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G'mornin' Puparrazi & Thanks!

July 20th 2011 10:03 am
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Thanks DOGSTER for selecting
me as another Daily Diary

All I can say is that I
love sharing my praise
w/ my SWEETEST PALS & Angel
Furs Over the Rainbow Bridge
- they inspire me.

As a Diary Pick praise, this
morning BFF thought it would
be NICE to take pictures
of me with my new leopard
stuffie...on my head.
I'm not too fond of cameras
b/c it zaps my eyes. Do your
Mums put stuffies or tiaras
on your noggin' & take
pictures of you
? Do you enjoy
it? Here's my leopard & I. BOL



July 19th 2011 9:08 pm
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Rawwwr. Guess what?
My hooman's mum got
me a compressed raw
hide chewie & a new
toy from Petsmart
today. My hooman
told me I need to
be supervised when
I have the compressed
chewie b/c I might
break my teefies &
I tend to swallow
large chunks of chew.

My new toy is a
leopard stuffie &
it was on sale! Uhhh,
sale? Whatever that
is, I woof my new
leopard. The
smell is furtastic!
My slobber is all
over it. I won't
let it go. Stella got
a lion. Cleo got
a shark & a new
collar. We steal one
another's stuffies &
try to hide them.
Stella keeps trying
to take my leopard.
I'm going to hide
upstairs so she
will keep her paws
off my stuffie. :)


Bob for Apples

July 18th 2011 10:24 am
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Ok not apples, but specifically,
toys! Dropping my tennis ball
into the water dish is strange.
Says who? BFF!

So I stare at the tennis ball
as it floats in the dish &
proceed to bark my head off.
"Can I get a li'l help here?"
- is what I'm saying, duh lady.
If no one wants to help me I'll
get it out myself. Splashing
water out is quite fun!

What are your thoughts
PALS? Is it strange? Any of
you like to play bob for
toys? My hooman says it's
YUCKY since the ball becomes
soaked + the sqwwweezing
sound I make w/ the tennis
ball in my teefies hurts
her earsies. Suppawsoly
the sound resembles
that of a hooman scratchin'
their nails down a chalkboard.
Now that's plain ridiculous.
What's so fun about that?!?

Secretly, I get a kick out
of my hooman's face when
I repeat the same behavior.
She's not amused & will
say "stop doing that" &
dumps the water out. HAH!
I'll still take my ball &
drop it back into the empty
dish. BOL! =P


Knot so Delicious

July 17th 2011 4:11 pm
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I has a new chewie.
It's called a
Nylabone Knot bone
chewie. I'll gnaw on
it if there's nothin'
else to chew. The
packaging said it
comes w/ "natural"
flavor, but ya know
what pups?

I don't taste a thing!

I wish it had a taste;
like bacon or better
yet, filet de bœuf!!!
Did I sound French?
BOL, well I thought
I can do a great
French accent. BOL.

In English - that's
filet mignon. I likes
the knot bone

In the meantime, I'll
get used to my chewie
& continue to stick my
nose in BFF's bag.
Maybe I'll find a pot
roast or sausage links
in that bag someday.



July 15th 2011 11:57 pm
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Earlier today I was
doing what I LOVE -
playing fetch.
Sooo I chased my ball,
it bounced off the
ground, ricocheted off
the gazebo, then off
a stationed potted
plant & onto the
landscaping pink rocks
near a flimsy stand
which supported a
glass pot.

I accidentally bumped
into the stand as I
turned around. The
pot filled w/ pretty
colorful flowersies
tipped over & shattered.
I didn't hear the
crash of course BOL.
I could see my
hooman's jaw drop
from a distance. I
looked at her happily
so she could see I
did good by fetching
my tennis ball. :)

She came running
towards me yapping
something; "repotting
the plant to rescue
the flowers, yap, yap,
yap...yap, yap." BOL
I wonder if she'll
go to Lowe's to find
a new pot. I would
love to go w/ her.
Have any of you
pals been to Lowe's?

Wellllp, I'm going to
watch my hooman do
laundry. That usually
bores me & I fall
asleep. *yawn*
G'nite! :D



July 10th 2011 1:59 pm
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A few customers walking out
of the store giggled as
they saw BFF carrying me
from the parking lot to
Petsmart. Yesss, all 57
lbs. of me - well!
Sweltering heat + black
tar = scorching hot coal
to the feetsies. After we
were done shopping at
Petsmart, I had thee
pleasure of riding in a
store cart back to the car.
Check me out here.

(We brought home a new bag
of Blue Wilderness kibble.
Instead of Duck grub, me'z
& the toy dogs are gonna
chow on Salmon. We also
took home the usual canned
Duck & Chicken recipe as
well as a few Salmon ones.
mMmmmmmm. Before we left
the store, I lead BFF down
the food aisles where I
helped myself to pieces
of kibble on the floor.
Kibble samples are
my fur-avorite past-time!
Sooo many flavors & smells!)



No Itching

July 9th 2011 1:56 am
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Great news pals! My
earsies (especially
the left ear) is red
yeast free. The
Surolan earsie drops
really kicked the
red yeast out.

Ya know what also
helped me out?
Thanks to my
, like
Professor Chester
& Louie for the
well wishes
which made me
feel better!

I still lick & gnaw
my paws. *sigh*
allergies are poop!
The flower beds &
potted plants outside
in my backyard
poop out pollen stuffs
that stick to my
feetsies. They are a
major poop in the rear!
Wait, I already said
that! BOL! BOL!
Well, at least no more
horrendous earsies
itching & scratching.


Thank You Hooman

July 8th 2011 10:24 pm
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So gramma hooman
went to this place
called Albertson's.
When she returned
home, she brought
w/ her lots of bags,
more importantly,
toys for us; the
Tres Gringas.

I got this toy. I
didn't know what
to do w/ it at first.
It smelled like
BACON! mMmm.

Stella also got one
too. Hers is a lot
smaller. I wanted
her chewy. She
wanted mine. So,
we exchange
chewies every now
& then. :)


Blog to my Best Friend

June 30th 2011 12:25 am
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My li'l special needs. On this blessed day, you were whelped. It was not til Wednesday, August 5th of 2009 that I met you and your littermates. I was smitten and overjoyed when you were the first pup to notice and greet me at your home.

Last year I missed your 1st birthday because I was in San Diego. This year we're going to kick off your birthday celebration with a 6AM off-leash activity at the enclosed park and with your dinner, a birthday treat - boiled sausage.

No matter how many times a day that I kiss your brown spot and tell you that 'I love you,' all you wanna do is play. haha. Fetch and food! Sheesh. You make me laugh so much thinking of all your quirky moments (digging the rose bed, zoomies, knocking down breakables and the baby gate just to look for me in the shower, sleeping on my chest at night, crotch muzzle punches, slobbery kisses). I am truly blessed to be owned by thee wackiest, brightest and cutest Pink Skin pit in the world. You're one high energy pooch that may never out grow the puppy stage. Nevertheless, that's what makes you an amazing companion. I am looking forward to sharing many more fun, wooferful puppy-filled years with you.

Happy Birthday bestest buddy!
♡ Your Hooman ♡



June 25th 2011 5:42 pm
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Don't have a cow man!
That's what I hear
my hooman saying
when she tosses
my new toy.

I like my new toy,
but it doesn't
beat my all time
favorite-est toy,
the Kong isqueak
tennis ball. ♥

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