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Thanks for the Birthday Presents & Peter Pan

August 11th 2009 1:15 am
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Thanks for finally remembering my birthday my woofday to one of the Carolina Dog Projects & to my family. Really like my photo with the birthday cake & balloons & presents & niced stuffed teddy bear, hopefully a squeaky one, for me to shake & tear apart & enjoy playing with & tearing apart (sorry kids & sorry about your stuffed toys that I ate on back & your other toys that became dog toys -- will either have to keep them out of reach or mark them in somehow not the way dogs mark things & teach me those toys are yours! As far as us dogs are concerned anything left down on the floor are our toys!) Thanks to Dion the CatDog, Pinto Paint, & family for my cupcake that replenishes that I can share with the Carolina Dog pack. We love sweets when we can get them though people fuss about dog having sweets.

Know some of the older kids & adults remember the beloved Peter Pan from their childhoods although they're far too old for Never Land now or some are, so I'm Peter Pan especially for anyone younger in the family to protect you from Captain Hook for now just in dream form but when we're back together in reality. I will keep Captain Hook at bay & keep him away from your slumber world which is very close to Never Land that dream time place. What do you think of me as Peter Pan, the dog Peter Pan? I can fly even though I'm not an angel dog in this outfit with just a little magic fairy dust and some happy thoughts! So think good thoughts skyward about being back together with your family and remember to say your prayers! Meditate on it which means focus on it, think about it, see it in your head & feel it in your heart & wish for it so that we might all be back together as soon as possible.
From the Carolina Dog World, Augie

** Thanks too to Dion & family for the baseball in recognition of my being a Daily Diary Pick! **

Am I forgetting to thank anyfur? I'll come back & add it here if I have. Good Night & Sweet Dreams & Doggy Licks kisses to the kids & teens.


St. Augustine (Augie)


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