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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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December 12th 2010 10:34 am
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I been waitin an waitin fur a snow. IT'S HERE!! I's soooooo 'CITED. Ruby n me been playin an playin in it. We runs an wrassles an runs more. I LOVES SNOW! I's made fur snow. I's a ESKIE!

I dinnit know if Ruby would like snow. She love snow as mush as me. We's havin a BLAST!!

On'y bad part is Ruby doesn't has as mush fur as me an her mama worries she's gonna gets too cold. She makes Ruby n me come inside. She rubba, rubba Ruby wif a towel den she rubba me wif a towel. I doesn't need a rubba, rubba. I'S FINE--LET'S GO OUTSIDE RUBY!!! It's SNOWIN! Den Ruby an me go back ou'side.

Mama even comed ou'side an play wif us. She frowed snowballs an I chases 'em, an Ruby chases me to get it. Ruby can' gets it frum me cuz it goes away when I picks it up in my mouf.

I's 'joyin dis lovely wevver.


Food Fight

December 11th 2010 8:48 am
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My "teacher", Michael, telled mama that canned foods is not da best foods fur us pups, an mama wants a BEST fur me. He telled her to get dis sausage stuffs to puts in my kibbles. It's full of proteens an good stuffs fur us pups. I would eats a sausage but not my kibbles an mama dinnit think that was 'nuf foods fur me. She would tells me "Bear, eats yer food." but I dinnit want it. I jus woulnant eats a plain kibbles. Ruby would eats my kibbles. Mama keeped tryin but I woulnant eats the dry kibble, just a meats. We did this fur months.

SHE CAVED!!! I now gets (good = 'spensive) canned foods mixed wif my kibbles an I woofs it all down. I cleans my bowl til it's shiny. Ruby don' gets a schnibble of my kibble, now.

We's all happy.


I was not starvin. I's helfy an full of ENERGIES! Mama prolly worried too much but SHE feels better now I eats all my foods.


As Seen on TV--Crazy Critters

November 29th 2010 11:24 am
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My mama gotted me a sof toy. It have no stuffins. Mama sayed it's supposed to be really good an I can gets "hours of play". Well, I breaked it into 3 pieces in seconds, an before a hour was over (more like 20 minutes), mama gotted out a scary machine an made alla pieces go 'way. It was jus little fur pieces lef. I SHREDDED IT all by myself. Ruby was visitin her cuzin.

Mama jus laff an laff. She say no stuffies fur lil Bear. I had fun but it dinnit las long 'nough.

I use to be furry good ina car an then I foun mama keeps balls ina car (I just wanted to keep them handy in case we made an unplanned play stop). Well I looks all ofur then I plays wif 'em. I frows em up an they goes all ofur an I gets it an does it 'gin. Well, now I has a seat belt fur ina car. I don' likes it. I don' chew it but now I can' play while mama is drivin. Mama pets me an tells me I's a goo' boy but dat's BORING. I wants to play. I gives her my cutes' puppy eyes an I pleads wif her but she not givin in on dis. She say it's not safe wif me playin an her drivin.

Not much else goin on here. Mama don' comes ou'side an watches me & Ruby playin. She say it's too cold.
Ruby is feelin much better. We's playin an wrasslin 'gin.



November 26th 2010 12:50 pm
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We jus readed 'bout this doggy. He runned away but his person is sure he is ok. He jus need to be found. We lives in Michigan but this is far from us. If anyone can help, I'd 'preciate it. It got real cold here an he don't have a heavy fur coat like me.

Sorry, mama still too dumb to link.


Good Thanksgiving day

November 25th 2010 7:48 pm
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I had a good day. Me & mama was togevver all day. We goed to Schotzy house an I gots to play wif Schotzy. I gots turkey. Mmmmmmm, turkey is yummy.

I played wif a boy. He frowed my ball an I gets it an taked it to mama. Mama give my ball to a boy an he frowed it 'gin. We did dis fur a long time. Me an mama an Schotzy an Schotzy mama, ana boy wen' to a park. We played more wif a ball an runned around. I goed down a slide. Schotzy clime a steps an den gotsa zoomies. We goed back to Schotzy house an a boy frowed a ball ou'side wif me. The peeples had some pie. None fur me. Then me an mama goed home. Mama gived me pie at home.

I think I likes a boy. He played, an played, an played wif me.

I hopes efurone had a good Thanksgivin day, like me. I's a lucky pup.



November 24th 2010 9:50 pm
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I's thankful fur MAMA, my squeaky ball, Ruby an alla the kitties.



Mama, where Ruby?

November 19th 2010 9:13 am
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Mama taked Ruby 'way an dinnit bringed her home. Mama, where Ruby? Mama say Ruby is gettin "fixed". I 'member gettin fixed but Ruby don' have grapes-how she get fixed? Mama try to 'splain it to me but I jus wanna know, WHERE RUBY?! Mama say Ruby be home later today. She say I has to be very gentle wif Ruby, when she get home--no playin, no wrasslins.

I jus hope Ruby come home, SOON. I misses her.


Mama, Where, Ruby?

November 7th 2010 9:27 am
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Ruby been gone fur a long time--2 sleep times. I's missin playin wif her (an I's makin mama CRAZY). I ast mama, where Ruby? Mama sayed Ruby went to visit her fur cuzins wif her daddy, mama an Baby Jade. Mama say Ruby be home today. I can' wait fur her to come home so's we can play.

Ruby an me we plays an plays. We goes ou'side an comes inside togevver. Mama even takes us fur walks an to a park togevver. I misses Ruby. The kitties don' play wif me. Mama taked me fur walks an frows a ball, but it's not like playin wif Ruby. I hopes she be home soon.


Lotsa stuffs going on 'round here

October 30th 2010 9:36 am
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Boy oh boy but lotsa stuffs happenin 'round here. A few days ago Ruby's mama an daddy went away very early. They was gone fur a whole day an they dinnit take Ruby.

Then mama went away fur a little while an when she came home she had some stuff in a bag. She jus putted the stuff out fur us furbabies to sniff. The kitties sniffed it an walked away. Ruby sniffed fur a minute but I jus wanted to play wif mama.

Ruby's mama & daddy came home an they had a tiny little peeple wif 'em. Where did that come from? It makes noise an a peeples keeps givin it lots of 'tention. It's ok wif me, long as mama is not givin it 'tention. When mama is holdin the tiny peeple (her name is Jade) I gets JEALOUS! I WANT MAMA ALL FUR MYSELF!! I BEGS mama fur all her 'tention. Mama jus say "no, Bear." Mama was holdin Jade an I sniffed her a coupla times. No growlin or showin my teefs. Mama was very proud of me. I's still jealous but I don' hurts Jade.

Cuz of Jade an her mama & daddy bein so busy, mama taked me & Ruby to a park. We had fun runnin & playin. Ruby listened to mama real good. Today, mama taked us bof fur a walk. It was a short walk cuz mama never taked Ruby on a walk wif us before. She dinnit know how it would work out. Me & Ruby was kinda wild at first but we gots better. When we gots to a church, mama let us off our leashes. We gots to play an run an chew sticks. We LOVES our sticks. We was VERY good on a walk home. Mama had to stop us a few times but then we 'membered not to pull mama's arms off.

Lotsa changes happenin.

**note from mama**

Yes, we have added a new member to the household. She is my great-niece. I don't want to interfere, too much, with the new family so I occupy myself by keeping the furbabies occupied. This way the furbabies are getting their attention and don't feel left out. Eventually it will all blend--I hope.
I am utilizing Ruby in an effort to work on Lil Bear's jealousy issues. Lil Bear will always be my special "puppy boy" but I want to avoid future problems between he and Jade due to his jealousy. We'll see.


Another bath

October 24th 2010 9:58 am
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I tole you all 'bout my baff. Well, soon as I got home, I runned under a truck (in a backyard) an got black stuff on me. Mama jus shook her head, an sayed "well, at least he doesn't have fleas."

Yesterday mama gived alla kitties a baff. Now, I knowed I wasn't gonna get a baff cuz I just had one. I GOT A BAFF TOO!! Mama sayed I's still itchin an maybe I had more fleas, plus I had that black streak on my back. That was not right. 2 baffs in a few days!

This time mama got ina bafftub wif me (we was at home). As always, I was good. I don't like a baff but I has to do what mama tells me. Mama thinks alla fleas is gone. She finded a coupla dead ones on me but no live ones. Maybe I's itchy cuz of the flea bites. Mama will watch me an see. She don' wanna gives me 'nother bath cuz she don' wanna dry out all my skin.

I got poked yesterday too. Mama taked me to a vet to get my shots. We waited a long time. I meeted a little kitty. A lady had a kitty in her coat. Just the head stickin out. I went over an sayed "HELLO" to a kitty. I was nice--I jus sniffed ana kitty sniffed too. We's furriends. Mama was very proud of me.

I weighs 23 lbs. I's a big dog, now. While we waited ina room, mama an I played wif my favorite ball. The lady came, talked wif mama, taked me to the back an I got my pokes. The lady brought me back to mama an sayed I was very good. I's done 'til nex year.

Oh, an my nail growed back real good. Mama coulnant check on it cuz I licks her face or runs away when she tries to checks my feets. I don' like my feets bein touched.

All is good here. Hope efurone is havin good days.

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