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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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August 11th 2011 4:49 pm
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Hey efurone,
I hasn' goed on vacation yet. We's goin tomorrow. I's writin to tells you 'bout some of Ingen's furriends. It seem one of her furriends had lil kittens an dey needs homes soon. Da daddy really wan' 'em to be Catster kitties so's he can watches 'em grow efun tho he can' keeps 'em.

If anyone is innerested please check 'em out.

Panda's Babies


I's goin on vacation!

August 9th 2011 10:13 pm
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Me an mama an Schotzy an Schotzy mama is goin 'way fur couple days. I hasn' goed on vacation since I's lil pup, when I furst come to live wif mama.
Mama says is close to da beech an maybe I can play ina waters.
Don' worries cuz I's gonna has my fwimmin vest.

I'll tell ya all 'bout it when I gets back. I'S GOIN ON VACATION!


I has a guardian angel

July 22nd 2011 12:21 pm
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I has a KITTY guardian angel, Angel ALEX. Seems she's a angel fur Diamond Daisy. Well, Diamond have 2 kitties Zach & Zoe (you can fin' 'em on her page), whose furriends wif Angel Alex, Lacey & Finney.

Ingen seed dis an commen'ed ina di'ry. So, now I has a kitty angel too. I hope she can he'ps me fin' my lil pink skweeky ball, cuz mama can' fin' it fur me. PLEASE kitty angel fin's my skweeky ball?

I dinnit goes fwimmin las' nite. YAY! No, is gettin better. I's startin to r'lax a little. I efun breaves frew my mouf sumtimes now. B'fore I's jus' snortin frew my nose. I still not ready to fwim 'way from mama but....maybe if I practices sum more.

I gots shaved, 'gain. My fur a'most all growed back an is TOO HOT! Now I's bald, cool, an wiggly 'gain. I wantsta play ou'side but I can on'y play fur few minutes den I's pantin an layin down ina shade er goes in my lil pool. Mama don' likes bein ou'side eiver. Mos'ly we jus' stays ina house wif da cool airs.



July 19th 2011 10:43 pm
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OH MY DOG!!! I don' knows how Pepper do da fwimmin.

Mama gotted me a speshul f'oaty jacket so's I can go fwimmin (see pitchers). I knows when mama put it on I's goin ina deep water an I can' touches da ground. I's sooooo skeered. Mama ho'ds my paws an I jus' f'oats 'round. Sumtime, mama let go an back 'way frum me. She say "Bear" an I fwim to her. I's a good fwimmer but I likes it better when mama ho'd my paws. We been practicin lotsa times cuz been so hot. We goes to my lil peeple furriend, Allie, house (She da lil girl ina pitcher wif me & mama ina pool).

Me & mama goed to a lake. I likes walkin an splashin ina water but I gets nerfus when I can' touches da ground. Mama taked me to a deeper part an I fwim to where I can touches, den mama did it 'gain. Ina pool is diff'ren. Is all deep, but I can fwim to da side an ho'd on. I ho'ds on really good-I don' scratches er nuffin.

I's still skeered but I has my f'oaty jacket an mama make sure nuffin bad happen to me. Af'er fwimmin I's cooled off an I gets to play wif my ball fur long times. Allie play wif me too an give me lotsa treats. I don' knows if I's efur gonna likes fwimmin but mama say we's gonna keep practicin, so's I's not real skeered.


My days

July 12th 2011 11:04 pm
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Hello efurbody,

Well I been busy. Schotzy been stayin ofur (her mama goed on vacation, 'gain.) We played an wressled an barked at da doggies ina nex' yard. Schotyz mama is home now, so no more s'eep ofurs, fur a while.

Today mama finded my pink skweeky ball. I LUFFS my pink skweeky ball. I played wif it all day, til mama taked it 'way. She sayed I needed to r'lax a little cuz is HOT & she don' wan's me get sick. I fink mama was jus' bein mean.

OH, GUESS WHAT? I goed to my lil peeple furriend, Allie house. I went fwimmin ina big pool. My feets don' touches da ground, like in my lil pool. I's skeered. Mama putted a pink f'oaty ring 'roun my middle an holded me ina pool. Is less skeery wif a ring but still skeery. I paddled my feets an f'oated 'round. I r'laxed a little bit an it did cool me off but....I don' likes fwimmin.

Dere was lotsa lil peeples dere. Mama keeped me on my leash til I calmed down. Den she frowed my lil pink skweeky ball. Da lil peeples was runnin an jumpin an yellin an fwimmin but I dinnit growl er bark. I jus' gets my ball. Af'er a while sum of a lil peeples frowed my ball fur me. I like dat.

Mama sayed "come on lil Bear, let's go bye-bye." I goed but I walked real slow. I's havin fun playin. I dinnit wanna go. Mama sayed we goes dere 'gain.

Well, da's what I been doin.


Hi-jacked entry

July 4th 2011 10:38 am
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Yesterday lil Bear and I went to a picnic. There were a lot of people and their children. BEAR DID FANTASTIC!! I was so proud of him.

As you know lil Bear is my first puppy and I made mistakes. I didn't socialize him early and so he is skittish with strangers and especially children. We have been working very hard on this. I have taken him to my friend's house and utilized her 8 yr daughter, Allie, as my "training child". I believe Allie may have a future as a trainer. She has been great. I gave her a bag of treats and lil Bear's ball and she just takes off with it. She makes up her own training exercises for him. Bear has been very responsive to Allie's training as well. He is still a mama's boy but he will play with others and he is beginning to see that kids are fun too.

At the picnic, Bear played ball with a little 5 yr boy, Zac. Bear let Zac pet him and he even "kissed" Zac on the nose. Later Bear brought his ball to other people to throw for him and I was sitting right there!

It was a hot day and Bear would lay down and relax. Occasionally he would go up to someone (stranger to him) to be petted or get food. By the end of the day, Bear was TIRED! I've never seen him sooooo tired. He really seemed to relax and enjoy the day, the kids and the attention.

I was so excited and proud of my lil Bear.


Barkdays--not mine

June 24th 2011 8:17 am
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Today is Igo an mama's barkdays. Igo would be 16 if he's still here and mama is lots o'der. Mama a'ways finked it funny dat she & Igo have da same barkday.

I jus' wanna wish 'em HAPPY BARKDAY IGO & MAMA!!!



June 18th 2011 9:19 pm
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I reads my furriends di'ries and dey all sees lotsa innerestin animals: Deer, rabbits, moles, gophers, & horses an cows. I nefur sees nuffin innerestin. Mama say is cuz I doesn' pays 'tention. When we goes to da wif Dixie, she a'ways chases a bunny er a black kitty wif a white stripe er sumfin. I nefur sees what she chasin cuz I stays by mama. Sometime mama sees a bunny er a skwirrel but I doesn' sees it.

I did gets to see a horse, one time. Me & mama was at a park an dere was horses. Mama walked me ofur to da horse so's I could sniff an sees it. BOY IS HORSES BIG!! I dinnit gets too close. Mama dinnit want me to skeer da horse.

One time I finded sumfin at da park. Mama camed ofur an seed what I's lookin at. She dinnit knows what it was but she maked me LEAF IT. It jus' stare at me. It dinnit moof er nuffin. Is kinda boring.

Maybe I's not very 'servant. I's too busy playin wif my ball an stayin by mama.


Road Trip!!

May 29th 2011 3:42 pm
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Today mama sayed "lil Bear let's go for a road trip". I sayed "I's ready, le's go". Mama drived an drived an drived fur long times. Af'er a while I ask mama "how long dis road trip takes?" Mama sayed a while. Hmmmm, well I gots to do puppy biz. Mama stopped an puts stuff ina truck an I taked care of puppy biz. Den she drived sum more.

Do you know where we goed? We goed to da Frankenmuth DOG BOWL 2011! OH MY DOGNESS!!! Is so mush fun. I gotsta watch doggies doin 'gility, runnin races an dock divin. I dinnit pawticipate cuz dis my furs' time, but maybe nex' time.

I's lil nerfus at furs'. Dere's lotsa peeples an dogs. Mama telled me no time to be "skeerdy Bear" cuz we gotsta keeps moofin. We fin'ly finded a quiet place to sit an watch efurthing. Peeples walks by me an pays me no 'tention. Hmmm, "hey, aren't you gonna say how cute I is an try to pet me?" Nope, dey was so busy nobody bovver me. I gots to sniff 'em an watch 'em as dey goed by. Wow, das diff'ren. Hmmm, I finks I likes dis Dog Bowl place. We walked an wan'ered an looks at stuffs. I gots to sniff, sniff an sniff (I's jus' realize alla stuffs you can learn by sniffin.) Sumtimes, peeples ask mama what kinda dog I is an I efun 'lowed a cupla peeples to pet me. I maked furriends wif a go'den 'triever dog an sniff lotsa lil pups. I goed ina doggy play place but dere's a big dog an he gots kinda mean so mama dinnit wants to stay.

When we's drivin home mama kep' say I's so PROUD of you lil Bear. You was soooooo good. I lissen fur a while but I's s'eepy.

Mama dinnit buys lotsa stuffs but we hada good mama/lil Bear day. Oh, an mama furgetted da pitcher taker.


I found out about the Dog Bowl by reading Sophie Bean Schoodle's diary this morning. It was a spur of the moment road trip (about 2 hour drive). I had never been to a Dog Bowl but had read of others adventures here on Dogster. I wasn't sure how lil Bear was going to react but he was GREAT! I was so proud of him. After we sat and people watched (and the people/dogs ignored him), Bear was a lot less nervous and much more curious about everything. He didn't snap or hide. THIS IS HUGE!!! He did growl once but 2 larger dogs trapped him against a wall--I felt a growl was appropriate.


Today I's 2!

May 25th 2011 1:44 pm
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I am 'ficially not a puppy no more. Today I am 2 years o'd. I was jus' a lil pup when I comed to live wif mama. I on'y weigh 4 pounds. Now, I's 24 pounds.

I has learn lots in on'y 2 years. I's house trained really good. I goed to skool 2 diff'ren times. I's mos'ly good walkin ona leash but I doesn' a'ways has ta be ona leash cuz I not leafin my mama. I hadta learn how to be p'lite an ask uvver pups to play. I doesn' bites no more. I know stuffs I can chew an stuffs I not 'opposed to chews. I learn how to play "get da ball", catch an I's gettin pretty good wif catchin a frisbee ina air. I also learned "r'lax". I still likes to play, play, play but now I can r'lax.

Mama takes me lotsa places. Sumtimes we walks an sumtimes we goes fur rides ina truck. I goes to lotsa diff'ren' parks. I visits my cuzin/furriends Dixie & Schotzy alla times. I go to petstores an shops wif mama an magik winnow places.

Isa good life. I nefur been hungry, er co'd, er 'bused. I don' efun knows 'bout dat stuffs. Mama tell me an I sees it here but I nefur has a bad time. I's a lucky pup. I wishes all pups & kitties was lucky like me.

THANK YOU EFURBODY fur da prezzies an wishes! I's a happy boy.

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