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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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I am "officially" a DOG!

May 24th 2010 11:35 pm
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Today is my birthday. I am one year old. Mama says that I am no longer a puppy. I'm not sure what that means. I don't feel any different and mama says I don't act any different. Hmmmmm, I don't know how to be a DOG, I only been a puppy. Are dogs different than puppies? Lots of questions, but no answers. Mama says it doesn't matter--I will always be her "puppy-boy", and she loves me no matter what.

Oh, and today is also Ingen's birthday, sorta. Mama doesn't know exactly when Ingen's real birthday is but she knows Ingen was about 10 weeks old when she found her and that was early in August, 2008. So, mama says that Ingen and I have the same birthday. I don't mind sharin my birthday with Ingen. Mama says it's good to share--as long as Ingen doesn't steal all MY mama's attention.

Well to all the puppies and kitties celebrating their birthday or gotcha day today--HAPPY BIRTHDAY/GOTCHA DAY!!!


Mama says I won't be a puppy anymore, soon.

May 16th 2010 5:56 pm
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Hey Efurone,

My mama says when it's my barkday (May 25), I won't be a puppy anymore. She says I will be a dog. Hmmmm, I wonder if that means I can no longer sniffs her shoes when she is gone. What will I do? When mama is gone, I jus misses her sooooo much and her shoes smell like her so I like to lay down wif my nose in dem.

Can I still plays wif mama if I is a dog? What does it mean to be a dog? I has been a puppy my whole life. I don't know about this. I is a little scared but...maybe it will be like puppy class. It was scary at first but then I liked it alot.

I jus hopes that when I become a "dog", that my mama will still love me and play wif me and buy me treats.



May 9th 2010 9:47 am
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I jus wanted to wish all da mamas a HAPPY MAMA'S DAY. You deserves it. We pups (and kitties) can be a handful but we loves our mamas. I know I loves mine an' she loves me.


I'm NAKED!!!

April 3rd 2010 12:54 am
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I went to the groomer's today an they SHAVED OFF ALL MY FUR!!! This is the first time they did this to me. It feels funny. Mama keeps rubbing me but it feels different than when I had all my fur. I feels the wind on my skin now. I keeps jumping and wondering what that was.
Mama tells me I am still furry handsome but...I am not furry at all. I don't know about this, but mama says I will like it when it gets really hot outside. We'll see.


What's better than going to the park?

March 31st 2010 8:43 pm
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You know what's better than going to the park--GOING TO THE PARK WITH MY FUR COUSINS, DIXIE & SCHOTZY!!! OH MY DOG!!! WE HAD FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

Mama and I went to the park and we met wif my fur cousin Dixie (she doesn't have a dogster page anymore) and her dad. Then Schotzy came to the park wif her mama. We puppies played and runned and played. It was fantastic. I chased Dixie, then she chased me and I wasn't even scared! Then Dixie and Schotzy "ganged up" on me. They was bof chasing/playing wif me. We stopped for a minute and Dixie & I was nuzzling face to face, while Schotzy was checking out my other end. I was just a smiling--me wif 2 girls checking me out. What more could a guy ask for?

We runned all over the park. We even went up the hill, but I came back to mama. I don't like being too far from her (mama says I am a "mama's boy"). Dixie and Schotzy runned a long way. Dixie's dad went up to the top of the hill and then the girls finally came back. Dixie knows efurthing about the park. She been there lots and lotsa times. This was only the second time Schotzy been to the park, and the first time all us puppies were there together. IT WAS GREAT!!! I hopes we can do it again.



March 16th 2010 8:38 pm
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Today was PAWSOME!!! Mama had to get up early and go to work but then she got done early and came home. That's when efurthing got better. Mama, the kitties and me went outside. Mama played and played wif me. We played "Bear, get the ball", "Fly Puppy", Catch (mama frows the ball up in the air and I catches it). We even played "mama get Bear", I loves that game. BOL After playing outside, mama had to go somewheres but then she came home and we all went outside again. Mama and I played some more. Then just me and mama went for a walk. We met some little people and big people on the walk. I was nervous abouts the other peoples and growled a little. I don't need anyone but my mama. We walked to the park and we played more catch and more "Bear, get the ball". After that we went to a food place and me and mama shared some chicken. Ummmm, that was sooooo good. When we got back home, mama let the kitties out in the backyard with us.

Mama put this red thing in the backyard for me. She calls it a tunnel. Ingen liked the tunnel but its MINE. I found my treats in the tunnel and mama frew my ball inside and I got it. I got a treat when I came out the other side. Mama didn't explain to me why I have to go frew the tunnel cuz my next door furiends was out and I just wanted to run along the fence with them. Maybe she will tell me next time we play with it.

OH AND THE ABSOLUTE BEST PART--we went to the park, and my BFF, SCHOTZY, and her mama came too! Mama didn't tell me Schotzy was gonna be at the park. I was so happy to see her. Schotzy had never been to the park. I gots to show her around. We runned and sniffed and played! It was so much fun.

Today was PAWSOME!!! I wish efurday could be like this, but mama works 2 jobs and can't always spend all day wif me. I am soooo sleepy. I am going to bed. I hope efurone got to enjoy this beautiful day.


Mama almost killed me, TWICE!!

March 2nd 2010 10:28 am
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Hey all,
It's warming up here in Michigan so mama has been taking me for long walks (something about rambuctious puppy energy). I have learned to be pretty good on the leash, even though I don't like it. I prefer to walk free. I stay close to mama but she worries I will run in the street.
Anyhoo, we were walking today and I was just WILD. Mama had the long (retractable) leash and I was running, twirling, dancing and just tangling myself all up in the leash. When I would get tangled I would start chewing on it til mama got me untangled. If mama kept it short I was tugging and nearly pulling her arm off. Mama kept trying to get me to settle down but I wouldn't. Well, at one point I got tangled right in front of mama's feet as we were crossing the street. She had to wiggle and turn so as not to fall on me. That was the first time she almost killed me cuz I only weigh 22 pounds and mama weighs alot more. When mama fell she hurt her knee, elbows, wrist, hand and hip--that was when she "thought" about killing me the second time. I know it was just cuz she was in pain but, BOY OH BOY she had blood in her eyes. I was glad I was on the long leash cuz I got far away from her until that crazy look was gone (it was only for a second but it seemed like a long time). When she looked like my mama again, I got close to her and said "I'm sorry, mama" and looked real sad. She can't resist that look. After that I did a perfect "heel" for the rest of the walk. See, I know how to walk on a leash. :o)


What do you mean NO MORE PUPPY CLASS?!?!

February 26th 2010 9:14 am
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If I had known that by graduating I wouldn't go to puppy class anymore, I wouldn't have graduated. I LOVE going to school. I had so much fun meeting other puppies and learning stuff. Now what am I supposed to do?
Mama says that if Schotzy's mama is all better, than Schotzy and I will go to school in a few weeks. I think I would like that cuz I can show Schotzy stuff about school. We can learn together. School might be even more fun than it was before. How long is a few weeks?

It has been snowing here everyday. Sometimes just a little and sometimes more. I like to play in the snow but my mama says it is too cold outside. We haven't gone for a walk or anything. We did play in the snow. Mama would make a ball out of the snow and throw it and I would catch it. I just couldn't bring it back to mama. She would make another ball and throw it. I liked playing that game. I LOVE to play with balls. I am getting to be such a big boy. I can even catch a ball in the air!

Mama and I went to the park before it started snowing all the time. I got to run and play without my leash. I had so much fun. It was just me and mama at the park. Mama walked and walked while I runned and played. I didn't go too far from my mama tho. I would run a little bit then come back and check in with mama then I would run and play again. I don't think my mama would LEAVE ME, but I like to check in with her to make sure she is still there. (from the mama--I would NEVER leave my lil Bear, but I do like that he doesn't wander too far. I hope he never outgrows "checking in with mama".)

Well, not much else to say. I'm just stuck at the house getting into trouble and annoying the cats. I like the snow but I miss my walks. Mama is afraid to take me for a walk when there is snow on the ground. If you've read my diary, you know that mama is a KLUTZ. She has fallen on our walks before, and that was when there was no snow.


Puppy Graduation Picture

February 21st 2010 8:14 am
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Mama added my graduation picture. Mama thought I looked "dignified" but other people say I look scared (I was NOT scared). Mama wants to know what you think. Do I look dignified or scared?



February 19th 2010 9:15 pm
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I am all done with puppy school. I did very well on my final exam. I shaked mama's hand. Mama and I worked very hard on all my commands and I did well (even better than Buddy) on all of them. Mama is very proud of me. I got a certificate and a graduation picture. Mama will add the picture to my page later.

You know, I was very nervous about going to puppy school. I wasn't sure I was gonna like it, but it was ok. I learned lots of stuff. I met other puppies and got to play with them. Even Michael, my teacher, says I changed a lot. I was very scared the first time and tonite I wasn't scared at all. I was having lots of fun.

Mama says that maybe me and my BFF Schotzy will go to the BEGINNER's class together. It depends on if Schotzy's mama can do the class. Schotzy's mama had hip replacement surgery in December. She is doing good but she has to be careful about bending down, and she is still having a hard time with walking.

Tomorrow is puppy playtime for me. My person cousin, Sam (Baby's mama), is going to take me. My mama has to work and she didn't want me to miss it again.

I just wanted to tell efurone my exciting news.

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