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Stacking 101 ...

July 29th 2010 5:53 pm
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Tonight I had my very first stacking lesson, and so did Mom! We are starting to practice for the "Meet the Breeds" event in September when I'm going to be the Poodle breed representative. Although Mom and I have watched hours of dog shows on television and seen many dogs of all breeds stack during their time in the show ring, we have previously competed in the rally ring, where stacking isn't a part of the events, so this is new to both of us. And since we both want to do a great job, it's time to begin getting comfortable with this process.

We started by reading articles and tips that Mom found on our friend the Internet, which were pretty helpful. Since I'm a Miniature Poodle, I will be placed on a table when I'm on stage at the event. I'm used to being on a table for grooming, so that's no problem, but I usually find a nice, comfy position while that's happening, and I get moved around depending on what part of me is being combed. I'm very relaxed and sometimes I even fall asleep in the middle of the process. It's fun together time for Mom and me. Now I will have to stand still and leave my feet where Mom puts them, look straight ahead, and keep my tail up in the air; hmmmmm ... that's new!

Mom and I agreed that I should have a special table to help me know the difference between "show" time and "groom" time, so she looked around the house and found something called a "typewriter table". She said it's a little low, but it's the perfect size, very stable, and she put some cabinet liner stuff on the top of it so I don't slide around and can feel very secure when I'm posing. (By the way, what's a typewriter? Mom said those were before my time and not to worry about it because it's now my show table. Allrighty, that's what I'll do!)

Our first lesson went well, and Mom is very happy with me. I stood when she asked me to and tried very hard to keep my feet where she put them. I even put my tail up almost by myself, and looked straight ahead even though I was wondering what Mom was doing and I couldn't see her very well through my ear hair. I was such a good girl that I even got a couple of treats. Yippee!

Mom says we'll continue practicing at home, but she's considering taking me to a couple of conformation practice sessions at our kennel club so that we can get some tips from people and dogs that do this a lot. They have weekly classes and since we can sign up for them individually, we can attend only as many as we need. I think it sounds like a good idea; I love going to the club!


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