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Adventures of Chessie a Chesapeake Bay retriever

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lazy days

February 23rd 2010 12:35 pm
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Oh im so bored. Weve been the house all day. the snow is still out there and my mistress cant walk in the woods with the snow up to her knees. Ha, we went the other day and she fell down and had a hard time getting up since I was there jumping all over her. She lost her shoe down under the snow and took forever to finally find it. Well I sure dont have any trouble. I just bound and jump in all of it. Darn on my mistress what a sissy. well Im gaining too much weight now that Im two years old. Im so big. As big as any male and now Im going to have to go on a diet. They have lots of diet dog food on the market now so I guess Ill have to eat either less food and try to get more exercise once the snow is gone. Come on Spring. Last year was so nice. It was warm most of the winter with no snow. It doesnt snow much around southern Maryland close to Washington DC so this year has been unusual for the past few years. Come on global warming. Television is such a bore when you can get out in the open and do some real things like walking and enjoying the sun peeking through the trees and watch the squirrels scamper up the trees as you come by and see the back white tail of the white tail deer as they are aware of you coming down the path. I chased one one day but he or she was long gone by the time I got to the bottom of the hill. I cant wait for spring and I can bother the fishermen on the river and steal their bait. And just run, and run, and run. come on Spriing.


daily walk

February 17th 2010 8:31 am
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Im back on dogster after a family members illness so I hope I can reconnect with friends again and also make new ones. We are ready for our daily walk but the snow here in the Washington DC area, (Dunkirk MD) is so high its up to my mistress knees. The sun is out so I hope it will melt and we can go back to jug bay for our walks. I have gained too much weight over the winter and the vet says I have to lose weight. Does anyone have any suggestions of how much food I need to lose weight but stay in optimal health. Have any of you had this problem? Too much weight is hard on the legs and joints so Ill have to lose. Im only 2yrs old and Ill be creaking like an old lady if I dont ment my ways. I cant wait for the good weather to come and its almost March. Woof, woof I cant wait to go swimming again and go for long walks There is a dog park here in Dunkirk MD now and I can meet other dogs and run with them now. Happy day to everyone and God Bless I guess we will head for the boardwalk on Chesapeake Bay since the snow in the woods is still too high.



September 11th 2009 6:08 pm
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We went to the Potomac Landing Park late today but we got there. The summer is over and the trees are rustling so lightly and talking to each other about the coming winter. I wonder if it will be cold. The leaves are getting ready to turn and then the whole forest will be alive with brilliant color with each tree showing off and trying to outshine all others. What a show they do put on. Quiteness of winter will come soon. I am going to get my nose bit one of these times when I stick it into a borrow but so far I have been lucky. I did stick my nose into a ground bees nest and got stung Thank goodness I didnt get stung badly. Boy did I run away but I still insist on sticking my nose into the ground when my sniffer tells me there is something going on. My mistress quickly gets me away now and we keep walking and dont tarry. So now we walk faster and I have to keep up and cant get into too much trouble. The river water is not so warm now and is better to swim in and the weather is turning colder now which is nice. The fish are jumping high out of the water and I went out after one but it came down and made a big splash and disappeared. My mistress is teaching reading at school a few days a week so I hope our visits wont stop. I had a good time listening to the trees today and the quietness of the woodlands and Im awaiting my next big adventure. Woof, woof with happiness


Adventures in the woods

September 10th 2009 12:05 am
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We did our usual run in the Potomac landing park today. Nothing much going on today except the few fishermen who come every day to make a catch. No ducks out on the water for me to swim after. I guess the wood critters are going to get ready for winter soon. The leaves on the trees will be turning all brilliant colors soon. One lone walker in the woods. He was walking very fast so I didnt even get to say hello to him. My mistress yelled out to him when I started to run to him but he was so far away I couldnt do my usual greeting. When we got home my family watched the US Open tennis matches. The little girl Odun lost today and everyone was rooting for her. Im not sure thats the correct spelling. The Open is coming down to the finals soon and its going to be exciting. Id rather chase the deer or squirrels in the woods. We are pretty much along in the woods. No one ever there but the wood critters. Fun for me. Well have to go back to the hunting woods soon as the park will close for the winter. Hunting season coming soon and the hunters will be taking their boats and dogs across the Patuxent River to shoot geese. I met one little hunting dog and I was wishing they would train me. I go after anything little thing I see on the water now that Im a year and a half old. Just the right age for duck training.



September 5th 2009 6:48 pm
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Woof, we did our usual daily trip to the Potomac Landing Park and walked all around. I know every inch park now and lead my mistress the way I want to go. I saw a deer today and chased it down the hill what fun. That deer sure could run fast. Of course I know chessies like me are not built for running but I swim like a fish. Anyway it was fun chasing the deer. I feel so special and I think Im the queen of the house hold Im having so much fun Soon the park will close for the winter and I will have to go back to the hunting area nearby. Its fun too but not half so large with lots of places to visit. Scientist from all the country come here to see the wildlife especially the bird population and sometimes I see a group of bird watchers especially in the spring. But my mistress and I go around them so we wont disturb them or the birds Well thats it for today will post again when there is something interesting.


Tuesday, Sept 1

September 1st 2009 3:27 pm
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Im feeling much better today. I went back to Patuxent Landing Park in Hunington MD to play and run in the woods. I am back to my old self, happy and energetic. My mistress wouldnt let me go in the water so we made the usual rounds in the woods to look at the cabins and then around the horse path and in the woods. Lots of woods to explore. I know almost every inch of the beautiful woods and places to sit and rest and down at the river to watch the boats and the skiers and people fishing. No one in the swimming pool or fishing today. The kids are all back in school and I miss them. I love to play with the kids and older boys. The older boys will throw things in the river all day for me to retrieve so I get lots of exercise. But it was quiet today and it was kind of sad. The park is kept up beautifully and is sooo much fun to visit. Picnic places and boy and girl scout gathering fire pits. Im happy to see so much preservation of beautiful Maryland to enjoy. Lots of little critters, birds and other water fowl all around. I can imagine when the indians walked the paths and had their homes along the river . I hope I can keep going there until they close for the winter. Thank you Maryland



August 30th 2009 8:31 am
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Woof, after being sick from drinking the river water for so long I am finally getting better. I am taking the medication the vet gave me and the rehydration fluids four times a day. I am jumping and running like my old self. My mistress is very happy. I guess she wont take me to the river to swim but we can still walk in the beautiful woods and chase the squirrels and all that. i still havent seen the horses they bring to the park for people to ride. Hope to see them soon. Woof and more woofers to a good Sunday


Woof its Saturday

August 29th 2009 6:57 am
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Well good news My mistress call the vet this morning and the vet said the blood tests did not show anything horrific and to just keep taking the He also gave me some rehydration medication to take because he said I was dehydrated. I did not eat anything for three days and did not move my bowels. I hope I can get back to normal. It is sooo bad to be sick. My temperment did not change I stayed my sweet old self the whole time. Maybe I better stay away from the river for a bit and just go for walks in the woods for a while. Everything is looking good for now. Woof, woof


making new human friends

August 24th 2009 4:07 pm
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Woof, woof today is Monday and tomorrow all the kids go back to school her in Dunkirk MD just outside of Washington DC and below Annapolis MD. Woof, I met a set of twin girls. they were sooooo cute. I was already tired from a 3 hour walk around Kings landing Park when I met the girls. Well, they dragged me all over and even made me swim agaiin so they could see me swim. They were so cute. I can tell they love doggies, even big ones like me. But their mother said she cant take care of a dog. I always meet lots of people when I go to the Park. The Park is about 500+ acres and is on the water where everyone goes to fish on a long long fishing pier. There are lots of picnic places and lots of woods to walk in and a horse riding trail. There are lots of places to get to the water so I can be alone if my mistress wants. There is also a large swimming pool where everyone goes to swim the whole summer. The grounds are just beautiful and they even have cabins in the woods if you want to camp out with a party. I have so much fun and meet lots of people every day when I go there. My mistress doesnt like it when I swim out in the river and mess with the fishermens lines and has to call me in. I love to get the lines now and I know all about them except that they have a fish hook on the end which could hurt me. So she brings me in and we visit another part of the park. The little girls will go back to school tomorrow but they have my phone number and will call so we can meet again. What a woof, woofing day I had



August 18th 2009 4:15 pm
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Woof, woof I havent written in my diary lately. Its sooo hot here in Southern Maryland my mistress and I had to go home on Monday. We didnt even try to go to the park and swim on Tuesday because she gave me a bath with a nice doggie shampoo and didnt want me to get in the dirty patuxent river and get all smelly and dirty again. Oh my goodness on Monday when I went to the park and we did our usual run in the woods first and then we walk until we get to the river. I stuck my nose in something because I am sooo nosey and it must have been a bees nest. I got stung and rolled on the ground trying to comfort my nose, then I went over and sat down in the tall grass. I guess my mistress knew I didnt feel well and she took me home. The next day I felt better and she kept me away from the nest area but it was soooo hot we had to come home anyway. She hasnt let me go swimming so Im still silky clean and good smelly. See you soon woof, woof.

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