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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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Thanx Efurbody frum Schotzy

April 22nd 2011 9:42 am
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I's goin home today. My daddy is pickin me up an my mama be home later.

I had a fun time here at lil Bear's house an on Dogster. Yesfurday, Jen kept us so busy I dinnit efun has time to fink 'bout mama bein gone. Me & lil Bear played. We goed in & out lotsa times. We visited Dixie house 2 times, an that means 2 car rides. We runned at 2 diff'rent parks. I chased kitties ina house an ou'side.

After alla that I got a bath. I wasn't too happy 'bout the bath, but Jen was mutt'ring something 'bout my mama nefur lettin me stays 'gain if she seed me. OMD but I's a tired pup.

I sleeped in Jen's bed an I dinnit moof. Jen was pettin me an I rolled ofur fur a belly rub-I dinnit efun open my eyes. (Jen telled me this cuz I's sleepin.) I sleeped all nitetime. I dinnit efun has to go potty one time. I was TIRED.

Thank you efurbody fur sayin HI to me. I'll visit 'gain.


Hi, from Schotzy

April 20th 2011 7:43 pm
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Hello Efurbody,

Lil Bear telled me all 'bout his furriends on Dogster an I wanted to innerduce myself. I am lil Bear's BFF, Schotzy. I met lil Bear before Jen did. I was visitin my mama's friend and her pup Lila (she's a cute little shih tzu) in Indiana. My mama and Lila's mama went shopping. When they came back they brung lil Bear with 'em, only he wasn't lil Bear yet. We called him Kevin. Me, mama and lil Bear (Kevin) drived back home to Michigan. Then Jen came and meeted her new puppy. That's when he became lil Bear. Jen didn' like Kevin fur a puppy name.

I was borned in December 2008, so I's older than lil Bear. I'm a mama's girl. My mama had a hard time walking cuz her hip didn't work no more. She had it fixed and I'm helping her get stronger by taken me fur lottsa walks. She can't walk far yet but she's getting better.

My mama went away and my daddy is working so I's staying ofur at lil Bear's fur a coupla dark times. Here I can play wif lil Bear, chases da kitties (Jen doesn't likes dat but I doesn't hurt 'em), and get chews and treats. Jen is here and so she can let me outside to potty. It's lottsa fun but I still misses my mama.

Well, I just wanted to innerduce myself. I don't have my own page and mama prolly won't join Dogster so I just figgered I'd borrow lil Bear's page.


Innapenance day! Mama is so proud

April 17th 2011 1:04 pm
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I LOVES MY MAMA!! I'S A MAMA'S BOY!! Where's my mama? Dis is my life. Well today is my innapenance day. Me & mama was at da park playing wif my ball. Af'er a while me & mama was walkin round da park. I dinnit has my leash on cuz it was jus' us at da park. I watched mama but I sniffed an wannered around. I efun wen' up da hill all 'lone--WIFOUT MAMA! I still doesn' goes far from mama an I watches her but I wen' 'way frum her a little bit. Sumtimes I goes a little ways frum mama if Dixie or Schotzy is wif us, but I nefur goes 'way frum mama by myself. Mama is proud of my new innapenance. She want me to be confident an happy.

Af'er that we went to da pet store. A man comed up to me an sayed "Hi puppy". I looked at him. He putted his hand down so I sniff it an I lick him, den I growl an run behin' mama. (NOTE FROM MAMA: it wasn't a growl. Lil Bear is very verbal and has quite a range of noises and sounds that he makes. There was no lip curl or flash of teeth. Just a noise, that many people mistake as a growl). I was good ina store. I stayed right by mama an dinnit pull on my leash. Mama sayed I was a GOOD BOY! I likes makin mama proud.


My S'eepofur wif Schotzy

April 10th 2011 10:06 am
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I to'd ya b'fore 'bout when Schotzy comed to my house an we had a s'eepofur. Well, dis time I s'eeped ofur wif Schotzy. My mama goed 'way fur all day, nite time an mos' of da nex' day. I coulnant goes wif her so she taked me to Schotzy house. She packed a bag fur me (foods, BALL an mama s'ipper *blush*).

Schotzy dinnit makes fun of me cuz I has mama s'ipper. It maked me feel better.

Anyfur, Schotzy mama sayed I was good. Me & Schotzy played an played an played. I eated my foods an prolly Schotzy foods (mama was kinda suprised cause she to'd Scotzy mama dat I might not eats at all). I dinnit potty ina house or chew anyfing I's not apposed to.

When mama fin'ly come to gets me, Schotzy seed her furst. Schotzy mama dinnit tells me my mama was comin. Mama walk frew a door an I's SOOOOOO 'CITED! I runned to her an says "HIHIHIHI MAMA". Schotzy was gettin growly cuz I had alla mama's 'tentions an she wanted mama pet her too, but I woulnant let her. MEMEMEMEME, MAMA LOVE ME! I was all ofur her.

I was a good boy an I like visitin wif Schotzy but I LOVES MY MAMA!!! I's SOOOOO happy to sees her an to goes home. I missed my mama, my house an my kitties. When I gots home I alla my kitties was by da door. Dey was happy to sees mama too.


S'eep ofur--It was a su'cess

March 14th 2011 2:29 pm
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I tole ya 'bout Schotzy stayin ofur wif me. She was kinda nerfus. She nefur s'eeped someplace wifout her mama, but she know my mama an course she know me.

Firs' mama taked us to a groomers. We went to a park but it was all muddy an yucky so we dinnit gets to stay. Mama dinnit want us to get all dirty since we's jus' got all clean. We goed to my house. Schotzy was walkin an lookin 'round. She jus' coulnant gets comfrable.

Af'er a while mama 'cided to takes a nap. She put Schotzy ona bed wif her. Mr. Spot hiss at her an lef'. Schotzy was still nerfus so mama putted her back ona floor. When mama got up she let us ou'side. Boy, girl dogs sure has to go ou'side, LOTS. Well, leas' Schotzy does. Schotzy 'laxed an we started to play. I has a stuffy bear. It's 'most big as Schotzy. We tugged an dragged dat bear. It was fun. Den mama got out my uvver toys. Schotzy would get a ball but she woulnant drop it. She keeped it! How you play "get da ball" if you keeps it?

I's gettin a little jealous an I would say to Schotzy-"wanna go ou'side?" an she'd tell mama "I has to go ou'side, please". Mama would open a door an Schotzy would go ou'side an I'd jus stand inside. Mama maked me go ou'side wif Schotzy cuz she sayed I has comp'ny an I has to be polite. I dinnit wants to go ou'side. I jus' wanted Schotzy to go ou'side so's I could be wif my mama.

OH an I teached Schotzy dat you can chase Baby-cat. Don' chases Mr. Spot or Ingen but it's ok to chase Baby cuz she is really FAS'. Af'er Mr. Spot hiss at Schotzy, she don' bovver him at all. She sniff Ingen. Ingen jus' look at her.

By nite time, Schotzy was ok. We played lots wif each uvver an wif mama. We eated foods frum my bowl (I don' mind sharin my foods). She s'eeped wif mama--I doesn' s'eep wif mama cuz it's too hot, but Schotzy don' has mush fur as me. AND do you know what? She hadda go ou'side 2 times af'er we goed to bed. Yes, I hadda go ou'side wif her, to be polite. Dat girl mus' have a bladder the size of a kibble. SHEESH!

Mama taked her home af'er she waked up. I dinnit gets to go wif 'em. I likes havin my mama all to myself, 'gain. Comp'ny is lots a work, but I had fun too.


Me & Schotzy

March 12th 2011 8:57 am
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Mama put new pitchers on my page. Dey's of me an my BFF/cuzin, Schotzy. Scotzy is a LWD like Zaidie-pup.

Furs' is our St. Patrick's day pitcher. Me & Schotzy wen' to a new groomers togevver. She have a lil green bow an I gots a big green bandana. We's ready fur NO PINCHES!

The uvver pitcher is us at lil dog play. Mama call it "Ghost dogs" cuz it's two white dogs ona white floor (Mama's got a funny sense of humor). BUT you can sees us.

Schotzy is gonna stay wif me all day an maybe we's gonna have a sleep-ofur. Her mama went 'way dis weekend an her daddy works at nite time. Mama say it's up to Schotzy cuz she not used to sleep-ofurs.


New Toy!

March 4th 2011 7:17 pm
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Mama gots me a new toy frum Dogster ( She ordered it on Monday an it comed today ina mail. I GOTS MAIL! It squeeks an bounces an I can play tug wif it. It's soooo mush fun. I LOVED NEW TOYS!!!


Jus' a update

February 24th 2011 1:13 pm
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Hey efurbody,

I been makin mama KARAZY!! I has sooooo mush energies an mama don' goes ou'side cuz it's cold an snowy. I haven' gone fur walkies in days. Well, today me & mama goed to a park an played. Mama stayed ona dry cement part an frowed my frisbee ina deep snowy part. Da snows was up to my belly. I had to jump/run ina snows to get da frisbee, an brings it back to mama. I was jus' apantin & apantin but I has sooo mush fun.
Af'er a park me & mama goed to a majik winnow place. I gots chicken.

My boo boo is all better but mama finks I's gonna have a scar. She say it makes me special cuz no uvver pups like me (eskies) has dis scar.

OH, I gots a stuffy toy, AN I HASN' SHREDDED IT, yet! Mama was cleanin stuffs an she finded a stuffy panda bear. It's big an she gived it to me. (I figured I was just getting rid of it anyways. Might as well let lil Bear tear it up.) I play tugs wif it an drags it 'round. I loves da stuffy panda. Mama laffs at me cuz she say it's almos' big as me. Mama sayed dat maybe she will re-fink gettin me stuffies. Mama banned all stuffies fur me since I destroyed the "skinneez" toy in 20 minutes.

Well dat's 'bout all. I jus' wanted to update alla my furriends.


Axidents happens--I's so shamed

February 15th 2011 11:14 pm
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I had a axident in mama's truck an it's all mama's fault. First she gived me new treats to try an prolly too much peeple's chicken. I don' usually has any problems but, well, you know....
Then while we was doin errands, I telled mama "I gots to do puppy biz, NOW", but she wasn't payin me any 'tention. We goed to anuvver place an mama was doin stuffs but I had to GO. We finely gets to a park an I shot outta da truck straight to da grass. Mama went to gets my leash an she seed it--I had a little axident ina truck. I TRIED TO HOLD IT, but I coulnant hold it anymore. It was a little mushy too, cuz of alla new treats & stuff. Mama wasn't upset wif me. I tried to tell her. I says "grrrr-yip" when I has to do "puppy biz". I sayed it lotsa times an mama knows what "grrrr-yip" means.
I's a big boy. I knows better. I don' efun do puppy biz ona sidewalk, on'y a grass. Mama sayed it's ok, axidents happen sumtimes, 'specially when mama isn't payin 'tention. She knows I's a big boy. I was so shamed. I nefur had a axident since I was house-trained (from mama--which seemed to take FOREVER).

Enuf of dat, now fur the good news--me & mama went to a park 2 times today. We went to a really big park by Schotzy house. The furst time it was jus' me & mama. I runned ina snows while mama walked ona path (the path was cleared and dry). I dinnit have my leash on, I was FREE! Mama frowed my ball all ofur a place. Later me & mama an Schotzy & Schotzy mama went to a really big park. Me & Schotzy gots to walk wifout our leashes. Schotzy stay right by her mama. She don' run or chase a ball or nuffin. Schotzy mama tried to get Schotzy to run an play but she dinnit want to. I stays close to mama but not right next to her. I gotsta run & play & stick my head ina snows an stuff. Mama say Schotzy is a Westie an doesn' has lottsa fur like me. She gets cold ina snows, so maybe dat's why she don' wanna run & play.
When we was leavin, Schotzy jump in her mama car an I gets in my mama truck. Den Schotzy jump outta her mama car an gets in my mama truck an woulnant gets out. So, me & mama taked her to her house. I guess she like me, efun if she growl at me alla times.



February 7th 2011 8:44 am
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I went to a superbowl pawty las' nite. I had soooo mush fun. Me & mama went to my cuzin Dixie house. My cuzin Schotzy was dere too. WAHOO-PUPPY PAWTY!!! We was runnin, an barkin an tuggin, an playin. Sumtimes a girlies, Dixie & Schotzy, would gang up 'gainst me. Sumtimes it was us LWD's (me & Schotzy) 'gainst Big ole Dixie. We, LWD's would run unner a table and Dixie coulnant get unner a table. She jus' stick her head unner an bark at us & we barks right back. We's teasin her but she dinnit gets mad wif us. Den we runs 'round in a big puppy group. We goed ou'side an yells at a neighbor puppy--we's tellin him how mush fun we's havin. Dixie an Schotzy was tuggin. Den me & Dixie was tuggin. It was a FUN PUPPY-PAWTY!!

I was kissed Schotzy mama & her friend and Dixie Daddy. I was jus' a kissin bandit. BOL

I was gettin too 'cited so mama put me on my leash fur a little while til I calmed down. I sitted in mama lap an r'laxed fur a bit. Once I settled down, Schotzy & Dixie r'laxed too. Mama taked da leash offa me an we played sum more, but we was less crazy. I guess I's kinda da life of a pawty.

Oh yeah, GO GREEN BAY PACKERS!!! We was rootin fur a PACKERS.

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