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I's So Awesome, I's Jealous of Me-self!

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No Fun Being Scareds

April 20th 2011 6:17 pm
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Last night when we's sleepin', there was a loud crash on the roofs. It wokes me ups & I's so scared. I goes overs to Mommy's bed. I knows I's not 'llowed on the bed but I's so scareds I start shaking & pantings. I stands on my hind legs by the bed trying to get Mommy's 'tentions. I's so scared! Mommy wakes up & she feels for me in the dark. I nestle my little head in her hands. "Ebby your trembling," she said, "Sweetie it's just the cats on the roof." Mommy says our outside kittys like to climb trees & then drop to the roof. She said that's what the loud noise was. Well I doesn't unnerstands & I's still scared. Mommy reaches down & picks me up & lets me sleep on the bed with her. After a while I stops trembling. I feels safe next to my Mommy.


How I Saved My Mommy

April 19th 2011 6:11 pm
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OMD, OMD, you's pups will NEVER believes what I does todays! It all beguns this 'afernoon when I hears Mommy scream, "OH MY GOSH!" I's in the living room when I hears this. My ears perks up & I runs to the room to see what's goings on.

Imagine my 'sprize when I sees a snake!!! A 4-Ceeley length snake!!! I jumps into 'ashion! "I save you Mommy!" I 'tack the snake from it's tail, then I's make my tough dog grunting sounds & I grabs it from behind it's neck & I shake, shake, shake it till it's dead!!!

And that is how I's saved my Mommy today! She called me her hero & gave me a jerky treat!


Another Pooch Parade Under My Paw

April 17th 2011 1:21 pm
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That's right pups, Ebony Ursula Gonzalez has another parade unner her paw! It was sumtin, I's tell you! There's more pups this year than last years. At first I's nervous cause there's so many pups & humans. I stayed close to Mommy's feet. Ceel's Mom, Auntie Letty was there & Ceel marched with her. Once the march beguns, I calmed down. The march beguns at 9am. Thank dogness it was a cool morning, not like last years.

Unlike last year, Mommy didn't make me walk to entire 3 miles. She carried me some of the way but I's did walk mos' of the route. I think she felt sorry for me last year cause I was sore for 2 days. 'Corse, I was more...uhm...'bundantly healthy' then. I's no greyhound by any means, but I is slimmer.

I didn't see Ceel until the last stretch of the march. You see Ceel is real athletic though you'd never know it from her looks! She's heavier than I's is & is definately no greyhound either, but dog oh dog is she a fast walker! Anywho, Mommy knew that I was like the tortoise & Ceel was like the hare, so we got a head start while Ceel & Auntie were behind.

I huffed & puffed my way thru the parade route. At one point I's stops & pulls Mommy to the side of the street where there's a lady feeding her pug. I sniff the air & 'mediately drag Mommy toward the pug & his Mom. I flash the lady my famous smile, I lick my chops & wiggle my tush! "Ebby! Have you no shame! That is not yours, it's the little pug's food!" said Mommy. "But I wants some!" I smile bigger & wag harder! The lady laughs & Mommy is embarrassed! I shamelessly tell the lady, "I wants some!" As Mommy is 'bout to pick me up the lady says, "It's okay, it's just turkey & I'll give some if it's okay with you."
The nice lady gives me a bite and it was DELISH! I was gonna beg for more but the little pug gave me a little growl (how rude!) & Mommy said I'd had enough. She thanked the lady & we continued on our march.

We met up with Ceel & Auntie towards the last leg of the march. Somehow she'd passed me up! I tell you, she's fast! And she walked the entire route!

I tell you one thing, Ceel & me's slept like logs last night!


2011 Pooch Parade

April 14th 2011 8:02 pm
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That's right pups, it are Fiesta time again in San Antonio! It's a week long celebration with a variety of parades & other events held through out the city. The mos' important of all (and the only one I's cares 'bout) is the Pooch Parade. I's been a 'pawticipant in the parade since it's begunnings. Wrinkles, may she rest in peace, used to pawticipate too till she got too old. Ceel also has been pawticipating for a few years as well. Last years, there were over 700 pooches!

It are lotta funs. There are contests, booths, free give-aways and even the media shows up! The parade is a 3 mile walk thru one of San Antonio's most affluent communities. The parade will be held this Saturday starting in Olmos Park. Ceel & me's will be marching our butts off!


My Cousin Goose~The Wanna-Be-Wrestler

April 13th 2011 7:54 pm
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Well friends, Mommy got another big scare this past weekend. Where shall I beguns...well we went to spend the weekend with our Paw-Paw & his dog, whom I call 'Goose' (his 'ficial name is Jasper but he waddles when he walks so Mommy & me's call him Goose). Anywho, the food there was 'wunnerful! Paw-Paw told Mommy "There's a brisket in the fridge. It's been there two days & since I forgot to cover it, it's probably a bit dried out. Why don't you give some to the grand-kids?" (That's what he calls us-his grand-kids! BOL!)

"YES, YES, YES!!!!" I's could hardly contain meself! I just LOVES, LOVES my Paw-Paw! That day for dinner, Ceel & me's each got a bowl of brisket cut into small pieces! I's still dreamin' 'bout it!

Anywho, what was I's talkin' 'bout for I gots sidetracked....oh yes, Goose tried to killed me! (Prolly cause I ate his brisket!)The follow day, Goose was asleep on the couch. Paw-Paw was fixin' to go out the door. Goose hears him & wakes up. I's happens to be sittin' pretty on the floor by the couch mindin' my own 'biness when suddenly Goose, 'The Wanna-be-Wrestler', comes flyin' thru the air outta nowhere and lands on top of me! I let out a yelp, "OUCH!!!" and Mommy comes flying to see if I's hurted. "Oh my gosh! Ebby!!!" she yells. I could see worry in her eyes. I gets up limping & pouting. Mommy is beside herself 'wunnering if I's hurt me back. She massages my ouchy legs & watches me closely. After 'bout 15 minutes I's stops limping & 'pear to be alright. Mommy still worried & keeps a close eye on me. She's not mad at Goose cause it was a 'waxident, but she scared his wrestler move may have injured me back again. After several hours of watching me, she finally stops worrying as everything 'pears to be alright.

Not to worry friends, Ebony Ursula Gonzalez is one tough doggie biscuit!


Remembering my Pal Olive

April 11th 2011 7:31 pm
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More sads 'round here. Our special pal Olive has passed on to the bridge. Olive was a sweet blind & deaf dog that was very much loved by her family & pack. We will always remember her on her special red wagon that her parents bought for her to ride in. Friends please go & visit her page so you can read her bio & see her 'pitchers. Her family is so sad over her loss. Good-bye sweet Olive ~ although you's gone, you's not forgotten.



March 27th 2011 6:14 pm
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We's been outside with Mommy doing yard work. Mommy told us she's been feelin' a little sad lately cause she's been thinking of Rinky alot lately. It'll soon be 1 year since she went to the bridge. She been thinking alot of all our pals who have passed away recently and also those who are sick like Rusty & Puffy. It makes Mommy so sad. Anywho, the fact that our stray cat, Tommy Cat, hasn't been seen for several weeks now, doesn't help the situation. Tommy used to come by daily for his free hand-outs. Sometimes Mommy would feed him twice a day and for a while there he would lounge around in the yard all day. I heard Mommy tell him one day that he was welcome here anytime. "Tommy, as long as I'm around, I will always have a bowl of food for you sweet kitty." she told him. He would rub his head on her leg & meow something that Mommy swears was a, "Thank you Maam." Well he hasn't been seen & Mommy fears we may never see him again.

The saddest thing today was when our next door neighbor came over to let Mommy know that Tex, her dog, had passed away today. Mommy's eyes leaked. Tex was the dog that Mommy has been giving our jerky treats to. May she rest in peace.


'Smizing' I's an 'espert at doin' jus that!

March 20th 2011 3:08 pm
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Mommy likes to watch a show called Top Model with supermodel Tyra Banks. Anywho, Tyra is always trying to teach wanna-be models how to smile with they's eyes. She even has a word for it~'smizing' or smiling with your eyes. Mommy looked at me and said, "Ebby Gremlin, you should show those girls how to 'smize'! You are an expert at! You smize in most of your pictures!"

"Yes Mommy but as a 'smizing trainer I's requires payment! Where's me treats!" I said.


My Friends From

March 12th 2011 12:03 pm
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My pack used to have a web-page on where Mommy met some great dog-parents. Her two best friends on Dogtime had two beautiful pups - Autumn and Molly. Mommy had lost contact with them due to the changes on Dogtime. Well 'magine our 'sprise when she discovers they's joined Dogster! We are so happy. Everyone please go over & sniff out their page & 'pitchers. They's new here so theys still learnin' their way around. They need friends so please lets them feel as welcomed as everyone make us feel when we joined. Oh, and today is Autumn's birthday!

P.S.- Tells thems Ebby sent you! BOL!


Another Pal Gone Too Soon

March 8th 2011 6:10 pm
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Our pack is heartbroken this evening. We were shocked to here that our pal Wyoming passed away. Rest in peace sweet Wyoming. Though you are gone, you won't be forgotten.

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