yeah, Momma wanted to make sure I told you all how we got kicked out of the waiting room. I was super excited to be there, cause there were SO MANY PUPS! And peeps! EVERYWHERE!! I was barking and barking and barking and...well, Momma tried to get me to stop but I wouldn't. Normally Daddy goes with us and waits in the car with me until the vet is ready, but he had to go to work, so it was just me and Momma. Well, the secretary lady called Momma over and put us in a room to wait. The lady said it's cause she didn't want me to over excite myself, but Momma knew she was just trying to be nice. I was too loud. I kept barking in that room, too, cause I could hear a little girl outside of it talking to her pup. So they moved us to another room again!!! BOL!! Momma was so embarrassed!!! And then she started laughing and calling me a bad egg. I'm not an egg, Momma, I'm a pup.



Prayers Needed Please!

July 29th 2012 5:27 pm
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Ok, pals. We need your prayers again. Tomorrow is the day I go back to the vet to get another ultrasound on my gallbladder. The vet will tell us if I'll need surgery or not. Momma's pretty much on the ceiling right now (someone send a bodka drip, stat!). No one wants me to have surgery (including our bank's already yelling at us!). So do you pups and your peeps mind saying a prayer that I don't need surgery? We sure would appreciate it. Thanks, pals!


Momma's Leaking AGAIN again!!!

July 28th 2012 12:39 pm
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Momma's leaking again, pups! More happy leaks, she says! Zoe and her wonderful family sent us more paper monies to help pay my vet bills! At least she made it off the front porch before leaking this time BOL!

Momma already had felt blessed by knowing Zoe's family, cause they let her and her old class adopt their Daddy to learn about soldiers. What a wonderful experience that was, one that people at her school STILL talk about! Everyone was very happy to hear that he made it home safe and sound and is spending time with Zoe and the other pups and kitties!

And now we've been doubly blessed! What a beautiful place this Dogster thing is!

Note from Momma: Thank you, Cathey and Ken and all of your family. You've been so kind to me already, and now this! I'm so very humbled by the kindness that's been shown to me. I've always firmly believed that people who love animals are the best kinds of people on earth, and Dogster has confirmed that for me over and over again. THANK YOU!

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