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Mia the Lab and Me

March 19th 2010 8:12 pm
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BFF and I played fetch
in the backyard. Around
6PM she took me to Album
dog park.

Only two doggies were
inside the park. There was
a cute all white Bull Terrier
with one black ear and one
white ear. Still intact, but
he was cute. I didn't get
his name since his owners
were working the agility
course with him.

Mia, the yellow lab puppy
who I've played with before,
ran right up to me. She
caught me off guard and I
let out a little growl. Or
maybe she growled. One of
us growled. Anywoof,
she loves to be chased. Mia
ran and ran around. I had
the tennis ball in my
mouth while we wrestled.
She's a sweet and submissive
pooch. Awh!

The weather suddenly became
unbearable. Playtime was cut
short. It was extremely windy.
Sand and dirt blew in our faces.
We left home. BFF carried me
into the tub which was filled
with warm water. She washed
my paws then rewarded me
with a few NB potato and duck
formula treats. Yum. =D


Nina - Dog of the Day

March 18th 2010 9:18 am
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Congratulations to my Dogster pal
Nina. I sent her virtual pooch smooches
and licks today! I think she is one of
THE cutest doxies around. Her mom
dresses her up in super duper
adorable doxie outfits and takes
really pawsome photography of
Nina too.

Woof ya Nina!


Tarzan Dog

March 17th 2010 9:55 pm
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Ah yes the dog park - controversy and debate.
Hoomans and their pups take a risk strolling
through these places.

I am very blessed that BFF has and still
continues to socialize me with hoomans and
other furry fur-riends. "They" say pit bulls are
one of THE dangerous dogs at the dog park.
Not true at all. I am 8 months old, and I am
a very submissive pooch at the dog park.
I have learned proper play and social skills
from my kind.

Every now and then I'll run into a Tarzan dog.

Nylah, a humane society rescue at 1 year
3 month old boxer/rhod mix who I've met once
before, loves to rough house (of course I play
rough too, but not in a dominating way) with me.
Her newly adopted hoomans have had her about
2 months. Why she was abandoned by her previous
owners and left at the shelter is unknown. Her
hoomans said she had 3 days left until she was
scheduled to go over the rainbow bridge.
Often times she will target me (out of
all the doggies at Album park). I don't know
what it is about me that she loves. Maybe
because I'm a special needs pup? Is it because
I'm deaf? Or is it because I can take the pain
and not fight back? She typically grabs my neck
and scruff, puts me on my back then does the
death shake. She did this a few times to me.

Scary. Yes, I know.

I may whine or 'yeep,' but I never retaliate.
I am grateful to Nylah's owner for doing the
right thing; each time Nylah shook me, he
quickly stepped in to command Nylah to
'release' me. He would then he put her in
time out.

BFF and I have no hard feelings towards Nylah.
After all, I generally go back for more punishment
after her hooman pulls her away. Silly me! ;)

Compliments of PBF and Stormi and Jack, the definition of a Tarzan dog.

Tarzan – “Tarzan” is a phrase used to describe a dog that missed parts of their early socialization window, and honestly just doesn’t know how to interact with other dogs. He tries to play, and often winds up entangled in a scuffle due to his lack of play skills and misunderstood signals he gives off to the other dog. Traditionally, a well socialized dog will exhibit well pronounced play signals, such as play bow, hip check, t-stance, bouncy and loose body movements, and a wide open grin. A “Tarzan” dog, may only be able to replicate a couple of these, or maybe none at all, and will literally get “stuck” during play. They can be taught play behaviors with the use of operant conditioning, but the dog will never offer them in the proper play context. Often, the best option for these dogs are to limit social interaction with other dogs, and allow only supervised play sessions with another dog who has well developed skills and a forgiving nature.

Not sure if I will be true to my word
on this - I will continue to visit Album
park or any other dog park until I am a
year. After that it will only be scheduled
play dates with trusted fur-riends. For
now, BFF and I will stay sharp and wary
of any
Tarzan dogs.


Roadtrip to Phoenix

March 15th 2010 3:10 pm
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...was the surprise the hoomans
had for Cleo, Stella and I.

We'z slept the whole trip up to Arizona.

Our trip was unfortunawoofly short, but
it was a very nice time with the hoomans.
We'z stayed and were crated in a
pet-fur-riendly place.

The best part about the trip was visiting
fur-cousin Oprah Woofrey and her hooman's
(my hooman auntie and uncle) home.

Pictures of Oprah and me:
We want Doritos paw-lease

Oprah Woofrey's place has lush
green grass all around the complex.
It felt good in between my toes.
The environment was nice and open.
I even saw hoomans walking their doggies.
It was pet-tacular! I would woof to move
to Phoenix. Arf! ♥


3-Day Hiatus

March 12th 2010 12:12 pm
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Stella, me and BFF went to the park for
a game of fetch. Well, Stella doesn't fetch,
but we played. Stella and I grazed on
the greeeeen grass. It tasted goods.

BFF said there's a surprise for Stella
and I. I wonders what it could be.


I won't be able to log-on nor write
in the diary for a few days. As soon I
find out what the surprise is, I
will let all my pupper pals know. :)


'Gentle' & a Farewell to...

March 11th 2010 6:24 pm
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the green racquetball!

I have or shall I say my big mouth,
has outgrown the dearz racquetball.

Fearful that it may one day accidentally
get lodged down me'z throat, BFF has
removed THE favorite toy
of all play time. Fur-ever. :(

Moving on...as you pupperoos may
know, I am partially deaf. However,
being deaf doesn't mean doggies like
me are a lost cause, nor lack drive and
willingness to learn. As a matter of
fact, I am one motivated pup. :D
I am currently learning a new hand

Gentle -♥♥♥-

A-paw-rently, my chomp is a tad
too hard when BFF hand feeds me.

It pleases her when I perform this
command. BFF claps and hoo-ha-hoorays.
What a weird hooman. :)


New Squeaker Tennis Ball

March 10th 2010 1:31 pm
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Since I went #1 right on top of my green squeaker
tennis ball, I gotz a new one. I already brokez
the squeaker inside of this one (from chomping on it.)

I wentz to Marty Robbins park for an hour w/ BFF.
Inside the baseball diamond we'z were. I lovez
the grass! Wish I has grass in minez backyard.

I has to wear me'z pink parka thing because it was
cold outside. El Paso has strange weather. I hope
BFF finds a new career soon so we can move to
Phoenix. Phoenix, AZ is much more pet-friendly
than El Paso. There's so manyz parks for pooches
and events to go to. Exhausted from playing
fetch in the wind. It's nappy time now.


Wrestling with Chiplé

March 7th 2010 1:16 pm
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Went to the dog park around 11AM today.

Nice and warm outside.
BFF put some goopy white paste on my pink skin.
Avalon Organics Baby sunscreen. Grrr. I don't
like that white goopy stuff! Bleeeeh!!
(Supposedly, this goop helps protect me'z pink skin,
ears and nose from the sun's delightfully warmness .

Whelp, there were no other dogs or hoomans at the park.
Boring! BFF took me through the agility tunnel.

I noticed a hooman and her pup enter the gate.
It was Chiplé! She looks like a baby mastiff.
She's a rescue - she could be a pit/boxer/
mastiff mix with ginormous paws! Dog-o-dog it has
been a couple of months since I had last seen her!
She's 8 mos. just like meeeee! PUPPY POWER!

We re-introduced ourselves and immediately
started romping, mouthing, and chasing each other.
We tired out fast. We took cover in the shade of the
trees, laid down, and also rolled on our backs. BFF
gave us H2O. After a cool refreshing drink, Chiplé
and I went back to wrestling! My face was covered
in dirt.

Chiplé and I had a blast! Two adolescent hooman
girls walked in. They wanted to play with the puppies.
We ran over to greet them. BFF thought it was strange
they walked in without parental supervision. Despite
the fact that their parents were no where to be seen,
everything went ok. Chiplé and I had kissed the two
adolescent hoomans. We even followed them around
the agility course.

Chiplé's hooman said she was very happy that
we'z got along so grrrrreat and we were THE the best of
buddies! After an hour the pals had to leave, so we left
back home too. Can't wait to see Chiplé again! Arf! :)


♣ St. Patty's Day - Tag ♣

March 6th 2010 1:18 pm
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♣ I've been Tagged by ♥ Snow Angel ♥

Thank you dahling! She asked me...

Q.-Are you Irish?
A.-My breed 'Terrier' is of English, Irish and Scottish descent.

Q.-Do you and /or your family celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
A.-Ima puppy so this will be my first time celebrating.

Q.- How?
A. -Wearing green! (If no one is wearing green, I will pinch them.)

Q.-Will you wear Green?

Q.- What?
A.- My martingale has green and I'll wear my St. Christopher charm from the Animal Rescue Site; it has green flecks too.

Q.-Do you like Corned Beef and Cabbage?
A.-Never had it, but I would woof to try some! Sounds doggone delicious!

Q.-Do you believe in leprechauns?
A.-Yes, they are magical little creatures.

A.-Because they bring luck and at the end of the rainbow, they have a pot of golden dog cookies. Plus, I want to sniff them leprechaunzies. ;)

Q.-What would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?
A.-Endless amounts of golden dog cookies, biscuits, chewy treats and golden bones!

Thank you ♥ Snow Angel ♥ for the tag, that was fun! ♥ May the luck of the Irish bring you oodles and poodles of surprises! :)

I would like to TAG a few fur-riends. If you don't have time to play, or would rather not play, that's totally fine.

Oprah Woofrey | Jay Jay Jr. | Cleo Pawtra Bones | Stella Marie | Stud Muffin

♣♣♣ Here is what you have to do now.
You need to copy and paste this entry into your diary. Please include these instructions. Also! Delete my answers and Tag fur-riends names and add yours. Be sure to mention or thank the fur-riend who Tagged you! You may need to send a message off to the fur-riend(s) you would like to Tag. You may copy and paste my original Paw Mail/ message I sent to you. You may also send your message in a Zealie. That's it! You may want to read your fur-riends Diary entries afterwards and thank them for playing. Have fun!


Breakfast in Bed &...Ouch! My Eye!

March 5th 2010 11:00 am
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Kibble at the crack of dawn! Nom nomz indeed! :)

Me'z guardian was a lazy hooman this morning.
She hand fed me dry kibble (she didn't add the
canned Organics chicken this time-phooey!) in
bed. Me'z an aggressive swallower so I needz
to be hand fed during meal times.

Earlier, I chased Stella and also played with me'z
favorite toy - the green racquetball. Me'z
guardian tossed it around the room, it bounced
and hit me'z left eye. I winced. Ouchies!! She
ran over to check my eye. Jeepers, she pulled
back my eyelids and examined the whole eyeball!
I'm such an accident prone

The eyeball is a-ok! So, she kissed me and hugged
me. I picked up the ball and started playing again.

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