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Google: Bull Lurcher

February 17th 2011 11:12 am
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That's what I look like!

I've been mistaken for a
greyhound, great dane &
even an American bulldog. :)

Granted, I've got the long
legsies & skinny frame but
I'm a pittie fo sho! I've
got a small feminine head
tho which resembles the bull
lurcher. Both my mommy &
daddy were bred through bybs;
that's who best friend
adopted me from in 2009.

Spayed early @ 4 months
may have also stunted my
growth, but who knows? I
am officially known as the
Pink Skin bull lurcher
hunting dog! Woof, woof.

P.S. Sorry for the double
entries & typos this
blackberry paw device is
difficult to type on w/
its turtle speed web browser.


Country Dancin'

February 16th 2011 4:29 pm
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This afternoon Stella
& I took a nap together
next to BFF. I was
really pooped from
playin' tug, chase &
fetch! I was in a deep
sleep. So deep in fact
that I began to do this
silly leg liftin' - kicking
my leg up in the air as
if I was country dancin'.

I don't recall such a thing!
Yet, best friend took it
upon herself to bark about
it all over Dogster land
through my diary entry.
Sheesh. :D


Warm Day

February 15th 2011 11:59 am
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Yay!!!! It's warm today.
Can this day be anymore
perfect? I'm takin' a
nap in my crate tho. When
my best friend comes back
from runnin' errands we
shall enjoy this afternoon.
Woofs. ♥


Park Fun

February 11th 2011 2:22 pm
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Met a BT named Loki today.
She was in the big dogs'
area while I was in the
li'l dog's fenced area.
BOL! Ironic! Anywoof,
she was sportin' a very
cute pink top paw coat
from Petsmart. It was
quite sunny today so we
played fetch for a short
while & practiced
obedience training for
20 minutes.

Happy Furriday!


Restless Nights

February 10th 2011 2:13 pm
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Sleepin' at night is
extremely cold!! The
hoomans don't crank
up the heat; conserving
energy is what they call
it, meh. Even w/ three
heavy blankets & snugglin'
close to best friend,
I become restless each
night. I need a snuggie
or something soft to
wear. Wait, what am
I saying? I don't even
like wearing doggie
apparel!! I tend to
rub my body all over
the furniture like a
cat. BOL! Warm
weather, paw-leez
paw-leez come soon!


C'mon Time Barker Cable

February 9th 2011 5:33 pm
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Pupper pals,
unfortunawoofly I have
fallen behind on what's
been happenin' w/ all of
you wiggly butts! =) It's
been about six or seven
months since I've peeped
through efurry single
pup's profile & photos.

Once the hoomans have their
high speed puppernet hooked
up properly, I will be back
on track. Woofs!

Side note: they
switched from PuppyT&T DSL
to DirectPupTV to Time
Barker cable

Best friend drives to
the public libraries on her
spare time; using the puppernet
to see all your sweet li'l
furry faces, view & comment as
many diaries as she can, read
your pupdates & type up my
diaries. Miss you guys!!
Pooch smooches [♥♥]


The Fou Fous Escaped

February 9th 2011 3:32 pm
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Best Friend & I were counting
sheep when all of a sudden
we awoke to a distressed
hooman voice.

"They're gone, they're gone!!
Help me find them!"

Hooman gramma let the fou
fous out of her sight. They
escaped. BFF was very
mad but remained calm.
In a frenzy, she put me
in my wire crate (by
the way, I had to
hold my pee for a long
while b/c she was in a
hurry to search for the
missing fou fous). The
fou fous were obviously
left unattended in the
backyard, and secondly
Stella did not have her
collar on. She is
microchipped ready
through a petID program
system....blah blah blah,
but who knows what
could have happened...

After a tireless search,
the fou fous made it back
to the house safely. I
hope this teaches
hooman gramma & grampa
*never* again to leave
the fou fous in the
backyard without eagle
eye supervision. We
are like hooman kids.
They wouldn't leave
their hooman
out of their sights
for a second, so they
should do the same
w/ thee doggies too! ♥


Dogster Plus

February 8th 2011 2:19 pm
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BFF the forgetful
hooman lost her DP subscription
last year (appawrently she forgot
to update her new card's expiration
date in pay pal). D'oh! We're
startin' from scratch - I have
lots more cute pix to upload to

Yesterday I met & somewhat played
w/ a 1-year old lab named Lobo
at the boring *yawn* doggie park.
He didn't seem interested in me,
nor did he wanna rough house. ;)
He kept liftin' his leg....

Fast forward....BFF & I
played fetch & practiced some
obedience training yesterday.
I also went to Petsmart *again*
as well.

I saw the finchies
...ooooh I also sniffed a
moo-colored rat. The li'l
critter was doggone cool in
its li'l glass box. My li'l
'awa-oof' scared him tho...straight
to his half donut hideaway...ooops! ;)


Rollin' Black Outs

February 5th 2011 3:19 pm
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It has been a ruff week!
Rollin' black outs, snow,
and freezin' temperatures
which cooped us up indoors!

However, it warmed up the
last couple of days. The
snow melted. Yesterday and
today BFF took me to play
fetch. She also drove me
to Petsmart. I met a cute
dachsund who kept barking
at me from a distance. We
stopped then turned around
to allow her to sniff me. We
wagged our tails. I love
small doggies!! :) We took
a stroll through my favorite
part of the store - dog food

Kibble! ::crunch::
Kibble! ::crunch:: ::crunch::

I also watched the birdies
in their glass boxes
flutter around. It was
amazing! I even let out a
small "wah-oof" bark askin'
them to come out & play w/ me!


Blue Buffalo

February 1st 2011 5:00 pm
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...Wilderness Duck Recipe
is thee new diet. It's quite

Natural Balance Chicken was
my previous diet; seems like
I was chowin' that stuff down
fur-ever - eight months?? ;)

Hopefully I'm not allergic
to Blue Buffalo's ingredients.
If so, best friend will switch
my diet to Blue Buffalo Chicken
Life-Protection formula.

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