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My Diary as a Prince by Ingmar

I'm 1 year old today :)

November 10th 2009 1:13 am
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woo hoo! I'm a big boy now...bol! Dada is gonna get some treats for me after his work ...well, of course Leila can share with me:)

Oh boy! Today, I manage (well, maybe with a wee help from Leila) *can I just get all the credit for now it's my BIRTHDAY* to scared the pigeons away from our balcony..yay! Ok, mom always get upset at the pigeons because they DO their business there and mom has to clean the balcony like every other day * she plans on posting a sign "NO PIGEONS ALLOWED" ...bol!

Do you think there is any solution or remedy for this kind of Pigeon situation...BARK at me!

well back to my birthday *Mom's list*
1. mamarazzi on the loose (picturessssssss)oh boy!
2. mamarazzi on the loose (picturessssssss)oh boy!
3. mamarazzi on the loose (picturessssssss)oh boy!

well that's definitely it!

Here is mine: *Ingy's List*

1. Eat plenty of treats
2. Eat plenty of treats
3. Eat plenty of treats
4. playing with Leila
5. playing with Leila
6. playing with Leila
7. lots of cuddling and kisses
8. lots of cuddling and kisses
9. lots of cuddling and kisses
10. well I guess I have to pose for the CAMERA that will make mom HAPPY!!!

Have an awesome day yáll!

Love from your Birthday boy INGY :)


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