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Swimming Event Day 2

September 12th 2011 8:28 pm
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On Sunday, in honor of
the lost loved ones from
the tragic day of September
11th, many hoomans & pups
wore red, white & blue during
the Swim Day event. There
were cute doggies who wore
American flag banana-danas
around their necks.

It was a pawesome day
at the pool! As soon as I
walked into the kiddie pool,
I squatted & peed! BFF was
completely mortified BOL. I
don't think anyone noticed,
but hey, when you gotta go
you gotta go! BOL BOL! Pals,
I did a better job swimming! I
didn't splash as crazily. I
felt a li'l safer (even though
I didn't like the coldwater)
when BFF held me up by the
harness & supported me under
my hips. I 'doggie paddled'
as fast as I could towards the
edge of the pool, but I wasn't
going anywhere b/c BFF wouldn't
let go of me BOL. I was still
scared, yet glad I had hoomans
there to help me. After the event,
we stopped by my favorite baseball
field for a quick game of fetch.

I need to catch up on my
fur-riends pupdates & diaries.
G'nite ♥.


Dog Day Swimming Event

September 10th 2011 3:10 pm
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Pals! Today I went to a swim
& splash event at Tobin pool.
The event was hosted by our
local humane society. Hoomans
& their families brought their
social canines to swim. There
was a splash dog contest. I
just watched. Tomorrow there
will be a cutest bathing suit
contest. No thanks, I swim
nekkid! :) This swim event
will kick off again tomorrow.

Have you ever heard of a dog
that can't swim? Well, that's
me! BOL BOL I dunno how to
'doggie paddle.' BFF & this
man had to show me how to float
while I kicked the water at
a hundred mile speeds per hour.
I admit, I was scared b/c I
couldn't feel anything beneath
my feetsies. BFF took me to
the 3 ft section a few times
as well as the kiddie pool
side. I liked that area better.
I sniffed other doggies' bums,
& I hopped in the water. I
even did some crazy zoomies
where BFF had to settle me
down BOL. I'll need to get
used doing this 'doggie paddle'
so I could be a good swimmer
like my fur-riends Maxwell, Izzy
& Louie.

We didn't take much
pictures today, but we
definiwoofly will tomorrow.

In dire need of floaties,
Halo ♥


No Dogs Allowed

September 5th 2011 7:37 pm
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We pretended we didn't see
that sign when we went to
the baseball field at BFF's
ol' high school. That's
not a very nice sign anyway,
wouldn't you agree pals?

We're rebels! Stella, Cleo & I
snuck onto the lush
baseball field Sunday as
well as this evening. It
was nicely secured for
our safety. I had a
pawesome-esque time
fetching my rope toy.

The grass smelled nice
& it was absowoofly tickly
to my feetsies. We chased
one another, sniffed around
the perimeter, & as soon
as it was too dark, we
hopped back into the car
to go home. I'm exhausted
pals! I'm currently
reading efurryone's pupdates
& diaries. Sowee if we
missed anyone's special
day this weekend.

Hope efurryone had an enjoyable
three day weekend ♥,


Gift Store

September 2nd 2011 9:36 am
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Gift Store, you're not
cool taking a million
seconds to load. BOL

In the mean time,
Woofday shout outs to:



Stella and I'z Trip to the Park

August 31st 2011 11:52 am
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Early this morning, I was in
a deep slumber. zZzzz-ing
away, laying on my back w/ my
limbs sprawled out in the air
dreaming of chasing tennis
balls, when suddenly I awoke
from nudges & tickles.

It was BFF telling me to get
up. Stella & I
were going to take a quick
trip to the dog park!
We feel like VIP when we
has the dog park all to
ourselves. Anywoof, we
were excited as we headed
to the garage. We whimpered
& our tails wagged happily
as we were buckled inside the

Stella & I had a pawesome
time chasing tennis balls,
sniffing the perimeter of
the fenced park, running through
mud, barking at other dogs
arriving from the opposite
side of the fence BOL. Why
can't we have a backyard like
the dog park? That would be
a dream come true!


Yappy Hour

August 25th 2011 10:57 pm
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This Saturday, this bar called
Aceitunas Beer Garden is hosting
Yappy Hour. They will be serving
hot dogs & hamburgers.
$1 for every drink sold will go to
the humane society. Sounds fun,
right? Problem is, someone's
complaining about the distance.
It's on the other side of town.
AHEM! Someone's too lazy to drive.
Another thing, my hooman
isn't much of a drink-er persay.
Coca-cola, kool-aid & non-booze
beverages are her thirst pawference.

Don't tell her I barked this to you
all, but she said if we encounter
peeps / pups who cannot control their
cocktails we'll be leaving ASAP.
Hmmmmph, I guess that means I'm
not shooting back any Salty Dog,
Dog Biscuit nor Satan's Whiskers.

We haven't decided if we're going
fur sures. If we do, we'll let
ya know how it goes. A round of
cold H2O shots for everyone
this Saturday, on meeee! ;)

Wishing you all a safe & wonderfur

Looking forward to Yappy Hour,
Halo ♥


Bark in the Park

August 22nd 2011 10:48 am
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Exciting news fur-riends!
Last night I was among
many honored four-legged
furry guests at the city
baseball game. The humane
society put the event
together - Bark in the
at Cohen Stadium.

*25 cent hot dogs
*Ppls brought their
four legged companions
*cuddling on the bleachers
*ppl watching

The stadium accommodated
us pooches by laying out
several kiddie pools for
us to wade in. Pups, it
was soooo hot at dark
o'clock. I didn't
go near the pools however.
I didn't know what other
stinky pup was in it BOL.

I heeled nicely side by
side w/ my hoomans; passing
by smaller hoomans & their
pups. I nose to nose-d
w/ a sweet Rotty who
wore a pawretty bandana.

Here's a photobucket pic of
me watching the game
from my seat. Two seats
behind me were two cute
spectating Coco Roses!
Their ewok hairs were
nicely groomed & they
wore these cutely
decorated banadanas.
I tried to say hello to
them from afar. Here's a
pic of me 'trying' to say:
Hey Coco Roses look at me!

The turn out was all right.
It would have been nice to
see dozens more ppls & their
pooches. Nonetheless, I was
satisfied I had plenty of
tail wag & elbow room. I was
a well-behaved girl too
! All
in all, it was a puptacular
night! I ruff baseball games!

Woofs woofs,

P.S. Additional Photobucket
pictures of me at the game

bleacher pup
may I have some hot dog?
outside the stadium


Pet's Point of View

August 20th 2011 11:18 am
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My companion is an activist for
the Humane Society in our city.
She shares events & enourages ppl
by networking (in our area) on
Facebook to adopt instead of
buying pup-pups, & more
importantly, to donate.

Anywoof, today we were sniffing
on the HSEP's website & wanted
to share this in our diary. Awh!

The 10 Commandments From a Pet's Point of View
by Stan Rawlinson

1. My life is likely to last 10 - 15 years;
any separation from you will be painful for me.
Remember that before you adopt me.

2. Give me time to understand what you want
from me; don't be impatient, short-tempered,
or irritable.

3. Place your trust in me and I will always
trust you back. Respect is earned, not given
as an inalienable right.

4. Don't be angry with me for long
and don't lock me up as punishment; I
am not capable of understanding why. I
only know I have been rejected. You
have your work, entertainment, and friends,
but I only have you.

5. Talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't
understand your words, I do understand
your voice and tone. You only have to
look at my tail.

6. Be aware that however you treat me,
I'll never forget it, and if it is cruel,
it may affect me forever.

7. Please don't hit me. I can't hit
back, but I can bite and scratch, and
I really don't ever want to do that.

8. Before you scold me for being
uncooperative, obstinate, or lazy,
ask yourself if something might be
bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting
the right foods or I've been out in the
sun too long, or my heart is getting
old and weak. It may be I am just

9. Take care of me when I get old.
You too will grow old and may also
need love, care, comfort, and attention.

10. Go with me on difficult journeys.
Never say, "I can't bear to watch" or "Let
it happen in my absence." Everything is
easier for me if you are there. Remember,
regardless of what you do, I will always love you.


REM is Bizarre

August 19th 2011 11:57 pm
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Not the American rock
band BOL, but my
non-rapid eye
& rapid
eye movement is bizarre.
Evidently when BFF is
watching me sleep & both
my eyelids are half-way
closed (w/ the third eyelids
kinda showing) it's bizarr-o.

I twitch a lot b/c I
am dreaming of
hopping through tall
green grassy fields &
chasing ♥ tennis balls.

You know what's bizarre?
When some hooman is watching
me sleep!

Studies have shown that
puppies & old dogs tend
to dream more than middle
aged & adult dogs.

Hmmmph. Is this true for
you my fur-riends
? I have
to disagree. I'm an adult
dog. I dream all the time.
So does Stella.


Green Dots

August 18th 2011 9:27 am
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*sigh* fleas! I thought
they were gone?! We've
tried using Chrome & also
IE on our compooter;
however, we're seeing
green dots for some recent
diaries posted by our
in addition, some photos
w/ a white box + a red x
in the middle. Phooey!

I can't see Izzy's photo.
What's the cute factor?
Can anyone tell me?

Dogster, pawlease fix
the fleas...

w/ LOVE,

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