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Kitties and Puppies-I is a puppy!

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To my pubby boy--HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY

May 26th 2013 1:11 am
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To my pubby boy, mama's lil Bear:

You are 4 years old now. I can hardly believe it. I remember when Aunt L. called me--She woke me up. She told me she was at a flea market, in Indiana, and asked if I wanted an eskie pup. She said there was a boy & a girl. I said "sure, get me the girl" but she was already taken so I said "then get me the boy" and she did. This was on a Tuesday morning and she wasn't coming home to Michigan until Thursday. I said I would come by on Friday to get you. Well, I couldn't wait. I got off of work at midnight and went to her house to get MY PUBBY BOY! You were such a little ball of white fluff, only 9 weeks old. I fell in love immediately.

I still hadn't come up with a name for you. I wanted to meet you before naming you. I wanted something unique--Sorry about settling on lil Bear. Aunt L. had been calling you Kevin (after the little white pomeranian in the movie THE PROPOSAL). I REFUSED to call you Kevin and I was pushed to come up with a name. I have to say the name does fit though. When you growl, you sound like a baby bear.

You had only been with me for a few days and we went on vacation. It was you & me & Aunt L. & her husband & Schotzy, & your cousin & Dixie. You & Schotzy became best furriends. Schotzy is 6 months older than you and she used all the tricks on you that Dixie had used on her. When you played TUG, Shotzy would shake you off. She would hold the toy in her mouth and turn sideways. Schotzy had a lot of fun until you grew up a bit and used all of her tricks against her. BOL

Oh and the poor kitties! You wanted to play with them so badly. Unfortunately you didn't know how to play with kitties and the kitties did NOT want to play with a pubby. You used to terrorize Ingen by chewing on her head. Baby learned how to navigate throughout the house without touching the floor, because you would always chase her. Mr. Spot taught you to have a little respect for cats--he slapped you silly. Fortunately, he didn't have claws.

You were much better with kitties, by the time Novi came. The first time you two met, Novi hissed. You didn't do anything to him. You just looked at him. It only took him a couple of days before he stopped being afraid of you.

You were an awesome big brofur for Novi after Ingen got lost. You & Novi are buddies. You mouth him but never hurt him and chase him. Now if only you would understand about "snuggling". Novi would really like to snuggle with you but you are a little too big to sit on him. BOL

You are 4 now. A BIG BOY! You have learned to make furriends and love going to the dog park. You still love your ball & playing with the frisbee and most of all you still love your mama. I LOVE YOU, my Bear! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Hello, did ya miss me?

April 27th 2013 11:30 am
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I know, I know--I been gone fur long times. Is all mama's fault. Sorry if I been missing barkdays & other 'portant stuffs. Me & mama checks in sumtimes but....

I been doing good. Mama been feeding "ou'side" kitties--she call 'em strays. I don't chases the ou'side kitties. I's furry 'spectful of them, cuz one of them (mama call him Moosh) beat the crap outta me. I jus' trying to play with him like I plays with my Novi. I guess he dinnit wanna play with me. He smacky pawed me all ofur my head. You know what mama did? SHE LAFFED!! Gotta watch out fur those mean kitties. The good part is that I gets a lil kitty foods efur time I goes in/out the door. Jus' a few cuz mama always saying NO.

OMD, I been having a ruff time. Furst, mama seed I's limpin' on my front paw. She look but don't find nuthin. So, off to the vet peeples. When I goed ina room & the vet peeple seed me, I's dancing and showed 'em I's all better. BOL (He was practically doing hand stands). The vet peeples dinnit sees nuthin' wrong with my paw either but I gots some med'cines fur pain. I DON'T LIKE MED'CINE!!! But I like lunsh meats.

Af'er that, jus' a few days later, I's cryin' an' whining cuz my back leg hurted. Mama gived me a aspirin and I feeled a lil better. She calla vet peeples 'gain. The vet sayed I prolly "tweeked" sumpin & is okay to keep give me the aspirin. Mama maked a 'pointment fur me just so's the vet could check me ofur. Before the 'pointment, my leg is all better. BUT I started having this kinda "fit". I's grunting, snorting, coughing sorta fit. Mama gived me cough med'cine cuz tha's what they telled her when I did this before. I had the fits fur few days. Mama was glad she dinnit cancels my 'pointment--efun tho my leg was better. The vet look at me. He sayed I prolly snorted grass er sumpin in my nose & tha's why I has my grunting fits. He also look at my leg & sayed that I gotsa lil swelling on my right back leg, so I prolly twisted it. Af'er alla that I's still takin' med'cines fur my leg. I's all done with my grunty fits.

Oh, the vet called me HAPPY DOG. He telled mama I look really happy. That maked mama feel good cuz she try to make sure I'sa happy/healfy boy.

Efun tho I's not feelin' good, I was happy to play, I's eatin' & doing alla my reg'lar bizness. Mama say is kinda hard to 'splain to the vet peeples 'at I's a lil subdued & quiet when I's running round & smiling at efurbody. BOL

Well, that's the pupdate on me. Take care efurone.


More KITTIES?!?!

January 21st 2013 7:37 pm
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Ya know that I gots 2 kitties, Ingen & Novi. Ingen 'voids me mosta times but me & Novi is best brofurs. We plays & he rub on me (what is that 'bout?).
I think 2 kitties is 'nuf.

Well, we gots kitties that live ou'side the pawtment. I smells 'em & seed 'em few times but they runs 'way frum me. Mama been feedin' 'em & takin' care of 'em. She say they gots no peeples ta care fur 'em & she feel bad. Taday, I's goin' ou'side to take care of pubby biz. Is kinda urgent. Mama open a door & I charge out but they's a kitty RIGHT THERE. Mama call him Moosh Face. Mooshie was waitin' fur mama to feed him & was hissin' & swattin' at me. I jus' wanna take care of pubby biz & Mooshie woulnant let me get by him. Mama fin'lly gots his 'tentions so's I could go--I REALLY REALLY haved to go potty. Af'er I's all done, I jus' walk right by Mooshie. I's not skeered-I jus' don' wansa fight with him.

I don' think we needs no more kitties 'round here but mama jus' keep findin' more & more of 'em. I guess is okay, so long as she don' find no more pubbies. Then is war, cuz she MY MAMA!


DOG OF THE DAY-an' I missed it.

January 10th 2013 1:07 pm
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Furs' I wantsa thank efurry pup that sended me prezzies & sayed nice things & sended me furriend r'quests. I was DOG OF THE DAY on Saturday (01/05/2013) & I woulda miss a whole thing if wasn' fur my furriends.

Me & mama been busy. We's still tryin' to get our bizness goin' (takin' doggies to dog parks). I gots 6 furriends so far. Mama say maybe getsa meet 'nuther furriend soon.

I been banished from mama's room & a baffroom. Can ya b'lief it? How'm I s'posed to purtec my mama if I can follow her efurwhere? She might 'scape & I woulnant be able to fin' her. The reason I's not 'lowed in there is cuz I jus' LUFF, LUFF, LUFF eatin' a kitty cookies. They's so tasty & I nefur runs out. I don' know why mama don' likes me snackin' on 'em. Now, the on'y times I's 'lowed ina rooms is when mama can watch me. I's HUNGRY MAMA!! But mama says NOPE, YOU GOTS FOOD IN YER DISH. I don' want that--I WANTS KITTY COOKIES! PLEASE!


DDP? and I a'mos' missed it

November 16th 2012 4:15 pm
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OMD, mama dinnit efun sees I'sa DDP taday! THANK YOU Zoe & Zaidie .

Mama been taking pitchers of my dog park furriends, but they's not furry good. She gonna keep trying, so's you can all meet 'em. We goes lotsa times and yes'erday ALLA us goed together-was 7 of us. We's all good (I chases any doggy 'at's not lissenin' to MY mama. BOL)



New Furriend

November 11th 2012 10:32 am
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Hi efurbody,
I maked a new eskie furriend here on Dogster. He on'y been here fur few days & don' has lotsa furriends yet. His name is Charlie . So if anyone wan'sa make furriends with 'nuther eskie doggie, why don'cha go by & barks "HI".


Workin' dog

October 20th 2012 12:33 pm
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Guess what? I getsa go to work with my mama, efurry day. I ask Ms. Whitley fur 'vice fur my mama. So cuza this, my mama is makin' monies takin' doggies to dog parks! I's a on'y 'ployee. I he'ps keep alla doggies tagether. I makes sure the doggies come when mama call 'em. IF they don' lissen, I chases 'em ofur to mama & I tells 'em "YOU GOTTA LISSEN TO MY MAMA-IS A RULES!!!" Sumtimes the other doggies gets a 'tude with me but they goes to mama.

I goes with my furriends Gus'us, Maizen & Mattie some days, other days I goes with Rocky, Boots & 'Kenzie. Kenzie is a BIG doggie but she really nice. Mama gotsa take pitchers & put 'em on my page.

BUT sumtimes is jus' me & mama. I not workin' alla times.



October 2nd 2012 9:59 am
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Is been a really long time since I writed a di'ry.

FURS'-THANK YOU FUR A B'LOONS. I dinnit gets ta send my furriend any b'loons cuz mama hafta work & a compooter was so slow. On'y Novi gots ta send some to his furs' family (He comed from Maryland & his furs' family still live there. They's on Catster)

Second--I been healfy, busy, busy, busy. I think I telled you 'bout my furriends Gussie, Maizen & Mattie (MY pack). Mama & me goes and gets 'em at their house & we all goes to the park. We's still "park hopping". We pups jus' like goin' to the park, any park, but mama say she gets bored so she a'ways findin' new parks fur us. What we gonna do? Tells her "NO we don' wanna go." BOL. Nope we jus' goes fur the ride an' have lotsa fun 'splorin'.

My Aunt Linda comed to visit fur few days. She my cuzin Schotzy mama. I gotsta smell Schotzy but I dinnit getsta see her. Aunt Linda played wif me lots while she's here. She like playin' "get the ball" with me cuz I bring it back to her. Schotzy don' brings it back--she jus' gets the ball & keep it.

OMD, I haved susha pro'lem wif fleas 'is summer. I gots LOTSA baffs & gots shaved & mama putted stuff on me (and gived kitties baffs & put stuff on 'em). It was mis'able. I fin'ly gots rid of alla fleas. Tha's a on'y bad thing happen to me.
__________________________________________________________ __________________


After 3 years, I finally tired lil Bear out! I never thought I'd see this.
We had gone to the park and walked around (about a mile with hills) and then I threw his ball and threw his ball and threw his ball. He kept chasing it and running but slowed down after a while. THEN IT HAPPENED-he quit playing and SAT DOWN (it was his "lazy sit".) I was so excited. I DID IT! I wore him out. Of course after we got home, he was rested and ready to go again. LOL


A joke but maybe....

August 31st 2012 9:47 am
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This morning I went to sign my dogs up for welfare. At first the lady said,
"Dogs are not eligible to draw welfare." So I explained to her that my dogs
are mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can't speak English and have no frigging
clue who their Daddies are. They expect me to feed them, provide them with
housing and medical care. So she looked in her policy book to see what it takes
to qualify. My dogs get their first checks Friday.

Mama readed this an' thinked maybe she gonna try with me & Ingen & Novi. BOL


the BEASH!!!

July 8th 2012 9:45 pm
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It fin'ly gots warm here in Washin'ton. Mama been waitin & waitin. ME, not so mush. I likes a cooler wevers. Today is mama's day not to go to work. Is Lisa's (she our roommate) day not to go to work. So, we goed to a beash here.

I have lotsa fun times. Mama frow my ball & it goes ina water. The water tastes funny. It make me very sirsty. I don' unnerstan why water make me MORE sirsty. One time the ball goed way far ina water an' I dinnit wanna go fwimmin', so mama haved to get my ball. She gots all wet. They's a man laffin' at mama gettin my ball cuz I don' wanna.

We stay at the beash fur while then we goed back to the 'pawtment. I's tired. (A FIRST!!! Bear NEVER gets tired.) Mama say we goes 'gain, now she know how to get there.

Sides that, I been spendin' lotsa times with my furriends Gussie, Mazie & Mattie. We'sa PACK! Mama take alla us to a doggy park so's we can run & play. Is kinda cool bein' part of a pack. We's a nice pack, but if a doggy be's mean we all makes a mean doggy go 'way.

Sumtimes mama take me & Novi out. We goes to parks where is no, er a'mos', no other doggies cuz Novi is my kitten. I don't wants nussin' bad to happen to my kitten. He look up to me an' think I'sa bestes' big brofur a kitty can has. Is kinda big responsibility but I's up to it. One time 2 doggies 'peared an' Novi run unner my belly. I pertekted him. He like to stay right by me when we's walkin at the park.

Well is alla my news fur now. Hope you likes my new pitchers.

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