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I's So Awesome, I's Jealous of Me-self!

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Thanks to all

February 11th 2014 6:48 pm
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Ceel and me's jus wanna thanks alla pups and you's humans who has left sush kind comments on me last diary entry. Special thanks go out to Doo, Austin and Ms. LouAnn for the beautiful condolence card you sended us. Also a huge thanks to the two platinum blondes, Whitley and Finley and they's mommas for the extra special package you sended. Mommy started crying when she opened it and took out the beautiful orchid plant and card. She was so touched. 'Course I's started whining wif joy when I's opened the box filled wif treats that ya'lls sended ME!!!! Uh...I's means Ceel & Me....(Ebby mutters under her breath..."MY TREATS...THEY'S ALL MY TREATS...")
Pups ya'll shoulda seen alla treats...Texas 'Toofpicks, dried Venison beast livers, dried beef lung...etc, etc. Little Ebby begins to hyper-ventalate just thinking about it. Thanks to all my pup pals for all you's, comments and gifts. I's wish Dogster wasn't kickin' us outta da community. Where else can one find friends like this...sniff, sniff...

PawPaw's 'Bituary


Farewell PawPaw

January 23rd 2014 11:33 pm
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On Wednesday, January 22 my sweet Paw-Paw lost his battle with cancer. He passed away at Auntie Letty's house. Jasper, PawPaw's doxie, (or Goose as we's calls him)was at his bedside when he left this world.
I's never forget you PawPaw. You saved me many moons ago when I was dumped on the side of road to fend for me-self. You's 'splied me wif venison-beast and countless utter tasty treats. You's gaved me my middle name. I's always be you's little stuffed sausage, you's little Ursula. Thanks for the head-butts and belly rubs and kind words. I's gonna miss sniffin you's pockets for hidden treats you's carryin for me. Rest in peace sweet PawPaw.


Me Nails

September 28th 2013 5:51 pm
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Yesterday, evil Mommy tricked me by tellin me we was going for a ride in da car. It are a lie! Liers goes to Hades Mommy! Anywho, she throwed me in da car and droved me to da vet. In me innocents, me thinks me's gonna get a treats of sumfin so me bounces in happily into the da torsher place and plops meself happily next to Mommy on da bench. A young man comes out and says "Ebony?"
Me recognizes dat voice and man too late. He are da same man dat hacked off me nails in da past. Me smile disappeared and me beady eyes gots real big as me tried to escape but it are no use. He had me in a headlock as he dragged me to da back. He HACKED off me nails!!!!!! I's beguns feelin whoosy cause he made some of dem bleed. Me doesn't knows how I's survived but me does!

P.S.---In utter news, Ceel finally got them red clown shoes taken off!


Da games we's plays

August 31st 2013 11:13 am
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Hi pups, it are I's, Ebby! Long time no barks. Mommy's had lots goings on lately so we's not been able to play on Dogster as 'mush. Anywho, I's finally gots her to helps me wif dis diary entry.
Me wants to tell you 'bout da games Ceel and me plays. You see, I's da 'aslete of our pack cause I's real 'esletic.
When Mommy gets home me runs zoomies 'round da room and I's runs and gets me little tennis ball so me and Mommy can play 'fesh. Sumtimes me likes to play tug wif me toy rope and 'utter times Mommy and I's wrestle! Mommy gets on da floors wif me and pins me down wif her weights. I's real strongs though, and me always is able to 'twis and kick me way outta Mommy grasp to wins da 'mash. Mommy jus giggles and tells me how cute I's is (something me 'ready is 'wares of!)

Da problem, are Ceel. She are sush uh 'tention hog! Now, me doesn't mind sharing Mommy's 'fections but Ceel jus wants ALL Mommy's 'tention on her! I's never known sush a greedy pup! When I's has-ing some 'me-time' wif Mommy, Ceel beguns barking and nudging Mommy wif her nose. "I wants some sugars, I WANTS SOME SUGARS!!!!!!!!" she barks. Me trys to get Ceel to join us in a game of tug. Me drops me knotted rope at her paws then me does me play bow. "Come on Ceel, play tug wif me!" me grunts.
"I doesn't like dat game! I WANTS TO PLAY PATTY CAKES!!!!!" she barks & nudges Mommy.

(Ebby rolls her beady eyes) "Patty cakes....B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!" Dat are sush a 'Ceeley game'! Mommy 'teashed her dis Ceeley game and now dat and da Tea Pot game are all she wanna plays....B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!! Mommy teashed her to raise one paw then da utter one. Mommy sings:

Patty cake, patty cake, baker's man
Bake me a treat as big as you's can.
Roll it, pat it, mark it with uh 'C'.
Put it in the oven for Ebbers and me.
On second thought jus bakes for ME!

Den, ders anudder Ceeley game. Da Teapot game. Mommy sings and Ceel jus shakes her 'wagger' (tail).

Ceel's uh little teapot,
Short and stout,
Here is her handle, (Mommy points to Ceel's tail)
And here is her spout. (Mommy points to Ceel's snout)

Ceel says her patty cake game takes 'telligents to learns...whatevers! Me thinks it are B-O-R-I-N-G-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Guess what I's gots!!!

January 7th 2013 12:01 pm
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My Paw-paw brunged me a special surprise yesserday! He showed up wif a bag & said, "I brought something for Ursula (he calls by me middle name) & the Long One (that Ceel, BOL!)" I almos hyper-ventilated from the 'escitement! He pulled out a giant meaty bone!!!! He told Mommy it was wild oink-beast. These beasts roam wild on da ranch & Paw-paw caught one & roasted it & saved Ceel & me da leg!!!! Mommy promised to break it in half & 'llow us to gnaw on it tonight! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM....I's can hardly waits! Oh...and don't ask if you's can comes over cause da answer are NOOOOO!!!!! Sorry pals but ya'lls knows I's sharing impaired and sharing are bad for me health!

P.S.- In unnder news...Skeeter (also known as Pesky Squito when he swats me wagger) are gettin' neutered tomarrow. He don't knows it, but he ares!



December 26th 2012 10:59 am
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Well dern!!! Pups, Ceel & me has family stayin' wif us and I's for one thinks it are times for thems to goes home! You see, yesserday, Mommy went to eat 'Kissmas dinner at my Auntie Letty's house. Instead of bringin' me back a doggie bag like I's 'spectin', she brought back Ceel's 2 'brudders! Dern it, dern it...sure 'nuffs, soons they 'inners da house theys heads straight for me treat vault! I's had to stand gaurd & show em' me teeth several times as a warning! Mommy made me share some treats wif em' and I's almos' died...I's tell you I's ALMOS' DIED!!!!!!


It are 'ficial now...

December 5th 2012 5:34 pm
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...Nuisance are now a 'pawmnent resident of our pack. Ceel, me & our purr pack had given her amnesty after the dogs in her utter home killed her utter kitten. You see, Nuisance gave birth to Skeeter & unudder kitten but her humans didn't provide a safe place for her and her babies. Nuisy kept climbing the fence into our yard. Ceel, guarded the fence and 'deported her back to her yard several times. One day, Mommy heard Nuisy meowing. She found sittin' in da middle of our patio jus meowing. Nuisance had once again smuggled her kit & herself into our yard. Mommy felt sorry for her cause it seem like Nuisance was begging for help. She 'cited not to call da neighbors anymore cause they obviously didn't seem to care 'bout they's cat. She got a box, put a pillow in it and an old soft blankie and headed toward a safe spot by our garage. Anywho, Nuisy loved her box! (I's don't think she ever had any kind of bed befores.) She been living heres full time now and hasn't goned back to her previous home.

Anywho, after careful considerations, we's 'cited that Nuisance can stay. In fact, last Saturday she became 'ficial cause Mommy tooked her to get spayed. Yeppers, Mommy will not keep a pup or purr unless it are fixed! Skeeter, 'da mosquiter' (BOL! Thanks for that one Jack!), are next!


My Mornin'

October 20th 2012 12:49 pm
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What a mornin' I's had pups! I's gonna tell ya 'bout it in true Zoe style.
'Firs, Mommy yelled in me face & tol me to woked up! Den she throwed me in da car and droved me to the vet's. Dere, she dragged me outta da car & shoved me into the vet's office. Da vet tech janked the stitchys outta me eyes! After dat, Mommy throwed me back inna car droved me to a mobile clinic for me annual stabbings. Mommy had me in a headlock as she 'llowed unner tech to stab me with a Texas-size rod in both me tushy cheeks!

I's tells you, Ebony Ursula are one tough doggie-biscuit, cause somehow I's managed to survive my ordeals!


I Seened it With Me Own Beady Eyes!

October 13th 2012 9:01 pm
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Yeppers, Ceel has taken a liking to Neighbor Kitty's baby! She are obsessed with it pups! I seened it with me own beady-eyes! Mommy brought baby kit inside for a little while & Ceel started licking & licking it till baby kit was sloppy wet. Then she gots baby kit to follow her to her bed and even let it climb into the bed with her! Then Ceel had a hissy-fit when Nuisance (that are what Ceel calls baby kit's Mama cat) came for her kit. Ceel told Nuisance that baby kit was HER 'puppy-cat' and she couldn'ts has it back! Mommy finally forced Ceel return baby kit to Nuisance! Can you's pups believe this?!


I Goed 'Unner da knife...

October 8th 2012 4:17 pm
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...And I's survived pups. I's had 3 'grofs (growths) removed from around me beady eyes. I's also had a dental & they's 'stole 2 of my 'toofers! If they's thinks it are gonna keep me from eatin' me favorite foods, they's sorely mistaken! I's will 'gum' my meatz if I's has to, but I's will has me meatz! I's homes resting now. My vet techs told Mommy I was a 'pawfect patient so she promised to make me a special dinners tonight!

Mommy says we's inching closer & closer to the poor-house! Me surgery set her back $750!!! She said she gonna go stock up on Ramen noodles for a while! BOL! MMMMM....I's sures hopes she shares some wif me! I loves Ramen noodles!

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