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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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September 15th 2009 11:12 am
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Hey Everybody,
My name is Bear. I am just a cute lil American Eskimo. I came to my furever home from Indiana. This lady was visiting her friend and they saw me at a flea market (I didn't get any on me though--no fleas on me). The lady bought me and took me to my new mama in Michigan. I guess that makes the lady my Aunt.
At my mama's house there are 3 kitties. I keep trying to play with the kitties but they just don't understand how puppies play. Spot and Baby hiss at me and run away. Ingen just cries for help when I am chewing on her head and then mama makes me stop playing with her.
I don't get it. How do kitties play. I sure would like to play with the kitties.
Mama takes me over to Schotzy's house. Schotzy's mama is my aunt. I LOVE MY SCHOTZY. We play and play, then we rest, then we play some more. Now Schotzy knows how to play with a puppy (that is because Schotzy is an 11 month old puppy- Westie Terrier). Schotzy used to be alot bigger and stronger than me but I'm catching up to her. I am getting bigger and stronger all the time.
Sometimes mama and I go visit Dixie. There is a picture of her on my page. She is a BIG dog--at least to me she is a big dog. I am afraid of big dogs but I kinda like Dixie. I like to chase after her but when she is chasing me I yelp and hide. We don't wrestle yet, but maybe when I'm a big dog, I won't be so scared of her.
I am beginning to lose my teeth and I am chewing EVERTHING I can get my mouth on. My favorite thing to chew right now is ice cubes. I chews and plays and chews it til there is nothing left, but it makes my mouth feel better.
Well that's it for me today. I will write again.

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