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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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Long time no bark

December 12th 2011 10:29 pm
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Me & mama been so busy 'at I haven' writed ina long, long, LONG time. We goes to a park efurry day. We has 2 parks by our 'partment. One hasa lake an the other have trails ana stream. Then there's a BIG dog park ana lil dog park by my furriends' house. I luff goin to a park alla times.

I gots 3 new furriends, Gussie, Maizen & Mattie. Gussie haved a operation on his leg so he can't goes to the park right now. Mama take me & Maizen & Mattie to a big dog park ana lil dog park. Maizen can be kin'a snappy but she okay.

Mama is sooo proud of me. I is a GOO' BOY!! We goed to a vet cuz I breaked my nail 'gain an my paw's hurtin. The lady taked me ina back, 'way frum mama. When I comed out an seed mama, the lady told mama I's very good. I dinnit snap er nuffin. 'nuther time I goed to a groomer's. The lady was lil worried 'bout me. She say eskies is skittish & snappy. When mama come to get me the lady sayed I's very good. I was' snappy er skittish. Mama jus' beamed. Mama telled me ofur & ofur how proud she is cuz I's a goo' boy.

I LUFF playin wif Novi. Who knowed how mush fun a kitty could be? Novi run an I chases him. When I catches him I mouths him (NO bites--I don' wanna hurts Novi). an push him ofur. I try ho'd him down an sits on him but he's lil an squirmy. He a'ways gets 'way. Then he smacky paw me but no claws (Novi don' wanna hurt me either). Sumtimes when mama frow my ball, Novi run an chase it too. He don' gets it cuz he too lil.

I likes Lisa. She our roommate. She visited b'fore in Michigan. She make funny noises an makes me CRAZY. I 'tacks her an she jus' laff at me. She frow my toys fur me too. When mama leaf me at a 'partment, I sits wif Lisa ona couch.

I gotsa Kissmas card from Ebony & Ceely wif their pitchers on it. They sended mama my pitcher ona magnet an ina snow globe. THANK YOU EBBIE, CEELY & Ms. LULU!!! Mama luff her prezzies.

I gonna go now. I gotsa go to s'eep, now. Mama gots lotsa pitcher to add to my page cuz Lisa takes pitchers alla times.


New pic & stuffs

October 14th 2011 12:52 pm
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Mama put on a pitcher of me in Idunno (as Zaidie call it). We stopped fur a rest an there's this really good park fur us. Mama say is a "memorial" fur miners er builders er sumpin. I gots to run an play. Novi gotsta clim' on stuffs.

OH, I MAKED A FURRIEND!! His name is Luigi an he a eskie like me, on'y he's a baby (9 months old). I meeted him yest'day an he live ina same 'pawtment place as me. I was a lil nerfus at furst cuz he kinda wild but then we RUNNED an CHASED an WRASSLED an PLAYED!! Oh I has sush a good time wif him. Mama say we can play 'gain.

Me & mama been checkin out lotsa parks 'round here. I been goin fur lotsa walks. We live ina 'partment now, but we has a big grassy area right b'hind us where I can play & take care of puppy biz.

I been playin lots wif Novi. He's kinda fun to play wif. He's really fas' but he not skeered of me like Ingen. He swat at me an jump on me. I nefur knowed kitties was fun to play wif. I on'y knowed they's fun to chase.

**from Jen--Luigi's mama was a little worried about how wild he can be. I told her Bear was just as wild as a puppy and knows how to deal with that. I've never seen Bear play like this with another dog. It's the first time he's been around a dog that plays the same as he does and has as much energy. Luigi doesn't always come when called but Bear does. If they got too far, I'd call for Bear and here they'd both come running. It was fun watching them play.**


My sisfur is back!

October 12th 2011 2:45 pm
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Some of you pupsters knows my kitty sisfur, Ingen, dis'peared while we's moofin. Fur the others pupsters--now you know. BOL

Ingen got finded ina motel room a couple days later. SHE HID INA BOX SPRING!! She dinnit comes out when mama called fur her or say nuffin when my cuzin pick up & drop the bed stuffs. Ingen goed to the Dane County Humane Society fur few days then a nice Catster mom gotted her out an' keeped her til she could come to Washington to be wif us.

Well, it taked long time (Ingen disappeared on Sept. 29) but Ingen fin'ly catched up. She's here at da 'partment wif us. She's lil skeered an confoosed, but she's doin okay. Ingen is in mama's room. Me & Novi can' plays wif her right now.

Mama been lil 'stracted by alla stuffs wif Ingen, she haven' helped me wif my di'ry. I gots lots to tells ya. Mama will help me write 'nuvver di'ry soon.


Youse makin my mama's eyes leak

October 6th 2011 6:30 pm
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Efurbody knows 'bout our 'ventures an Ingen dis'pearin, then gettin finded. Is been crazy times fur us.

Mama jus' now tryin to catch up wif efurthing an' her eyes keeps leakin. So many pups, kitties & peeples lookin fur Ingen & s'portin my fambly. IS INCREDIBLE!!!

I writes more later--mama's eyes leakin so mush she can' types fur me.



frum alla us--Lil Bear, Ingen, Novi & mama



September 12th 2011 10:06 am
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My mama is sooooooooo PROUD of me. I telled you we gots a kitten. I been VERY good. I don't snaps at him, er growls, er nuffin. Today I's chewin my Busy Bone an he comed right ofur & LICKED IT! I dinnit does nuffin. Mama a'mos' 'sploded, cuz she so proud of me.

Lil Novi plays alla times, kinda like me, 'cept he don' plays wif balls. He takin lotsa mama's 'tention. I not gettin jealous cuz mama goes ou'side wif me an we plays an we still has our walks an a parks. I am growin up an' bein a big dog cuz I don' mind sharin my mama.

Novi is not skeered of me no more. Mama is glad 'bout that. He don' plays wif me but kitties plays funny. They don' plays like doggies.


New Kitten

September 11th 2011 9:07 am
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Mama was gone fur LONG TIME. I stay ofurnite at Schotzy house. FIN'LY mama gets me an I's sooooooo 'cited. We goes home. Mama is tired so we dinnit plays. Then she goes ina 'puter room an close da door. Hmmmmmmm, das strange.

A lil while later she comed out an gets my ol' baby gate an puts it by da 'puter room door. She open da door an I sees a lil black furball. I yipped WTW! He puff up an run 'way. Later I sees Ingen sniffin frew da gate an lil furball sniffin back. I tries it, but I guess I doesn' sniffs like Ingen cuz he dinnit sniffs back. I kinda sniff & sneeze an he RUNNED.

Fur now he stay ina 'puter room. Mama say I has to be calm when I meets him. His name is Novi .

I don' mind kitties-I has been 'round 'em ever since I been wif mama. I hope he don' takes alla mama's 'tentions tho. I lets you know how is goin fur me.


Mama's 'noyed

September 8th 2011 5:29 pm
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Mama is so 'noyed right now. We goed to da park (me, mama, Schotzy & Schotzy mama) an we's walkin 'round. Schotzy mama needed to sits fur a few an no peeples ofur by us so me & Schotzy gots to play wifout our leashes fur few minutes. We dinnit bovvers nobody. We jus' tritzin an I's gettin my ball. Af'er Schotzy mama was done sittin, we gots our leashes back on an finish walkin.

When we's a'most to da cars a man sayed "Ladies, you know Michigan has a leash law." Schotzy mama sayed "yes, but we weren't bothering anybody." Den he sayed "doesn't matter, you're not on your property so your dog has to be on a leash." Mama got mad an tole him to calla p'lice, an we leafed.

Dat man was alla way 'cross a park from where we's playin an we dinnit efun sniffs him when we goed by him. Why he has to say sumpin? We dinnit bovvers nobody.



September 4th 2011 8:45 am
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We's readin Pepper di'ry an she gotted shrimpies. It got mama to finkin. Mama say I's "funny". Foods jus' doesn' innerest me. It don' matter if is peeples foods er dog foods. I eats-I's not starfin er nuffin. I's jus' picky.

Mama give me sumpin (steak, pizza crust, cheese, new treats, whatefur) an I takes off wif it. Then I sets it down an sniff it. I pokes at it wif my nose an paws at it. I puts it in my mouf den drop it 'gain. Pokes sum more. Sumtimes I decides "okay I'll eat it", sumtimes I gets bored an jus' leaf it. If mama try to takes it, WELL, den I grabs it an run off 'gain. I still don' eats it but I don' want's mama have it (prolly cuz she wants it-I LUFF to tease).

Mama try all kinda foods for me. Sumtimes I likes it an eats it right 'way. Mama is so happy. She buy more--"Nah, don' likes it no more." She buys kibble an can foods an sausage foods an lil packets wif gravy. Sumtime she mix my foods wif her foods. Mama try lotsa stuffs but EH, is ok. I jus' not innerested.

You know what mama do if she spill sumpin er has lil lef' on a plate? She give it to Ingen. Ingen eat efurthing! Well, if is not her foods. I like Ingen foods. Ingen don' like her foods too mush. Mama say WE'S DRIVIN HER CRAZY!!! A doggy dat like kitty foods ana kitty likes efurthin BUT kitty foods.

Oh yeah, an I really likes to eat cat nip. It don' makes me silly. It jus' tastes good.


Hello PUPS!

September 1st 2011 11:00 am
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Is been a while since I writed in my diary. Mama says I's growing up-matooring. I lissens really good to mama. The uvver day we's playin at the church. Mama frowed my ball an it goed ina street. I started to gets it but mama sayed "EH" an I step back ona curb an wait. Mama getted my ball. Cuz mama frow like a gurl, my ball goed ina street 'gain. I jus' waited at the curb an mama got my ball. I knows I can' goes ina street.

I goed wif mama to Allie (she a lil gurl I plays an goes fwimmin wif) house. I seed Allie mama an I runned right up to her an says "HI, HI, HI, I's so happy to be here!" an I gived her kisses. I dinnit jump on her-she' sittin ina chair but I put my paws ona chair. I's a good boy.

Me & mama & Schotzy & Schotzy mama been goin fur walks at a big park wif a pond. I meets lotsa doggies an peeples an I's gettin less skittish. The peeples is busy watchin their doggies to makes sure we's all bein nice. They doesn' tries to pet me right 'way so then I's innerested in 'em. I goes ofur an sniffs an says "hi", then I lets 'em pet me.

Oh, I don' fink I telled my Dogster pals, but me & mama & Ingen is moofin. We's goin from here (Michigan) to a place call Washington. I think is not too far from Zoe . Mama says is far, far 'way. We's drivin alla ways. Mama say is gonna take 3 days to get there. Mama been puttin stuff in boxes an gettin rid of lotsa stuff. I still has all my toys an balls. We's gonna live wif a furriend of mama's. I knows dis furriend--she stay at my house b'fore.

Well that's all I have to say. I writes 'gain.


Did ya miss me?

August 14th 2011 3:50 pm
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Me & mama & Ingen & Schotzy & Schotzy mama goed on vacation. We's gone fur 2 days. We goed to a lil cottage near Lake Huron. I gotsta play ina water an I dinnit has to fwim. I likes playin ina waters, I jus' doesn' likes fwimmin.

Dere's lotsa trees an bunnies an stuffs. Schotzy chases da bunnies an I chases Schotzy cuz her mama callin her. When mama callin fur a pup, da pup HASTA comes--isa rule. I's furry good 'bout dat but Schotzy not so good. So, I he'ps 'mind her. She don' likes it but "MAMA IS CALLIN YOU."

We goed fur car rides an stops at diff'ren' places. I gotsta play wif my ball an frisbee. I gotsta look 'round. Is a good time. On'y Ingen kep' singin alla times. Schotzy telled Ingen to STOP SINGIN all nite long, we's tryin ta s'eep. Sumtimes is work mos' times Ingen keeps singin.

I gotsa go fur walks an plays wif my ball an rolls in lotsa dirt (and GOD knows what). I gotsa s'eep wif mama if I wanna cuz da bed is low 'nuf fur me to gets on it. I s'eeps wif mama fur lil while den gets down, den gets back ona bed.

Mama an Schotzy mama haved a fire. I stayed 'way frum a fire. I knows is bad. Mama dinnit brings my ball ou'side cuz is dark but I finded a ball so I played wif dat.

We's home now an alla us furs, efun Ingen, gots a baff. Mama say wif alla trees an rollin 'round she don' knows if we gots fleas er maybe ticks. NOPE we's all flea an tick free but gotsa baff anyways.

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