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Barkings from the Boss Lady..

major dog abuse...

May 8th 2008 7:39 am
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So have you heard that it is Be Kind to Animals week? Huh... well SOMEONE and Im not naming hem.. hint- betty boop voiced woman that used to attend to my every need? MYDEAR obviously didnt get that message. I have been suffering some mega DOG ABUSE lately thanks to her- and Im not likin it one stinkin bit!

I thought the whole Amy Whinehouse comparison was bad- well that was nuttin. MyDears head is like on another planet or sumthin- and its not fun let me tell ya.

For starters, DOGSTER.. yeah like she has not been updatin us- her precious furkids, no rosettes sent to my pals, no pawmails NUTTIN! How the heck am I supposed to find me a boyfriend if she doesnt get her butt back to marketing on my behalf??? GEEZ!! I mean before my buttkisser brudder hooked up wif Sumi Lou
hes gotten tons of lady requests! We are talkin like Fabio or sumthin! ME- nope nuttin- doesnt any guy out there want a fast, smart, Queen like me? Okay sure I might be bossy and have some junk in the trunk- but what the heck- us bigger girls need luv too! At least I have this special girl pal- Beatrix
We are like twins just about! That girl knows how to have F- U- N!
Thank Doggness for girlfriends when the chips (ooooh i would love me some chips right now)are down.

Secondly, my toys. They are all recked. SOMEONE left them out in the rain, pulled all the skweekers out, and demolished every last one of them! Yeah DOG ABUSE!! I need fresh and trendy new fun stuff if Im gonna keep livin here under these conditions let me tell ya. Ive taken up playin with an old sock. Thats how bad it is. BE KIND TO ANIMALS WEEK MY ARSE! Thats okay- maybe ill have to convienently forget Mutters Day!

I think MyDear has even forgot my name. She has been callin me Marie for weeks! GEEZ! Marie? WHy Marie? It guess it is better than "Big Momma" or "Baby Moo Moo" like she used to call me. But still! I tried gettin her to call me Furgie-but NOOOOOOO! Of course not- i never get my way!

If someone could forward the major dog abuse hotline number my way Id really appreciate it. thanks:) Ill keep ya posted if things improve- Im not holdin my breff.

your girl
The Millster


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