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Thank you Dogster!

April 24th 2013 3:17 pm
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Thanks Dogster for selecting
yours truly as a DDP for 4/23/2013.

Also, woofs & kisses to my pals
for the shout out. Woofs, woofs.


Allergy Season is Here!

April 14th 2013 8:11 pm
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Itchy paws.
Lots 'o new toys.
New collar.
Custom made lead
& collar from
arriving in a couple
of weeks.



February 16th 2013 6:14 pm
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Wow! You pals are SOOOO SWEET!
My page is decorated w/ oOoo so
delish doggie heart-shaped
chocolates! 'preciate all those who
sents me & Stella Valentine's. Sowee
we missed that day. BFF thinks that
day is overrated BOL. As always, I am
happy to be her Valentine this year &
efurryday of the year! She gifted me
more cool new toys that I L-O-V-E so

Hope efurryone had a SPLENDID
Love Day! I haven't lots 'o pupdates
to get to speed on....

New pix here, here & here.

Your pal,


new Kong Wubba

February 13th 2013 7:40 pm
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Love Day is tomorrow! Do any
of you pups have plans to

As an early Love Day gift, I
was gifted a new purple kong
wubba. BFF surprised me by
leaving the wubba in my crate.
When I found it, I was extremely
wiggly & happy. I couldn't contain
my excitement. I've already
punctured a hole in the ball part
so it doesn't squeak anymore BOL.

Love ya pups!


Giraffe Stuffie

January 30th 2013 5:19 pm
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My giraffe stuffie has lost all his stuffing.
I've had it since New Year's day. It had a
cool ball inside the bellay area & a
squeaky-chewy thing inside.

...I chewed & removed the squeaky round
thing from inside giraffe stuffie's bellay.

Do any of you pups LOVE that
squeaky plastic thing inside the stuffies?

I usually leave the squeaky thing on the
floor after I have removed all the stuffings
from inside my plush toy.

BFF allows me to play with my stuffie &
watches me closely until I get
the stuffies scattered all over the
floor. That's when she grabs everything
& tosses it in the garbage. Pfffffft.

Giraffe stuffie came from miles & miles away
from a far off pawlace....Marshalls. I hear
Marshalls is pawlace womens love 'cos of
their discount prices & home
decor. BFF bought a bunch of
stuff from that Marshalls after New Year's
like my toy basket. I has a picture of it
here. In addition, BFF says
Marshalls dog section has thee cutest dog
toy baskets & inexpensive dog toys.

Friday is $ pay day $ for BFF. New toys
in my basket coming soon! =)


P.S. Strangest thing. When we upload photos
to Dogster...they're not showing up. Hope
it's not another Dogster site glitch issue!


Winter Woes

January 29th 2013 7:18 pm
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Woe-is-me! I hate to
sound like a complainer,
but hurry up spring / summer
'cos I hates being cooped up
inside. No baseball field,
No walkies for three days
now due to high winds &
f-f-f-f-f-freezing temps! This
past week & weekend
the weather was perfect,
then all o'sudden wind advisory.
BFF just wants to stay indoors
& cuddle up.

I know many of you pups
enjoy snuggling up with your
peeps, but I prefer to play.
Play all day, every day! I'll
make hummmph snorts when
I'm laying in bed & BFF is
watchin' Petflix. :)

I forgot to mention, Sunday BFF
gave me a bath & cleaned my ears.
Saturday, I sorta watched the Disney
movie "Bolt" w/ BFF. I fell asleep
halfway thru the movie. That white
dog Bolt is super cool & the hamster
Rhino is hilarious.

Luv ya pups xo,
Halo ♥


Nightly Walkies

January 24th 2013 6:00 pm
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Walkies! Walkies! Walkies!

Lately, it has been warming
up - the previous weeks
were too cold to go walkies.

It made me sad 'cos I have
been cooped up in the
house. I was, however,
accommodated with new
toys from Petsmart; which
I ripped apart hours upon
receiving them BOL.

It's still chilly during the night,
but we go walkies & take the
usual route around the hoity
toity neighborhood. There's
this millionaire home we walk
by & they still have Christmas
lights on, or shall I say, a light
show sparkling up the night sky.

Miss you pals!
We're catching up on all of our
furiends pupdates. Dog bless
& hope efurryone's new year is




December 21st 2012 7:10 pm
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I had a bath last night.
What crazy hooman gives
a pup baths during the
winter?!? Brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
My crazy hooman of

BFF & I would like to
wish each & efurry
fur an amazing, blessed
Christmas in advance!

It breaks our hearts a li'l
knowing there are many
furs and families who do
not have much this time of
the year; espawcially the
hardship efurryone has
endured during the tragedies
& natural disasters that had
occurred in our country this
past year. We keep them in
our thoughts.

What truly matters is the love
& care we share for one
another & extend our love
to those who are in dire need.
We wish we could home efurry
wandering pup (it would be fun
to have many pawlaymates!!!!!!) who
are homeless, hungry & cold right now.

We keep our faith, remain optimistic
in mankind, pawray for the ones less
fortunate. A small contribution
to our local humane society or relief
is something li'l we can do to help.
We wish we could do more financially
& resourcefully.

Dog bless our beautiful furiends,
beautiful homes, & beautiful families.
Your furiendship is a blessing & thank
you all again for being genuine, endearing
furiends efurry day of the year. ♥


Share the Joy by Ralph Marston

December 19th 2012 5:17 pm
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One of BFF's favorite Daily
Motivators is Ralph Marston.
Feeling festive and mushy,
we would like to share a
howliday quote with efurryone
on Dogster.

.:*+ Share the Joy+*:.

Life is best when it is shared.
At no time is that more evident
than on Christmas day.

All the various customs and traditions
of the season serve to bring people
together in a spirit of joy and celebration.
It’s a powerful reminder of how good it can
feel to connect with others in a genuine,
personal and heartfelt way.

Though we have many differences,
we also have much in common.
Though there is great value in our diversity,
that value exists because we are able to
connect with each other in ways that
are positive and fulfilling....

On this day (12/25/2012), and every day, live the
joy and share the joy. Celebrate the connections
that give life so much meaning and richness.

— Ralph Marston


baseball field fun

November 27th 2012 9:05 pm
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yay! I finally got out of the
house. Even though it has
been four days, it seemed
like eternity since we
last went out BOL! BFF
walked me & Stella to the
high school softball
field. As usual, we had a
grrrreat time! I spotted
this plastic water bottle
on the other side of
the gate & I barked a
musical trying to get it.

BFF shhh'ooshed me. She
said we had to be quiet
just in case 'cos doggies
were not allowed on the
nice green field. Once we
arrived home I was given
a warm soothing bath. Post
bath, I got my ears cleaned.
I reeally do not like that
part. All & all, it was a
great night.

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