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Tails From The Vinstmeister

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From Mom

September 2nd 2012 2:11 am
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It's only been a bit over 2 months since you left. I was a wreck. All I could think of was: "What did I do wrong?" It took so long for me to realize that it was YOUR time-the Vet said you were okay at your last check-up. A month before you left. I was angry at the Vet.

I slept with your collar and tags for a month. I miss you sleeping at my feet. I always moved to give you room. I kept looking for you to be right by my side, like you always were. It took me a week to finally turn the page on my calenders to the next month, I hurt so bad.

I had prayed so hard that you were well and free and running about like a puppy again- On one of the calendars, the "Defenders Of Wildlife", where the wild wolves are so beautifully photographed, after that prayer, I finally turned the page to July- on July 5th- (You left on June 28th), and there was my answer.

A stunning photo of a black/white wolf, running at top speed, running, running. That was you, Vinster. I know now that you are free and running like a young dog.

Then another strange thing happened. After that, your brother, Sammy started to lay by my feet. Sammy never did that before- and Casey, well, she still has issues, but she's much better than before.
I was mourning you one morning, missing you, having my coffee, and I looked down, and saw a large white paw! It was Sammy! Under the kitchen table. He's been there ever since.

He was laying just where you used to. I think you sent a message to Sammy.

Thank you, my long-time and beloved friend.

I still miss you, just as I miss your brothers and sisters before you.

I know, now, that you are enjoying freedom from old age, and pain, and you told me that.
I Love You, Baby Boy, My Vinster. You travelled and had a great life, always rode in the van, walkies and too many treats!I tried to give you the best life, before I adopted you, you were tied outside by your previous owner.
You were the smartest doggie I ever had, and you were there for me when no one else was, and you helped Casey AND Sammy to be "inside doggies", after they came to live w/us from bad homes. Bless you, Vin.

Love, Mom


I Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

June 29th 2012 12:18 am
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Hi, doggies. I had a good life. I was getting old, and other tumors were coming like lightening- I was getting cataracts, Mom is beside herself- I JUST had a check-up a month ago!
Anyway, I love you all, and I'm in Heaven now. It was time for me to go.
Mom can't write much more. The Vet said I was okay in May, the last 2 weeks, were bad. I died in her arms, before my Vet appt. w/ another Vet.
Love to all,


Long Time

December 11th 2011 2:24 am
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So sorry we haven't been in touch. Mom said to tell you. All last year, she was planning on her trip to go to WSPA's Sancuracy and we had a massive power outage. All airports shut down.
When she finally got us to kennel, and was packing- she thought to call airline- British Airways- had printed out ticket and boarding pass- had an hour and 1/2, to make sure (power just barely came back), and the person at B.A, said- sorry, you should already be ON THE PLANE. Mom said: "What"? I have time-
no go- B.A. took her right off, and kept all the money from the flight- refunded fees and taxes. Nothing.
So Mom Tweeted BOOOO British Airways, taking advantage of a disabled veteran, and it was a charity trip, for animals! BOOO!
Well, Guess what, they responded on twitter. Huh . Guess they don't want a bad name.
We'll see.
Sorry to go on. Mom was so depressed, she coulden't write, or even check email for a month!. Make that 2 months!
Take care all pals, we love you, and tailwags to all.
Love, The Vinstmeister


The Doggie at The VA

April 12th 2011 9:52 pm
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Mom went to have some radiology done. We didn't go- so long to wait.
When Mom came out from seeing her Dr,. she saw a Vet with a doggie. She asked (always ask first) if she could pet him/her.
The Vet said "sure". She knelt down and said hello- doggie had an orange vest, even though the Vet said she was a Therapy doggie. Should have been purple.
She seemed scared, so Mommy stood up- and the doggie seemed to feel better. So she asked the other vet: is she feeling well (she was very thin)?
He (as many of us vets) was a bit upset, waiting on his appiontment. Mom said, : maybe a few more treats!
Yes, that's how he said it-
Standing over the doggie-she had an orange vest- Mom SO wanted to talk more with the Vet.
Maybe the doggie didn't feel well. maybe she didn't WANT to go to the Dog Park twice a day, every day!
We were chatting, and the nurse called him in- oh, darn!
Mom wanted to say: "Take her to the Doggie Doctor" But, he had to go, and she beats herself up everyday, wanting to tell that Vet to take his doggie for a check-up.
She managed to get out to him: Maybe more treats? The doggie looked back- was mom imagining things? Like help me?
Folks, if your doggie isn't behaving as you would have them, maybe they are sick or unwell.
Not their fault. Mom is still so sad she couldn't talk to the Vet about his doggie.
Thanks for listening. Love, Vinnie


10 Commandments For Dog Owners

March 19th 2011 11:47 am
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1. Thou shalt remember that my life is likly to last ten to fifteen years. Any separation from you will be painful for me. Remember that before you adopt me.

2. Thou shalt give me time to understand what you want of me. treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in the world is more grateful for kindness than this loving heart of mine.

3. Thou shalt place your trust in me. It is crucial to my well being.

4. Thou shalt not be angry with me for long and shalt not lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your entertainment, and your friends. I only have you.

5. Thou shalt be aware that no matter how you treat me, I'll never forget it.

6. Thou shalt talk to me sometimes. Even if I don't understand your words, I understand your voice when it's speaking to me. Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by thr fierce wagging of my tail whenever you greet me.

7. Before hitting me, thou shalt remember that I have teeth that could easily break the bones in your hand., but but I choose not to bite you. Before beating me, know that paitence and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me learn.

8. Before scolding me for being lazy or contrary, thou shalt ask thyself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food or I've been in the sun too long or my heart is growing old and weak.

9. Thou shalt take care of me when I get old. You, too, will grow old one day.

10. When the time comes for my final journey, thou shalt see that my trusting life is taken gently. I shall leave this earth knowing with the last breath I draw that you have loved me till the end. That is only fitting because you know how much I love you.

From: "A Treasury for Dog lovers." By Richard Lederer


Mom Says Spending Money is FUN!

November 24th 2010 4:25 pm
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If one has it- we always donate to our animal charities directly from the bank- try and save our pennies. Then Mom said: You know what? I'm buying some new stuff for me and you guys. I think she went a bit overboard, but, sometimes humans have to treat themselves- and I think it's okay Mom finally treated herself to new clothes and a new TV!
We love Animal planet.
We always get treats (too many, the Vet says, BOL) no worries about us!!
And grooming and checkups. so because we couldn;t buy the house we REALL wanted on the east coast, well, Mom figured we were stuck here for another year or two- said oh why not?
But things are changing.. we could get that east coast place- with room for abused animals, horses, even and a cattery.
Mom just won;t give up- looking good, Well see.
Cheers, Vinnie


Got A New Vet! Yippee!

October 10th 2010 5:47 am
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I've told ya'll before, being an older doggie, I get those "fatty toumers" (Sigh-well, the spelling). So Mom got a tad bit fed up with "Oh, don't worry, it's normal for an old dog, etc, etc." So she took me to a NEW Vet, who gave me all kinds of tests! The new Vet said: "Would you like me to test them and let you know FOR SURE?" Mom said "Oh, yes, PLEASE!
(This was shortly after a racoon got in our yard- I got a scratch on my snout- but no bite).
A few minutes later, the Vet comes back in, and says: "It's just FAT!" WHEW! For sure. No cancer.
Then gives Mom a prescription for an ointment for my scratch, and some anti-biotics for my paw, that she pulled a foxtail out of! The other Vet never even noticed! They said it was allergies! Mom couldn't even see it!
We like this new Vet! Yay!
Bark out to other Doggie's pawrents: Sometimes, it's worth it to get a second (or third) opinion.
Love, Vinnie (oldie but goodie)


Angel Doggie Pack

May 8th 2010 8:46 pm
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Well, mommy decided to put up a page for Maya, Caesar and Chaka- all angels.
She started with Maya- a very good doggie who she adopted.

She thought: "Write a Senior Doggie Entry" (she saw on Dogster), but then, thought, well, maybe she should make an "angels page" for the doggies that have passed on.

So, we're getting some old pictures, and will make a whole new page, with 3 doggies!
We don't think we'll "win" or anything, but she wants to tell all you other doggies about the last 3 adoped, senior doggies on just one page, instead of just one dog at a time.

So, she said she'll make a page of our bro-furs and sisters who have gone to the bridge. We've seen other doggies do that. In rememberance.

It's so great (my mom says) to have a doggie for over 10-13 years, but DARN IT! they don't live as long as humans. It's harder to lose them, sniff, when they have to go.
So, it's time she put up an Angel's page. Just hard for her to do that and not leak water from her eyes....
But they were ALL good doggies, who needed a home!
And gave my mom the best years... we love them, and I was the only doggie who was the youngest, and remember them.

So we'll redo Maya's page to include ALL the doggies!

Take Care, Many Hugs for the seniors, Love, Vinnie


Still Looking For a New Home

May 2nd 2010 12:03 am
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Woof! Has it really been that long?
My secretary has been lax in her duties, I daresay.

Oh, about the new home- I don't mean for me, I mean mom's been looking for a first time house to buy- ever since febuary/march. I apologise. She's been absoultely bombarded by emails from realtors, then, overwhelmed, then, got so confused, she just gave up on the whole process.

As for us, oh, we're fine, we have our rides, our walkies and good chow, but, mom got it in her head to "MOVE"- "Buy a House"- and looked and looked and looked......

*Whew* She decided to give it a break for awhile.
Our good pal, Demon Flash Bandit, gave mom some really good advice on buying a house, like getting it inspected- and even giving us a link to country houses (what mom wants) on "".
Maybe we could buy a home with a kennnel or horse property, where we could save other doggies, or foster them, or save horses.

Mom's been looking at EVERY state- in the US, even though she''d like to live in the UK maybe someday. Seems like almost ANYWHERE is less expensive than Southern California!

Location, blah, blah, blah.
Anyway, I'd like to ask you other doggies, what is the best place to move to?
The good thing is that mom has a good income, and can move anywhere- she is 100% disabled Veteran- (can you believe it? She still wants to go back and serve her country- she has talked to recruiters)

Where should we move to? We want a nice place w/land so we can rescue/foster dogs, cats. horses, etc. But she won't rush into anything.

Oh, and I'll be there with her all the way.
We had the BEST walkies the other night! It had just rained for a bit, and a circle was around the moon..... Mom still lets me herd, but, she has to always look back for me, because I'm slowing down now.
A nice bath, and she's going to take me (only me!) for another check up at the Vet.

I'll never leave my mom, as long as she needs me. I'm slowing down, but I still love our walkies! Anywhere we move is fine with me!

Love, The Vinstmeister


Here Comes The Sun!

January 24th 2010 4:03 pm
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Hi there, everypup.

Out here on the west coast, we really got rained out! Whoosh!!! Rain is good. Mommy loves it, but it was too much at one time! Egad!

But seriously, it rained so much where we live, that our backyard and porch was FLOODED for a day or two- it almost came up to the back door. Then when we had a break, it soaked into the ground, and when it rained again, it wasn't so bad. It just soaked into the already saturated ground.

Mommy went outside when it was just sprinkling, to keep up with poop patrol (can't pick it up when it's so gooshy- heh) and called us to come out and go pee. Casey and I went out and did our duty, sure ,we got a little wet, but it didn't bother ME.
Sammy was being a big chicken, though. He was all: "Nope, I'm stayin' right here, under the porch,and in the house, where it's DRY!" I called him a scaredy-dog. Heh.

Oh, and we only walked once in the 4-5 days it was raining so hard, and when we got home, mommy slipped on the walkway and guess who made a run for it?
Hint: A big dog who thinks he's a Coyote! I'll let HIM tell you.

I know, compared to some of you Northern and NorthEast pups, this was nothing! You all had a lot of SNOW and ICE- not to mention it's way, way colder than it is here. But when it gets cold here, it feels a lot colder (no humidity, mom says), so brrrrrr!

The sun decided to come out today, so that means CAR RIDES (my favorite) and safe walkies again. Mommy doesn't like to drive in really bad weather, especially when some crazy drivers don't know HOW to drive in anything but "sunny and clear" weather, so they Varoom, Varoom, business as usual, and get into accidents.

Mommy lived in snow country before, so she knows we need those special snow tires and slows down when driving anywhere- but if there's ice, forget it! She can't drive on ice- okay, she tried, and skidded- so she just won't! I guess it takes practice. Woof- if it would only snow for a couple of days would be FUN!!

Oh, we even had HAIL twice, and thunderstorms! I'm not ashamed to tell you I was SCARED-I cuddled right up to mommy and was shaking! CRACK..BOOM!

Casey was the same way, we each became oversized lapdogs and practically glued ourselves to her when she was on the couch- and wouldn't let her move! Just try and move with two 60 pound doggies in your lap! OOOF!

Sammy was cool, as usual, plotting as to how he could use that bad weather to make another run for it.......But, was onto him. BOL!!!!!!

For you cold weather doggies, stay safe and warm; for you doggies who usually have warmer weather, hang in there. Spring is just around the corner......almost.

Love, The Vinstmeister (The psychic weather predictor dog)

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