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I'z Get You

March 29th 2010 9:50 am
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...pigeons, o'my!

Early this mornin'
my guardian and I
took a trip to the
baseball diamond.

We must have
arrived after the
sprinklers went off.

My four pawsies
were covered in
mud. When sand
and grass get in
between my
pawsies, a
sensation runs
through me; which
often results in a
case of the zoomies.

The amount of space
I had to run free was

I enjoyed jumping,
springing like a
jack rabbit and
sprinting around

We played fetch.

I wasn't too interested.

What really got my
attention was those
darn pigeons huddled
together on the grass.

«« Tail Wags »»

I took pleasure
runnin' right up and
sprinting after them
as they flew away.

Even the ones that
were already above
me flapping their
wings in the air,
needed to be chased.

Someday I'z get you
pigeons. Someday!

«« Waving Paw in the Air »»


Loose Leash Walkies

March 28th 2010 4:11 pm
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Did something different

Lunchtime, BFF rubbed
a little of Avalon Organics
Baby sunscreen on me'z
nose, strapped on me'z
pink Easy-Walk harness,
and took me for a stroll
around the block
- two blocks as a matter
of fact. ♥

While traffic passed us
by on the busy street,
we'z were on the sidewalk,
making several stops
practicing 'watch me,'
'sit' and 'down.'

*BFF hasn't taken me
loose leash walkies for
quite sometime. She
saidz I'z an unruly
littl-o girl on a leash.

What's so unruly about
mouthing the leash and
tugging on it while we'z
are walking? Hmmm?!?

It's super duper fun!

(BTW, I am unruly because
I'z rather drain my energy
playing fetch than loose
leash walkies :::wink:::)

We're going back to basics.

I am being re-introduced,
for a few minutes everyday,
back into loose leash walkies.
I am a high energy puppy,
and I need to achieve
the goal of good manners
on a leash. As long as BFF's
pockets are filled with my
paw-vorite treats, I will
do my best to follow her lead.


Pound for Pound

March 27th 2010 6:22 pm
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..champ BOL!

BFF took me real
quick to the vet's
clinic. I weigh 42 lbs.

Any guesses where
the weight goes?

Perhaps my thighs?
Perhaps my tummy?

Aah yes.
My big head. =D


Raincheck, errr Windcheck

March 26th 2010 2:28 pm
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Clear skies
blowing sand
and winds 30-45 MPH.

I haven't the slightest doggone
idea what that means, but BFF
told me to write that down.

We are taking a raincheck on
Album dog park this afternoon.

She said something about 'the
joys of living near the mountains,
and sinuses.'

What the woof does that mean?

I want to play. I cannot emphasize
that enough. Wind, sun, sleet, snow
- I'll play in any weather.

I guesssssss I'll take a nap.
I guesssssss I'll have to stay inside.

I'll be anxiously awaiting social time
tomorrow morning. ♥


Easy Cowboy

March 25th 2010 10:09 pm
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Had a pleasant and fun time at
Album dog park this evening.
I even re-introduced myself
to Dexter, the small
terrier mix, who was in my
November puppy class. I also
met Buddy the Beagle, and a
3-month old Chihuahua
named Rocky. Hoomans
thought it was funny when he
mounted me'z head. I hopped
backwards and didn't know
what to do. BOL!

It was a fun time meeting and
romping with other puppies;
a shaved Shetland sheep dog,
an elderly Yorkie, a Boxer,
Shiba Inu, and 2 Chih mixes.

All and all a fur-bulous time
except for a little scuffle with
6-month old Cowboy, the red
nose pit bull.

Here comes the rant.
Mia, the yellow puppy Lab and
I have played with Cowboy
before. He is very rough. We
had a scuffle, partly BFF's fault for
having in her hand a ziploc bag
filled with me'z dinner, and
Cowboy's owner's fault for
not watching his dog. In addition,
his owner was no where nearby.
Cowboy rudely stuck his face in
and became aggressive trying
to guard and snatch MYYY FOOD!
He bared his teeth and lunged at
me. I reacted, growled and lunged
back at him. BFF had to hold him

See, I'm not a greedy pup. I
simply reacted to Cowboy
which was not good either.
I always share me'z food,
toys - especially when BFF hand
feeds me and Stella.

Cowboy also pinned down
Dexter, and his mom didn't
like that. She repeated 'off,
off' and Cowboy wouldn't
let up. She tried scruffing
Cowboy too. After a while
Cowboy's owner finally stepped
in and yanked him back while
he was wearing his prong collar
(btw prong collars are not
permitted at the dog park, grrrrr!)

Besides dog owners that do no
pick up after their pup in public,
one of BFF's pet peeves are rough
pups at the dog park and their
owners standing around not doing
anything about it. Pit bulls already
have a bad rap. It's quite a
nuisance for everyone and
everypup when a misbehaving pup
(mounting and jowl-grabbing)
causes drama at the dog park.
Everypup is trying to politely sniff
and socialize. It takes just one
pup to ruin the fun. Grrrrr. Yet,
me'z BFF stays positive and calm
during times like that. Me'z blessed
she always stands by to protect and
guide me.

Anywoof, me'z looking forward
to another adventure tomorrow
at Album. Can't wait to play with
Mia and other pupsters. :)


Squeaker Ball Annihilation

March 24th 2010 3:46 pm
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Just a moment ago, the last of
its kind - the household air Kong
squeaker tennis ball
- suffered
annihilation. Not by the jaws
of Stella, but by yours truly.

There are other tennis balls, but
not in my home. BFF has to travel
to a far distant land to acquire more
of these air Kong squeakers and to
fulfill my tennis ball obsession.
This obsession has a price. $1.99
to be exact. I have no idea what
that means, but I hope BFF does not
let me down. I also hope she captures
not one, but a few hundred air Kong
squeakers (it would be a dream come

I'd be eternally grateful if she can
gather them like this ---> Tennis Balls

-♥- Pupper pals, should you
have a tennis ball obsession
similar to mine, paw-leeze feel free
to paw-mail me. We can set up a
play date and I can share me'z
tennis balls with you. ;)


Kiss-a-Bull Canines

March 22nd 2010 9:15 pm
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Today, while I was in the tub
enjoying the epsom salt soak,
I experienced a new and very
strange thing! Me'z guardian
stuck this soft bristly object
in me'z chompers. She gently
moved the object around me'z


Invasive as it was, I really
didn't mind. I even opened
my jaws a little wider so she
could get the back teefies. I
also chomped on the 'skweeshoo'
object a few times. Me'z guardian
had saidz I need to have this
'skweeshoo' done to me
everyday because it will give
me kiss-a-bull canines. ♥

After a 10 minute epsom soak,
she pat dried my feetsies with a
towel. I bolted out of the tub
room into the hooman sleeping
room, and grabbed the Victoria's
Secret bra on the bed. I chomped
it. I chomped it again and shook
me'z head.

Bra in between my teefies.

I'm such a funny and silly pup huh?
I wasn't able to shake my head
again since she took away the bra
and gave me a sock. Bleh!
I spat that out.


Socialite Puppies Part 2

March 21st 2010 3:05 pm
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Theee adventures continue!!!

I played with Mia again
and with so many other pupsters!

Everypup at the park was so sweet!
There was: Devoe, the brindle
spotted Pit Bull.
Fred, 3-month old Bassett.
Mac, 9-month old brindle
coat English Bull dog.
Two pugs.
A red Chih mix.
A mini Schnauzer.
and a Wheaten Terrier mix.

I really liked Mac! He has
a huge head and his face is covered
with wrinkles. He's still in tact. I smelled
his bum, licked his wrinkles, tongue
and enticed him to play. I play bowed,
I bounced, but he was too hot. He
stayed under the tree. Mia, the
yellow Lab puppy, wrestled with me.
Rrrrruff. ♥

After an hour and a half of playing,
BFF took me home. Into the tub I
went. BFF soaked my paws in
epsom salt. She saidz I have a mild
case of icky interdigital fungus thing.

BFF read that this thing is common
in Lab retrievers and English Bull dogs.
Hmmmm. It didn't say Pit Bulls. Oh wellz.

It must have developed from playing
in the wet grass at Marty Robbins park.
I may have also picked it up from Album.
The whole dog park is covered in pebble
rock landscape. I guess the city of El Paso
could not afford dirt or grass. Wooo-wooo!

Lately my pawsies have been red, itchy
in between me'z toes and toe pads. BFF
is treating my pawsies with bacitracin
ointment after epsom salt soaks to
alleviate the itchiness.

I'm thankful me'z guardian loves me and takes good
care of me; especially since I'm a sickly pup.

:::ROFL::: ;)


Socialite Puppies

March 20th 2010 5:55 pm
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Dog-o-dog what a doggone
pawsome day at the park!
Went to Album again.
BFF took me around 1PM.

I met and played with:
Nirvana, a 16-week Chocolate lab;
Minnie, 7-month old Boxer; and
Body, an 8-month fawn Chih mix.

We'z were a Puppy Pack!
It was just us four pups
at the park having fun!

Nirvana is such a cutie pup-tootie!
I had a tennis ball in my mouth, so
BFF gave her one to carry too.
Nirvana and I both bounced
around next to each other and climbed
the A-frame.

Everypup played nicely. :D
We'z sniffed each others' bums.
We'z followed one another over the
A-frame. Once we'z were tired, we'z
took cover in the shade under the
A-frame. We'z pooch smooched one
another and even shared water from
the same bowls. Awh! ;)


Mia the Lab and Me

March 19th 2010 8:12 pm
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BFF and I played fetch
in the backyard. Around
6PM she took me to Album
dog park.

Only two doggies were
inside the park. There was
a cute all white Bull Terrier
with one black ear and one
white ear. Still intact, but
he was cute. I didn't get
his name since his owners
were working the agility
course with him.

Mia, the yellow lab puppy
who I've played with before,
ran right up to me. She
caught me off guard and I
let out a little growl. Or
maybe she growled. One of
us growled. Anywoof,
she loves to be chased. Mia
ran and ran around. I had
the tennis ball in my
mouth while we wrestled.
She's a sweet and submissive
pooch. Awh!

The weather suddenly became
unbearable. Playtime was cut
short. It was extremely windy.
Sand and dirt blew in our faces.
We left home. BFF carried me
into the tub which was filled
with warm water. She washed
my paws then rewarded me
with a few NB potato and duck
formula treats. Yum. =D

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