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Allergies, Boo!

May 15th 2010 7:40 pm
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A bout of red yeast
came out for the first
time today. Since
allergy season began
I've experienced the
itchy paws; licking,
and gnawing my
itchy paws. Now
this bout, boo! The
betadine solution
baths didn't really
help, but BFF is
continuing the feet
baths anyway. She
bought me apple
cider vinegar (Bragg)
from the whole
foods store today.

We hope that I am
not allergic to chicken.
(my dry food is one of
the top foods in the
Whole Dog Journal for
2010) - anywoof, my
dog food will stay the
same for now and we
have increased my fish
oil intake to once
every other day.
Any of my pup pals
have red yeast bouts?
What works for you?

Paws crossed that
my allergies go away


Play Adventures

May 14th 2010 11:33 am
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Chiplé and I had a
another petacular play
date at our fur-avorite
park. We ran off-leash
on the lush, freshly
sprinkled baseball field,
wrassled tumbled, and
drained our wild puppy

Inside the baseball field,
Chiplé found
another dead critter; which
resembled the shape and
color of a dead-skinned
rat. Chiplé's mom
was so grossed out!
Chiplé carried the
big piece of hairy skin
in her mouth like a prize.
Her mom repeated 'drop it'
over and over. BOL!

After that ewwiez moment,
we took frequent
refreshment breaks, were
leashed and walked together
around the park with our
hoomans, and set free to
play again. Chiplé
and I did great playing
together! I also did a
good job following her
and allowing her to
rest in the shade when
she got tired.

When it was time to go,
we headed back to the
dug out where our plastic
bags and water jugs
were. Chiplé's mom
said 'oh, Halo is chewing
on something purple.' BFF
opened my mouth and
out dropped a small
plastic purple ninja.


Special Treat Day

May 13th 2010 10:51 am
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This morning before BFF
went running, she gave
me a kong filled with kibble
and banana in my crate.

She also gave me a large
Smokehouse Beef Prime
ligament. I don't
sit and chew the treat
like a lady. I like to
crunch, chew, crunch.

BFF prefers to give me
organic chemical-free
treats. The prime slice
label says it's 100%
natural and freshly
processed USDA
meats. It doesn't say
if the cattle were free
range, but I don't
have preference as
long as the treats are
nom nom nom yummy
nommy in my tummy!


My First Hike

May 11th 2010 2:49 pm
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¤ ¤ Hiking! ¤ ¤
That is
random! My
guardian and
her BFFs had
brunch at IHOP
and decided
to go hiking.
I tagged along.

My first hiking
adventure was
pawretty neat!

Until I reach 18
months, I'm not
supposed to do
any rigorous
activities. So
my guardian and
I went to the
'beginner's loop'
(0.5 mile trail)
while her BFFs
went hiking up
the steep
mountains. Besides,
it was my guardian
and I's first hiking
trip together, we
wanted to be very
careful. I wore my
new gold white
¤ Ella's lead ¤
which was attached
to my Easy-Walk
harness. Once
we completed the
loop, we got into
the truck, drove
to the advanced
hiking trails nearby
and waited for the
BFFs. I also had my
pictures taken.

Phew! I'm exhausted!


Humane Society 21st Annual K-9 Classic Walk for Animals

May 1st 2010 2:21 pm
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What an enjoyable day!

Click here for:
Kiddie Pool Neo
Me and my guardian

BFF scooped up Neo
(named after Keanu
Reeve's character in
the movie Matrix =P)
and her hooman BFF
since college, Lisa.
I was crated in the
back of the four runner.

I talked up a storm!
Neo got to sit in the back
seat with Lisa, and I didn't
understand why he was
able to sit up there. So
I became vocal and very

As soon as we arrived
at Cohen Stadium, I
calmed down and took in
the sight and smells. The
grass felt great in between
my toes.

I met two Beagles, a few
Yorkies, a Golden, a Dobie,
and saw so many pooches!
I even took a picture with
Scooby Doo!! Raaawrf!!

A few ladies came up to
me to give me kisses and
told me how gorgeous I
was! I was also very
well-behaved too! I did
not jump on anyone like
I usually do. I was
attentive to BFF.

Every time I sat close
to Neo he would
ahem, lick me my girly
parts BOL! I simply
wanted to play with Neo.
I play-bowed, and tried
to entice him. He chewed
and kissed my ears. I
guess he liked the taste of
my sunscreen.

I wasn't adopted from the
HSEP, but Neo was -
adopted by Lisa and her
family in '99. He's a senior
so I call him uncle Neo.
The hoomans were
given goodie bags filled
with hooman paper stuff
and a few organic dog treats.

There were lots of tiny pups
dressed up in little outfits BOL!
There were fun contests for
pooches and a fashion show
too. We didn't participate
rather, sat on the grass as

Neo liked to put his
paws inside the kiddie pools
to drink. BOL! It was very
cute! ♥


Picture of My Daddy

April 26th 2010 9:15 pm
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...can be seen in
my photobook.

Click here for my DADDY.

I take after my


My Daddy is Over the Rainbow Bridge

April 26th 2010 7:25 pm
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My guardian received a
notification from my
previous owners that my
daddy recently passed

Evidently, a roaming
boxer managed to jump
over the tall fenced property
while my previous owners
were away from home.

My daddy was only
defending himself and
protecting his home.
Unfortunwoofly my daddy
suffered from his injuries
and had passed.

My mommy is doing well
and was thankfully not
involved in the fight.

Rest in peace my strong,
blocky-head, and big
pit bull daddy. Dog bless
his soul and for bringing
me into this world. Play
hard at the rainbow bridge
daddy. I love you!

♥ ♥ ♥


Almost Drowned

April 22nd 2010 1:05 pm
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BFF saved me & my crazy butt
chasing ducks in a lake.
I's struggled to swim in
the shallow part of
Ascaráte lake!

• • • gasp • • •

I had a play date this
morning with my
fur-avorite fur-riend
(as some of you may
recall from my other
diary entires - looks
like a baby Mastiff
who has a black
mouth like a boxer
and has a soft tan coat).

Chiplé's mom said
she had jumped in the
lake a few times before
after Chiplé had
chased ducks in the lake
(at the opposite side of the

We had a ball runnin'
off-leash and were
supervised at the
secluded areas.
Chiplé and I would
scare the duckies into the

Towards the back of
Ascaráte park
near the bridge,
were big duckies. Five
of 'em nicely perched
on the bank. Chiplé
didn't dare to run after
them, but I did. So I ran,
leaped in, but could not
feel anything beneath me.

I struggled for a second
and my instincts to swim
kicked in, but I panicked.
BFF immediately sprinted
to me and jumped into
the lake. She grabbed my
harness and it was over in
3 seconds. BFF, who's 5'0"
tall, was hooman
boobie-deep in water.
Filthy water! She cut her
knee on the jagged
edges of the bank, and as
she was kneeling down to
check me for injuries, she
was attacked by ants.

I know pals what
you're thinking. That was
crazy and dangerous! Even
though the lake is shallow
it's filthy! BOL! That's
besides the point! =P
I am not a Labrador
Retriever. I have zero
recall because I'm deaf
and the over-stimulation
from the duckies was
over the top.

Needless to say, no scratches
and I am just fine after that
crazy stunt I pulled.

The lake may be shallow
for hoomans, but it was
scary and deep for me!
I think I learned my
lesson. I am truly
blessed to have a loving,
quick-witted, and caring
guardian to watch over
me. ♥


Bedroom Zoomies

April 14th 2010 9:11 pm
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So after I had my teefies
brushed tonight, the
case of the zoomies
took over me once again.


I did zoomies
(in that small doggone
bedroom) all around the
room, hopped onto the
bed, then zoomied back
down to the floor.

BFF laughed, grabbed me
in mid-zoomie,
and carried me down the stairs.
(A-paw-rently I make pitch fork
marks on the floor so I need to
be carried like a princess when
I go to and from the first level

Once we were outside, I
continued my zoomies.

« pant » « pant »
« pant » « pant »

I am very tired now. =P
Good night!


Dog Park with Chiplé, Dexter and Mia

April 8th 2010 7:38 pm
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Just arrived a couple
of hours ago from a
20-25 minute
adventure at the one
and only El Paso dog

I sniffed all the small
doggies inside the park.
I was the only big dog
for while until a Husky,
and GSD puppy walked

My former puppy
classmate Dexter,
the small terrier mix,
was already inside. He
really likes to be chased
and liked tugging
on my ear. =)

I met an Italian
Greyhound, wearing a
neat little circles 'outfit,'
named Vixen. I
reacquainted with Buddy
the Beagle and his Chih mix
companion. I also
re-introduced myself to
my favorite play mate
Chiplé and her owner Moe.
Chiplé and I are a
perfect play match!
Our energies and play style
reflect one another. We
mouthed, bounced around,
and T-stanced. I plopped
down and rolled over on
my back (while Dexter
nibbled my ear BOL!).

It was a nice time! I'z
even went behind the tree
and left some chocolate
for BFF to pick up.

Mia arrived and I
mouthed her too. After
a few minutes, BFF
noticed Cowboy the red
nose pit and his owner
enter the gate. BFF put
my leash on. Needless to
say, some hoomans do not
like them. =( Dexter's
mom and my BFF don't
appreciate Cowboy's
ruff play. 5 minutes passed
and Cowboy and Chiplé
got into a scuffle. It was
nothing serious, but it
was not very nice. They
had to be separated.
Cowboy's owner doesn't
watch his dog and it seems
as though Cowboy is always
looking to challenge or
ruff another doggie up
at Album dog park.

After that not so nice incident,
Chiplé, Dexter and I
had our leashes put on,
furthermore, left the park
with our hoomans. It was
grrreat to see my puppy
fur-riends again. ♥

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