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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

Life wif Ruby

August 2nd 2010 9:51 am
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I jus loves playin wif that Ruby!! We wrestles alot, we runs an sometimes we tugs. We plays so much that the peeples has to separate us so we can rest. Mama says I can' play wif Ruby after she eats her foods cuz she gets sick. I don' get sick-what is wrong wif her? Maybe it's jus cuz she's still a baby an I's a big boy now.

It's ok, cuz mama takes me fur a walk so Ruby can relax after she eats. I likes our walks. Sometimes we go to a park or a other park (*from the mama--there are 2 parks in the neighborhood.) Sometimes we goes to a eatin place (*KFC) an sometimes we goes to a place an jus gets water an beef jerky. We goes lots of places, so walks are fun. Me an' mama haven't been walkin lots, since Ruby got here, an mama thinked I furgot everything I learned. BUT, I dinnit! I am still very good on our walks. I don' pull on the leash. I ignore other doggies. I sits at the corners. SEE MAMA, I DINNIT FURGET! I's a smart big boy. :o)

I likes bein a big brofur. Mama likes that now I gets tired. The kitties like that we puppies can't bovver 'em. It's good to have RUBY.

Oh, an 'fore I forgets--Thank You efurone that welcomed Ruby to Dogster. YOUSE THE BEST!!!

Barked by: Bailey (Dogster Member)

August 2nd 2010 at 10:20 am

Hiya Bear!

I'm Atley's sister, and I'm glad you get along so well with Ruby. Get her whipped in to shape when she's young! BOL!!!


Lil Bear


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