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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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Soshul Butterfly

May 25th 2011 12:14 am
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Mama say I's becomin a soshul butterfly. I doesn' really flies er nuffin. I's jus' makin furriends.

Me & mama & Dixie & Dixie daddy wen' to da park wif da hill a few dark times ago. Well we gots dere an Dixed runned off like she do. Suddenly she was runnin back to us really fas'. I dinnin know what was happenin. Well, she finded a doggy er maybe he finded Dixie. He's furriendly and he sure was BIG (american bull dog). His name is Buster. I's a lil nerfus wif him at furst. Den we did da "polite" doggy hellos. Buster coulnant keeps up wif Dixie (mama say not many dogs can keep up wif Dixie cuz she have long legs an run very FAS'). Me & Buster played an played wif each uvver while mama & Dixie daddy walked 'round da park. Know what? Buster dinnit gets upset wif me when I "play" growls. He jus' keep playin wif me. I had sooooo mush fun wif him. Buster's peeples called to him an dey leaf da park same time we's leafin da park. I hopes I gets to play wif him 'gain.

Den tonite, mama taked me to some peeple's house. Dey's mama furriends. Dey has a lil girl name Ally (she's 8 y/o). I's kinda nerfus wif strangers an speshully lil peeples. Ally really wanna pet me but I's skeered. Mama gived Ally some lil sausages to give to me. Mmmmmmmmmm, dey's good!! (**NOTE** It was a spur of the moment thought while driving over to the house. So, I had to settle for whatever I could find at a gas station.) Af'er dat Ally frowed my ball, LOTS!!! At furst, I brings da ball to mama, but den I brings da ball to Ally. I efun "shaked paws" wif her. I fink dat lil peeples can be lotsa fun.

I maked 2 new furriends, a big dog ana lil girl.


My muses

May 22nd 2011 8:32 am
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I was lookin at some uvver dog's pages an I seed sumpin an it made be 'member sumpin Ebony sayed b'fore. Some dogs on'y has da same kinda dogs fur furriends as dey is (Shih Tzus on'y furriends wif shih tzus an Pom wif Poms). Ebbie sayed she try to fin' uvver dogs like her but coulnant fin's many/any to play wif here.

I coulnant fin's many eskies to play wif on Dogster. Dey's lottsa pitchers but no di'ries er nuffin. BUT, if I on'y play wif eskies, den I misses out on alla my great furriends. Jus' finks--NO EBBY, NO WRINKLES, NO PEPPER, er Austin er Doo er alla my uvver furriends! I LUFF ALLA MY FURRIENDS! Dey comes in diff'ren colors, sizes & breeds. Sumtimes, mama wishes I has a eskie furriend, so's she could learns more 'bout my breed, but I's sooooo glad I dinnit "limits" my furriends to on'y eskies.



I's a DDP!!! YAY fur my FURRIENDS!!!

May 20th 2011 9:53 am
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I's a DDP today. Da dogster 'nouncement goed to da SPAM box an mama dinnit sees it till af'er my furriends tole me. THANK YOU FURRIENDS-Zoe, & Zaidie & Mini & her sisfur Kiki & Nina & Pepper! OH MY DOGNESS--I a'mos' miss Ebony & Ceeley. I gots da bestes furriends. THANK YOU!!!


I's back!

May 16th 2011 10:57 am
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Hey, anyfur sees dere's no Di'ry of a Day? Where dey goes? Is we da on'y ones wif no Di'ry of a Day?



May 16th 2011 10:53 am
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I hasn't written in a long times cuz I been sooooo busy wif mama. We's he'pin Dixie daddy wif yard stuffs so I been visitin Dixie, lots. Efur day I jumps ina truck an we goes places. Da wevver been warm an lotsa sunshine so mama go, go, go an I go, go, go wif her. Is been GREAT!!! I has a ball an my leash ina truck cuz nefur know when mama gonna stops an we plays er goes fur a walk. I been havin too mush fun to stop an' writes 'bout it.

Well, it all changed. Da wevver gots co'd an rainy. Mama still take me fur walk ina nayborhood an we plays wif my ball ina house but is not as mush fun. Mama was watchin TV an I's bored (das my new pitcher ona page). "Mama I's bored. I wantsa play, go visitin, er go to magic winnow places er anyfing."

I hopes da wevvers gets nice 'gain. I was havin soooooo mush fun.



May 5th 2011 6:03 pm
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Ebony mama taked my pitcher (from my page) an Ebony pitcher an putted 'em togevver. We looks like twins.



Summer "do"

May 4th 2011 6:28 pm
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I gots my summer furcut!! I's soooo cool now. I can play furefur. B'fore I's gettin too hot an coulnant play fur long times. I LUFF da cut. Now my tags jingle an I feels da wind on me. Da wind feel kinda funny. Mama say I's sooooo soft too. She jus' keep rubbin an pettin me. Mama say I's like a whole nuvver doggie.

I gots new pitchers on my page too. Mama was cuttin da grass at Dixie house, an I's he'pin. I gots green boots on. See 'em ina pitchers.

Da dirty pitchers was when we's at da park an I's runnin ina water ana leafs an muds. I was havin FUN!

OH an I gots a new pink tennis ball. I LUFF my balls an dis one easy to fin' ina grasses.

Life been good. I been playin, walkin an visitin my cuzins. Me & mama goes efurwhere togevver. Mama keep a ball ana leash ina truck cuz she nefur know when we's gonna have to stop an play. Don' wanna misses a opportunity.


Axident-but we's ok!

April 27th 2011 1:27 pm
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Mama an me was comin home frum Dixie house an we hitted a car. WE'S OK! The uvver car goed 'way. It's jus' a minor axident but da airbags blew up an SKEERED me. Mama drived to a parkin lot an gotted me outta da car. She putted my leash on an tie me to a bench. OH MY DOGNESS!! Da car was makin all kinda loud noise. Fine'ly a nice man made da noise stop. Mama can still drive a truck but it stink from da airbags.

Af'er da noise stop, I dinnit wanna goes back ina truck. I's skeered. Mama talked me into it but I sitted ona floor ina back. I was still skeered but me & mama wasn' hurted. Mama not sure what she gonna do cuz insurance not gonna pay fur it an mama don' has a reg'lar job. She'll figger out sumpin. Mos' important is nobody gotted hurt.


My mama YELL at me, really LOUD!

April 25th 2011 8:28 pm
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My mama yell at me an' all I's tryin to do was he'p. We have dese boxes dat da kitties use fur "kitty biz". Well, dere's poops in dere so I's cleanin it fur mama. Mama seed me, dis time, an she yelled "ACH-GET OUTTA THERE!!". I drops da poops an' runned to the back door cuz she's mad. Mama cleaned dose boxes so I doesn' has to he'p anymore. "I's sorry mama, I's jus' he'pin."

Mama's not mad. She sayed I's not bad. She 'splained dat she don' wants me he'pin clean da boxes no more.

**NOTE from mama-I guess that means I better be more diligent in cleaning the litter boxes. I had my suspicions but I could never "catch him in the act". This time I caught him and hopefully between the yell and my increased efforts, he will stop eating the "kitty cookies". BLECH!!!


I'm back

April 24th 2011 10:49 am
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I hope youse like my BFF, Schotzy. We had sooo mush fun when she's here. Mama taked us to 2 parks. We goed to Dixie house 2 times. We played togevver an wif mama. Oh you shoulda seed it. Mama was tuggin wif Schotzy an frowin a ball fur me. Den Me & Schotzy have da tug, so mama grab da tug ina middle an we was tuggin 'gains' mama. Af'er a while mama sayed "WHEW, I'm tired" an she layed down. WELL, me an Schotzy gived mama kissies all ofur her face. She was laughin an sayin stop, but we dinnit. Fin'ly she gots up-she sayed she's drownin, but she's jus' laughin.

I tole you last time Schotzy here, dat she have a bladder da size of a kibble, cuz she gotsta go potty alla times. Well she dinnit has to go dat nite. She was soooo tired. She was efun tired da nex' day when she goed home. I's not tired. I nefur gets tired. I's a'ways ready to run & play & goes bye-bye wif mama.

Las' nite me, mama, Schotzy & Schotzy mama goed to da park. It was muddy an had lotsa waters. Schotzy don' goes ina waters. I guess she don' wanna gets her feetses wet. She stay ona paff wif mama an her mama. ME, well I goed all ofur da park. I runs frew da water an efurthing. Mama call me "pig-boy". I don' finks dat was nice. 'Sides mama buyed me da pool so's I woulnant be 'fraid of water. Oh but one time, Schotzy was ona grassy part an her mama called her. She wasn' listenin likes a good girl, so I chase her to her mama--FREW DA WATER!! I's a good boy an I listens when mama call me. All dogs should listens when da mama or da daddy calls 'em. If dey doesn' I 'minds 'em.

We had 2 nice sunny days. Mama been playin wif me ina backyard an lettin alla kitties ou'side wif us. Pretty soon I's gonna get my summer shaves. I'll be nekkid but cool fur a summer.

Well das all fur now.

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