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A Day in a Boxer's life

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Merry Christmas!!

December 17th 2011 6:31 pm
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I am 2 years and 6 months old now--getting to be a mature little lady at 75lbs, I guess. Dogster is still a big part of our lives even though we sometimes get in a hurry and don't post much. My family looks at me with wonder at times, wondering what in the world they ever did without me!! I have many jobs. I am the seperator in the bed. Yes, I do know where the middle is. I am the chief dishwasher licker. Yep, as they get loaded in, I do my job. I am the best defender. All it takes is a bark at the door. Back seat driving--I'm the best!! I do a lot of supervising. I would help out with more of the chores outside if only they would let me dig. I know how to clean faces with just a couple of whisps with my tongue. I can talk, as long as the words sound like ah-rooo. Best of all, I know how to bring smiles to my family's faces. Just a little wiggle butt and some wags of the nubb. It works everytime!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


3 more days!!

June 12th 2011 10:36 pm
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Just 3 more days until I am 2 years old. Even though I am sitting here in boys underwear and pink socks, it all hasn't been so bad. I've learned alot in the past year, and right now I am pretty sick with allergies. My feet are much better, but now I am dealing with a yeasty problem. That explains my wardrobe. My eating everything in sight must be over as I haven't tasted anything new lately. I have a mom and dad that I can charm in 2 secounds and 2 very little brothers to play with. Playing tug with my toys is my most interesting thing to do. I really enjoy a good ride in the car anytime, and have learned not to gulp my food as much. I am certainly not a baby anymore, but who knows what the teen years will bring. Hang on and enjoy my life!!


Summer so soooooon----

May 11th 2011 3:34 am
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What happened to spring? It is already in the 90's here. We will still have some high 70 days, but that will be limited. It seems as if ole man nature just forgot about spring this year. On top of the temps, our state has flooding this year. The grand Mississippi river is slated to be above levels ever recorded in history. We live no where close, but are saying prayers for those who do. People will loose their homes and incomes to all this muddy water, and it will be devastating for many--so keep them in your thoughts and prayers, too, ok?

Now for everyday normal life. It remains to be good for me and my brothers. My mom is in a cast for a hurt foot, so we are getting most our exercise by chasing balls in the backyard. Dad is working nights, and that's difficult for all of us. We stay up some of the night, so we can rest with him in the day. Hey--snuggle time is snuggle time. I'll take it anytime I can get it. I still enjoy my mom's pillow, and the middle of the bed. I am taller now, so I make an even taller "tent" while on my back with my feet stretched out straight under the cover. I still don't know that my size is a reason to limit my lap dog experiances. My mom refuses to say that I am out of the eating everything stage, although it's been awhile since I've indulged in anything besides treats and my Blue Buffalo. I am on a good regimen with my sore feet, and as soon as I get one pink toe, it is treated now. The vet allows my mom to fill my meds at the human drug store prior to seeing him so it won't get a head start on me. I am still allergic to many things, but I am much better now. No chicken in my diet for sure. I will soon be two, although my family says the teenage years are ahead of me, so they are still cautious. Come on---will someone please give me a break?


It's been awhile-------

February 5th 2011 7:12 pm
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It's been awhile since Mom wrote in my diary. I was able to gain that weight back--well most of it, anyway. Then I had a horrible bout with my ears. I had lots of big white blsters inside my ears, and had to go back on that awful medicine called prednisone. I am doing better now--no feet problems or ears hurting, but I am still backing off the meds. We hope that all the bad things stay away. I am keeping my figure this time. You know the drill, just a few shadows of my ribs showing. I have just one question. What is wrong with me being a lap dog? I just don't understand why some of the chairs in this house are too small for Mom and me. I often end up just putting my head in her lap and standing there. Hey, Mom---my feet get tired sometimes too. My big brown eyes looking up at her in the way only boxers can do usually gets next to her and she moves to the couch. Maybe that's why she puts up with me the way she does!!


It's Time to get my mom's mind really busy.

December 4th 2010 11:47 pm
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I am a little sick, and have lost lots of weight and Mom is worried sick, she is so worried about me that she often picks me up to hold me and love me in her lap. I really don't act ill--I eat like a horse, but have lost way too much weight. I had some blood work done on Thursday, which was a little off, and the vet said that it was due to the steroids I've been taking for my sore feet. On Monday I will have a urine sample and a good look of my heart. I am not old enough to be really sick- I will be 18 months old on Dec 16. Mom is already crying lots over this. She says that I am her baby and she will never know how to be without me, If it is a kidney infection, that can be managed, but the heart really scares her. Please pray for us as she is a basket case. She just wants Monday to get here so she will get some answers. She was saying something about all dogs before me were the family dogs, and I am her first to belong to only her. My brother Chili belongs to my Dad. He sleeps on his shoulder every night. Kirby Joe sleeps between Mom & Dad's pillows, and I sleep very close to Mom. Kirby Joe is our family dog and has the responsibility to make sure we all blend in and do no wrong, bol. Thursday when Mom took me to the vet there were 18 boxers there. Of all those boxers, 2 were being groomed to be in the Christmas parade that night, a Boxer Mom was having 6 puppies, the rest was there for routine care such as vaccinations and such. They were all very pretty--just like me, or so my Mom tells me. Mom says I am a perfect dog 99.8% of the time. We dogs do keep secrets--they just don't realize we wouldn't tell on each other about the wrong things we do. Thank Goodness for that!! They don't need to know everything, do they? Sometimes a dog must do just what they want to do--that's the sneaky part, bol. I must go for now, but will try and write something on Monday as to what the vet finds--we hope it will be a big celebration instead of me having to hand Mom a lot of tissues, so POTP, please!!!


Slow Summer Days!!

August 29th 2010 11:18 pm
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Hi everyone!! It is still so hot out here that I've slowed down a bit. I am playing with lots of toys and playing fetch, but my outside walks are a little quick some days. It's just toooooo hot to stay out a long time. I try, but I also walk on sidewalks--and that makes it even worse. Thank goodness my big back yard is full of trees--that helps to cool some. I am not a water baby--I just don't like that wet stuff all between my toes--and I am not going to get it any where else--as I am not going any deeper.

Mom is having a few back problems right now. She had surgery last Friday to try out a device to see if they implanted one--if it would help the pain go away. So far--it's working and she will go back to the doctor in the morning and make a decision on whrther to make this a permanent thing. I think she is going to do it, so we'll see!!

I am still having loads of fun here at my house. I am so glad that I picked them to live with. I get really good food, have 2 little dogs telling me what to do and trying to get me in trouble, and a king sized bed to call my own. I am a nice pup, you see, and will let mom, dad, and the boys sleep with me.

Life's good, really good with my family since they got me!!


My Birthday

June 14th 2010 8:04 pm
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Mom has looked at me is disbelief a lot lately. I think she is shocked that SHE made it until I became 1. I've done many things getting to this point. Dad has replaced the door molding in the dining room twice. Mom has missed a few hair brushes, I made a fire hydrant out of the back yard faucet at midnight one night when Mom was home and Dad at work. I pulled so hard on my leash that I pulled my mom along right behind me. That was good exercise for her, bol. There was nothing tastier than my mom's shoes. I knocked down the gate to the fence, once--not my fault that it was not on there good. I locked both mom and dad out of the house--she in her (little) gown, and he in his underwear. I ate 3 birds in 1 day. I've given my brothers heck. I tried to eat bees. I got off my leash going into the vet's office to be spayed--they had to chase me for quite awhile. She dropped my leash in 8 lanes of traffic--and to her amazement--I had perfect recall. I was allergic to anything she could buy within 75 miles of this town to eat. I had horrific gas. I vomited without stopping. I broke out in a rash everywhere imaginable. I insisted on her side of the bed all to myself. I learned to open metal safety gates to get where I wanted to go. I ate a plastic fly swatter. I learned that if anything bothered me in the least to lick it without ceasing. I learned to take my medicine out of her hand--willingly. I learned how to make those "eyes" so she would forgive me. I learned to rest my chin in her lap when she ignored me. I learned that wiggling my whole butt--not just my tail, showed my enthusiasm that I have for life. I always knew that my mom was my hero, and that I thought the world of her. I seemed to always know how to make her laugh. It's been tuff--my first year, but wow--she made it. I had faith in her all along!! I do walk perfectly on leash now, and do all my commands easily--especially if there are treats involved. My stomach is much better, and I rarely vomit anymore! I love baths--after the horrid task of getting into that big tall tub. I now allow my mom 6 inches on her side of the bed to sleep (she also can hold on to the night stand), yet I'm still sleeping there each night. I am still a lap dog. I sing all the time. I still have horrific gas. My red rubber chicken is still my favorite toy. I haven't told her yet that I'm not all grown up. I am allowed to forget all those things I learned the first year, right? And, oh--by the way--there's still so many fun things to come!!


A Terrible Thing

May 12th 2010 6:36 pm
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I belong to a very special group here on Dogster. We have lots of fun there. Thru this group, it has come to my attention that a terrible thing is happening even as I write this entry. In Ontario, Canada- the SPCA has made a decision to euthanize over 300 animals due to ringworm. Ringworm is a fungal infection and can be cured pretty easily with the use of medications also used to treat athelete's feet. Our children come home from school occasionally with this, would we dare kill them? How did this infection come to such horrible numbers that an entire shelter be killed because of it? This is highly treatable and curable. The link that explains this in details is Please go there and voice your concern. I have lots of fun here on dogster, and have made many friends here all over the world. Please help our friends in Canada speak out against this sort of thing. Thanks for all your support!!


10 Months Old

April 26th 2010 8:35 pm
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Mom is a little sad. She just can't believe it. I am 10 months old now and weigh 75 lbs. I am growing up. She was in the living room today sitting in the BIG rocker recliner and I decided to sit in that with her. Wow--a whole lot of me was sitting on her. She doesn't mind me sitting on her--she just doesn't realize how grown up I am. Her baby!! It's sorta sad for her. All 3 of her HU-babies grew up and left home to have babies of their own. She says that I can't do that--I am to grow old right along with her. I walk really well on leash--not much teaching left there. She can remember when she worried daily that I would always pull her leash. She worried that I would not behave in the car--I'm really good when riding. She worried about sleeping arrangements--I found 6 inches for her to sleep on the king sized bed and also I let her hang on to the night stand so she won't fall out. I also give my brothers some of the middle of the bed and give Dad all his side--as he is the one who works and brings home the money to buy my food. One of the worst worries she had was my stomach--problems gone there also--thank you, Blue Buffalo!! Potty training--no problem!! Picking up my poop--no problem there, either--she does a good job!!! (BOL) She thought that the fence would not be what I need, but not once have I attempted to climb or dig out. She says I am a very beautiful boxer, that I matured well. My spay is even behind me--that went so easy without any problems!! We took a long walk tonight--just me and her, as all this was on her mind. She was a little scared that she would fail me--I am her first boxer, she has always loved the breed, and right now she is very happy to have me. She is really glad that things worked out with her and me---she loved me even before she laid eyes on me in person, and is really happy that I picked her also. Seems like we have a lot of things to celebrate on June 15, doesn't it? I am a well trained, and well socialized dog now. Mom says she could never do it alone, without all the help you Dogsters gave her. She thanks each and everyone of you for that. She also hopes that she can help other pups while they are growing. There is only one thing that I didn't quite grow out of--I still love cuddling with ny mom when we sleep. She says that's the only way she wanted it--so I guess I did ok there, also. Again--thanks all Dogsters for helping to make and mold me into the young lady that I needed to be. Without you, we could not of done this!!


Dogs my Size

April 7th 2010 6:02 pm
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My neighborhood seems to be full of little dogs, poms and poos, chis and the likes. I think they are all just toy dogs--the same as my brothers. I have to treat them very gently, which is not so bad--until they start showing me a few things, bol. Mom still says that I can't show them how big I really am--she says that is just not fair. I was beginning to wonder if I was doomed to have tea parties all my life, and never let my hair down until one day I noticed a dog that looks just like me!! We see her when we take our walks. I have the same reaction that I do in the mirror, bol. I run to her fence, while I am still on leash, and we start jumping up and down--the same motions at the same time. I call her Mama--even though she really isn't, but she deserves the title, as she is the one idol I have that taught me how to do the boody wiggle, and other things that only boxers do. She was the first dog that I ever heard say ar-rooo, and I went home that night and was determined to say it also. Now when we see each other we sing!! We now have play dates once in a while and they are sooo much fun!! I also have an adopted boxer skin sister named Molly, she is actually my hu- sister's dog and I ride in the car a long way to see her and Daisy--her basset hound sister. We are allowed to run free in the fenced back yard for hours. Daisy is the one who calls all the shots, we boxers let her do that to let her feel important!! My brothers don't ever go with us as, Kirby Joe gets really car sick--and it's usually just girl's night out. Molly just recently got in some trouble--I was afraid she would end up in jail. I taught her how to dig--and her dad didn't like it at all. He told her to stop it, but you know we all just want to have fun!! Now when I go north to Molly's house, I have to behave. It's not as much fun, so we sneak around at times and do what we please, bol. Mom and Dad and everyone else is busy inside with a tiny little girl that they call Eden. Her sister is much bigger, 10 years old and Hannah will come out and play with us. What's so good about that is that she keeps our secrets--she won't tell what all we get into!! I have the best of both worlds, cause when we are all done, I go back home to tell my brothers what they missed!! I can't show them how big I am, but Mom doesn't always understand the things I tell them, bol!!

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