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A Day In the Life of the Fizzy

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Thank you!

April 18th 2014 7:55 am
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes and presents, pups! I tried to say thank you last night, but Dogster is apparently FULL of fleas. I don't know how much I trust this place anymore...



February 12th 2014 3:40 pm
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We're not getting kicked outta this Dogster place, pups!! Can you believe it!?!? After all Momma's hard work setting up the forums AND starting a new blog for me BOL!! That's ok, we're happy to stay here as long as everything is working fine. And the forums will stay up. And Momma will keep using my blog, too, cause we've made some kitty friends (!!!) and we can't bark at them from here.

Is everyone super happy or what?!?! I think we should bark about it! BARK BARK BARK BARK!!!!!


New Blog

January 26th 2014 6:02 pm
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Well, pups, Momma figured she'd better get me a blog since everyone else is doing it. I followed some folks already, but Momma isn't feeling too hot tonight so she might have missed a few. Here's my blog:

A Day in the Life of Fizzy

Come see me!


Click Here! Important News from Momma!!!

January 17th 2014 5:58 pm
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Here's a message that Momma posted on her Book of Faces page! Please read!

OK, Dogster friends. I made a forum for us to go to, similar to the Dogster groups. I'm a little nervous lol.

Here's the link: Dogster and Catster Friends

Please be gentle with your feedback. I literally just taught myself how to do this, so there might be some kinks. I'm going to have Fizzy post about this in his diary, but PLEASE, repost. It's for Dogster and Catster folk. I don't know anyone on Catster, so I'm relying on you folks to spread the word. I made the forum private, so you'll have to be approved before you can start posting. But please, invite everyone you know that would like to join the forum!


Pups, It's Very Important That Your People Read This!!!!

January 17th 2014 1:50 pm
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Momma has an idea, pups. A lot of folks here don't want to join the Book of Faces. We understand that. So. Momma thinks she might be able to set up an online forum, not on Facebook or Dogster. A place where we can all go and still play. Would pups be interested in something like this?



January 16th 2014 1:26 pm
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Me and Momma are so sad, pups. Dogster is going away. Oh pups, we're so upset!! We've met some of our best good friends on this place. And now it will be gone. Just GONE.

Many of our pals are on the Book of Faces, but not all of them. How are we going to stay in touch?? How will we know how all our pals are doing?!? Oh pups...

If anyone is thinking of joining the Book of Faces, or you're already there and you're not friends with Momma already, please please PLEASE add her! Her name on there is Chrissy DeLuca Hunter. Send us a message who you are, and we'll add you right away!!

I could cry, pups. Just cry...

EDIT: Momma wants people to know, if you're scared to join the Book of Faces because you don't think you'll understand it or because you have crazy family members or for WHATEVER reason, she'll be happy to help anyone. There are ways you can block people, or just post to a select group of friends, and all different kinds of things that she can help you with. Please, pups, encourage your Mommas and Daddys to join the Book of Faces!!! She'll help you! We can't stand the thought of losing touch with people that we've grown to love over the years!! Book of Faces isn't as scary as you think!!


Oh Momma...

January 14th 2014 2:21 pm
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Momma was very confuzled when she opened up her e-mails today, pups. All you pups sent me birthday cakes and balloons, and Momma panicked!

"Wait, what month is it?! It's not April! Your birthday is in April, Fizz! What's going on?"

And then she said:

"Wait, it's not July either! Your Gotcha Day is in July! What's happening?"

And as she opened more e-mails:

"Does Dogster have more fleas? Is Dogster saying it's your birthday today?? WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!"

And then she finally figured it out. It's DOGSTER'S birthday! BOL, you pups got her GOOD!

I don't know if Momma will have time to send our pals presents cause this is the first time she's sat down all day and she's really tired and she can't even allow herself to take a nap cause I'm getting my hairs cut right now and she has to pick me up later and she's a bit cranky cause some of her little humans were super nutso today. But thanks to all the pups who sent us stuff! Even if you did confuzle the poop outta Momma! BOL!


Happy New Year and Grrrrrrr....

January 11th 2014 9:48 am
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I hope everyone had a nice holiday season, pups. I sure did! Then it got super duper cold, and Momma and Daddy ended up being home from school a lot. That was PAWSOME! Now it's just rain rain rain...rain is boring. I'd rather have snow!

Momma tried to change my background, but something happened and it won't work now. She gave it a few tries and then gave up BOL!! She doesn't know what happened. So now I just have a plain old boring Dogster background. Boooo.

Good help is so hard to find these days.


Fleas Naughty Paws!!

December 25th 2013 11:26 am
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Merry Christmas, pups! And Fleas Naughty Paws, too! I hope everyone is having a most wonderful Christmas time, and to those who don't celebrate, I hope you have a beautiful day!

I love my pals!


Happy Thanksgiving!

November 28th 2013 10:43 am
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my American pals! And to my not-Amercan pals, I'm thankful to have you in my world! I'm thankful for ALL you pups! And I'm thankful for Momma and Daddy and both Grammys and both Pap Paps and my Aunties and my Uncles and Natalie and Josh! Thanks to you pups who sent me presents. Momma doesn't have time right now to send them back cause it takes forever and we're having Thanksgiving HERE this year and she's super busy. But we wanted to hop on here and say HELLO and we love you all!!

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