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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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Life wif Ruby

August 2nd 2010 9:51 am
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I jus loves playin wif that Ruby!! We wrestles alot, we runs an sometimes we tugs. We plays so much that the peeples has to separate us so we can rest. Mama says I can' play wif Ruby after she eats her foods cuz she gets sick. I don' get sick-what is wrong wif her? Maybe it's jus cuz she's still a baby an I's a big boy now.

It's ok, cuz mama takes me fur a walk so Ruby can relax after she eats. I likes our walks. Sometimes we go to a park or a other park (*from the mama--there are 2 parks in the neighborhood.) Sometimes we goes to a eatin place (*KFC) an sometimes we goes to a place an jus gets water an beef jerky. We goes lots of places, so walks are fun. Me an' mama haven't been walkin lots, since Ruby got here, an mama thinked I furgot everything I learned. BUT, I dinnit! I am still very good on our walks. I don' pull on the leash. I ignore other doggies. I sits at the corners. SEE MAMA, I DINNIT FURGET! I's a smart big boy. :o)

I likes bein a big brofur. Mama likes that now I gets tired. The kitties like that we puppies can't bovver 'em. It's good to have RUBY.

Oh, an 'fore I forgets--Thank You efurone that welcomed Ruby to Dogster. YOUSE THE BEST!!!



July 26th 2010 11:35 am
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Hey all pups,

I wrote an interduction for Ruby in her diary. Check out my new puppy!


I dinnit get Tagged--I took it. BOL

July 19th 2010 9:24 am
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I dinnit get tagged but I read this in Wrinkle's diary an decided to try it.

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
Nope, sometimes I's playin an mama can't go to sleep but once I's sleepin-I's sleepin.

2. Do you ever tear up things?
Not as much as I used to but yes, I still tears somethings up.

3. What is your favorite treat?
My stick that tastes like beef. I LOVES ALL STICKS!!!

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
Is you kidding?!?! I's a pro at fetch. I catches in the air, an on a ground. I catches balls, frisbees, duckies everyfing an I brings it to mama.

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
Before living wif mama, I lived in Indiana wif my furmom & my siblings.

If youse wants to answer these questions, feel free to cut/paste it into your diary.


I gots a PUPPY!!!

July 19th 2010 9:06 am
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Hey all,

Guess what?!?! I gots a puppy!!! She is jus a little girl pit pup named Ruby. She is still a baby-only 9 weeks old. At first she was kinda afraid of me but it dinnit take long fur her to get comforable and starts playin wif me. We runs, an plays an I knocks her over. Sometimes she jus falls all by herself when she is runnin! I tries to play tug wif her but I jus pulls it from her--no TUG at all with this puppy. Mama says that she will get bigger an better at playin tug.

Ruby is a lot more fun to play wif than the kitties, even tho she is jus a "baby". I think I'm gonna like havin a puppy around.

Oh, yeah, an mama says that Ruby will be gettin her own page soon. So, watch for Ruby's Debut!



July 11th 2010 11:14 pm
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Well, I's all done wif school. Mama says no more formal learnin for me cuz I's soooo smart. She's jus gonna "home-school" me now. Today we had our finals an I passed. Schotzy passed too, even though she won't "drop it" like she's supposed to. She gets the toy an won't give it back. Mama says it's cuz she is a communist--everyfing is HERS an she not givin it up.

OH an you know what? I's not scared of big dogs anymore. I LOVES playin wif the BIG DOGS!! Today I gots to play wif Bella. She is a big black Shepard dog. Bella was the biggest dog in my class. I likes to play/aggravate Dixie too. Dixie is not as big as Bella but she is bigger 'en me. Mama thinks it's cuz I never get tired (she says I am the "Energizer Bunny", whatever that is) an' the little dogs try to keep up wif me but they gets tired. The big dogs doesn't seem to wear out as fast when I's playin wif 'em. They jus pushes me off an I goes right back for more.

Mama is very happy cuz I have learned some doggy manners. I let other doggies sniff me while I's sniffs them. We touches noses then I "bow" to play. I have foun that when I do this, the other doggies don' get mad at me. Before I would jus growl and "attack" an the other doggies would snap at me. That scared me an' I was afraid of other doggies. Now I INTRODUCES myself before I growl an "attack" an' the doggies play wif me. It's all in the approach. I's learnin.

I has been a DOG for a month now. It isn' much different than bein a puppy. I still plays, an plays, an plays. I still gets to go places and do thing wif mama. I still bover the kitties. I's still learnin stuff. I think I likes bein a DOG.



June 24th 2010 8:06 am
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Hey efurbody,

My mama made me frosty paws (sorry she can't remember whose diary she got the recipe from, but THANK YOU). I really likes them 'specially on those really hot days.
Mama gived me one yesterday an she dinnit watch me eat it. She jus saw it was all gone an thought I finished it. WELL, today she found the rest of it--I put it in her shoe. She was wonderin why her shoe was wet, then she looked inside an found the rest of my frosty paw. She don' know why I put it there an I not tellin her. Mama jus thought it was funny an that I should tell my furriends about me givin her a "frosty paw"!


Puppy school an Picnics

June 22nd 2010 9:46 am
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Hey all,
Well I've been back in school now for 2 times. I am learnin more "sit & stay", "wait", "nice"--which means don't eat mama's fingers gettin the treats, an lots of other stuff. Mama is furry proud of me cuz I am doin furry good. I likes school an my BFF Schotzy goes too. We don' get to play at school but mama takes me to Schotzy's house to play before school so's we don' distract each other. We also goes fur a walk at the beginning of class. I am pretty good on my walks, when I's not too 'xcited.

OH an mama took me on a PICNIC fur Father's Day. Mama is part of a group that wants to help young men learn how to be good DADs. So they had a picnic. There was LOTS of peeples there and lots of little peeples. I was NERVOUS but I was furry good. I dinnit bark or growl or snap at anybody. I let a little peeple give me some fish an I was "nice". I even let a couple of the peeples pet me but I was scared a lot. Mama would take me away from the peeples an we would play wif my ball then go back to the peeples. I got hotdogs, an fried fish an got to play an spend the whole day wif my mama outside. I think I likes picnics-but I's still nervous wif other peeples.
I was soooooooo tired after the picnic, I fell asleep in the car. Mama kept tellin me she was soooooo proud of me cuz I was such a good boy.


A Pawsome Day

June 12th 2010 9:24 am
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Yesterday was a PAWSOME day fur me. Mama dinnit work (that is always good cuz then she spends all day wif me).
We played outside and mama gots my pool full of water. She frowed my ball and I gets it, goes to my pool and splashes around, then takes the ball to mama. We did this fur a long time.
Then we was goin to Schotzy's house. I loves Schotzy!! Mama stopped an got me a ice cream cone. I never had a ice cream cone before. Oh, it was sooooooo cold on my tongue! I think I likes ice cream. I dinnit finish it at that place. We went to Schotzy's house an Schotzy an I shared the rest of my ice cream cone. Then came the best part--YOU CAN EATS THE CONE an there is still ice cream in it! I REALLY liked eatin the cone part. I stayed at Schotzy's house an we played fur a bit. Mama went away (from the mama-I went to the store).
We lef Schotzy's house an went to the store where I can go in wif mama. I gots A STICK! I loves my sticks but this is different. It is very long and tastes like beef but it chews jus like a regular stick.
When we got back home, we played some more outside in a pool then settled in fur the nite. It was a PAWSOME day!


More school

June 5th 2010 10:10 pm
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Mama says that I will be going to school again. I'm kinda 'cited cuz I liked school before. Schotzy and I will be in the same class! I hopes we gets to play and stuff too, like before.

Well, not much else going on wif me. I'll tells you about school when I go.


What's Ingen yellin about?

May 28th 2010 11:29 pm
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Mama took Ingen into the baffroom and next thing I hear all dis noise and screamin. I thought mama & David was killing Ingen. When the door opened, David had Ingen all wrapped in a towel, so I couldn' see what happened to her. Finally she got down and I sees she is all wet. Is that what all da noise was about? Ingen gots a baff. I gets baffs alla time. I don't yell and scream like she did.
I am furry good in a baff. Mama can gives me a baff all by herself. I jus stands there and she gets me wet. Then she puts the soapy stuff on me and gets me wet again. When I's all done, I shakes in the baff tub then mama gets a towel an does da "rubba, rubba" on me. I comes out the baffroom and rubs myself ona carpet and shakes some more. It's no big deal. I don' know why Ingen was screamin and yellin like that. I think she was jus being a "drama queen".

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