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Dear Santa, i mean...

March 15th 2011 11:33 pm
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Dear diary,

I was playing w/ the Santa
stuffie, who's bite size
(literally), from Petsmart's
holiday collection. He
belonged to the fou fous.
I like to occasionally
make him squeak, cover
him in drool, dirt & dog
hair. Well, t'nite Santa
isss - I disemboweled
Santa! I removed the
stuffing inside of him &
the squeaker. I think the
fou fous are playin' w/
the semi-chewed squeaker

::: arrrrroo :::


Gotta go!
Ima have to continue this


Walkies Makes ME Happy ♥

March 15th 2011 11:53 am
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....yes indeed! We
took a different
route today around
the neighborhood. I
need to wear a prongy
collar during walkies.
(I know furs, that
contraption looks
awfully cruel wrapped
on my neck, but best
uses it
correctly. I respect
the prongy training
tool. Plus, it helps
me focus - I heel
correctly, don't pull
& bff gives me a treat.)
We practice sit &
watch me's during
our walkies.

I see ppl waiting at
the bus stop &
immediately, I want to
say hello; happily,
staring hoping they'd
notice me too. I want to
meet & smell everyone!!!!
All in alll, I had a
VERY HAPPY & FUN walkies
- bff was very proud of me.


2 Days

March 10th 2011 12:11 pm
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....w/out joggie walkies?!
How dare that hooman!!!!!!
Best friend has been
snoozin' in for the past
two days. Aroooo to that!
I've tried waking her up
around 5am by moving
around on the bed &&
staring at her; which I
know creeps her out BOL.

Her laaaaaazy bum
doesn't get up, so I plop
back down to sleep beside

Anywoof, today she was at
least generous enough to
buy me two new balls from

Gramma hooman watches over
me during the evenings &
feeds me dinner
while BFF is at work.

I'll be lookin' forward to
tomorrow morning's joggie
walkies. Paws crossed.



March 8th 2011 1:53 pm
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I've been doin very well
on my joggie-walkies each
morning. 6am is a tad too
early to be up, but I
like it! The sun is barely
peaking over the horizon.

I still like to stare at
kids or ppl walkin' by
hoping they'd notice me,
say hi or play w/ me.
I get corrections b/c
we're supposed to be
exercising. All & all
I been havin' a fun time!


New Puppy Fur-riends

March 2nd 2011 5:57 pm
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Check out my newest furry
Sampson, Sakari & Darwin.

Not only are they
their Dogster photos
make you wanna say
awwwwhiez!! ♥ ;o)

P.S. If you haven't
already, request them
as pupper pals. They're
irresistibly cute.



March 2nd 2011 5:43 pm
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This morning best friend & I
went jogging. I stillll need to
work on my leash manners. BOL!
I do well walking, but jogging
next to my hooman is gonna take
a lotttt of work. :) ♥

Now that I am twenty-one months, &
full matured, I can run on concrete.


Fur-riday Fun

February 25th 2011 1:39 pm
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This morning my hooman
took me to Petsmart.
Best friend is happy
that I am relaxed &
observant in the car
(unlike the other two
fou fous who whimper
& get nervous BOL).
I just sit there
buckled up in my
Easy Rider harness
enjoyin' the ride
& warm sunbeams.

She bought me a new
isqueak tennis ball &
Blue Buffalo mini
for training.
Chicken & cheddar is
scrumptoussss! ;D
Afterwards, we went to
the dog park. It was
just me & my hooman in
the empty dog park.

For a short while,
we played fetch &
worked on
obedience training.
The reward for coming
when signaled were
those new chicken
cheddar bars. mMmmm.

Dogster generates an
error each time we
try to upload a new
video, so here's my
rough wrasslin' from


Pooch Smooches

February 24th 2011 6:23 pm
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Stella & I did the
cutest thing today!
We were pooch
smoochin one another.
Best friend was too
late w/ grabbin' her
camera, but she was
'ooooing & awhing' at us;
soooo very happy
to see us layin' side
by side lickin' one
another's jowels,
pooch smoochin' & just
being pawfectionate w/
one another. Awh! ♥


Got my Ball back!

February 23rd 2011 3:23 pm
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Thank you pupper pals
for your concerns. You
all are super woofer
sweet! Well, late last
nite, BFF hopped
over the rock wall &
retrieved my ball. I
lovvvve how I can get
my hooman to do
anything for me BOL!


Awh! My Ball

February 22nd 2011 12:27 pm
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Early this morning
best friend & I
were havin' some
good ol' fun. I
was chasin' the
racquetball as it
bounced all over
the backyard concrete.

Thennnn, she bounced
it a bit too hard
& it went over the
neighbor's rock wall.

We don't talk to the
neighbors at all.
They're weird! I
don't know if they
even speak English,
but every time one of
my balls bounces over
they don't throw it
back until 4-5 days
later. There's a
Dalmation & a baby
hot dog lookin' pup
that lives there too.
We never see 'em
b/c their hoomans
don't play w/ them
outside like our
hoomans. I hope
they don't keep
my ball. :(

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