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Dandelion Breeze Wishes & Lost & Found

Knew that was you OUTLAW JOSEY!!!!

August 26th 2009 11:10 am
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Hello The Outlaw Josey Wales!!!! Having fun gunslinging with the Carolina Dog Project???? No more about me taking off with the Carolina Dogs cause where are you exactly? Hmm. Extending neck & grrrring. Knew that you was you Outlaw! You bit me in the hind side Outlaw & I owe you one for that! Knew I was catching glimpses of you from time to time there bud, just knew it.... Dog Project has got you on their list now budro. You're not missing any more, just a matter of catching you & extracting you from that dog pack since some of those dogs probably won't be leaving. Having fun? Still mad at Dad over all of those unfavorable comparisons to his beloved Josey Wales because you're so much bigger than he was & taller & just very, very different & incredibly domineering thinking you're as big as those GSD's August Max & Marcus Maxx & trying to pick fights with them. You'll have to cool down toward them bud cause they can eat you! They're the guard dogs my friend so just remember that one. I'm sure they'll be in touch soon via paw mail or email or diary to give you some doggy grrrr's too & doggy lectures. But all the same Welcome Back to Planet Earth Outlaw Josey!!!! I'm sure you'll share your travels through the galaxy with us soon.
AAAAARRRRRROOOOOO!!!!! Augie from The Carolina Dog Project


St. Augustine (Augie)


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