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Lilah's Little Secrets (and some of mom's too!)

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Dear Lilah

March 15th 2011 1:57 pm
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I miss you so much. :(


I love you :)

October 4th 2009 3:29 pm
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Dear Lilah,

You are so cute. Do you know that? I think you might, because you use that pouty tilted head look every time I need it. You know just what I need when I need it, and it's such a cool thing. You know when I'm not feeling well, and you will lay right next to me and not move once. You know when I'm sad because you will make a funny face and make me laugh.

Sometimes, I just want to cry, you are so perfect. You've helped me more than I think you realize, more than I think I even realize. You are so silly. It makes up for the times when you do something EVEN WHEN I SAY NO. :)

But after all, you are a teenager. What should I expect? You can't be perfect all the time, no matter how much you think so. Lilah, sometimes I think I read your mind. It almost baffles me that you can't open your mouth and have a conversation with me. You always look like you are on the verge. You are a once in a lifetime dog, and I hope you don't take the smell of a million little pomeranians the wrong way. NO ONE will ever take your place. No one.

I love you soooooooooooo much!

Love always,
Your mom



October 3rd 2009 5:25 pm
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Dear Lilah,

I know how much you don't like anyone else to have my attention. At least you aren't mean about it, I'll give you that. But I hope you don't get angry with me for getting a little girl. I know you will love her. You love to play. When I live in St. Petersburg for college, you won't be able to come with me. I seriously considered not even going so that I could have you with me always. But what kind of mom would I be if I didn't do what was best for both of us?

I don't think you should ever second guess how much I love you, because I love you more than you will ever know. I think you know that much. So, this does not change anything between us. I know you'll love a new sister as much as I will.

Consider this a form of reassurance, though I doubt you'll need it. No one will ever come between us. I'll love you forever. And I mean it when I say that!

your mom


Dear Lilah, Love Mom

October 2nd 2009 8:42 pm
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Dear Lilah,

First of all, I want to apologize for taking over your diary. But what do you have to talk about anyway? How fun it is to lay on my arms so that it's impossible to type? I love you my silly little girl. I think it's cool that people actually read the things we write. Does that mean we should write more? We actually INSPIRED someone to make a beautiful thread. They were touched by something WE wrote. Now if that doesn't make you feel special, I'm not sure what does!

You're not perfect by certain standards. You are bull-legged, your built like a whippet, but you have a head like a lab. You are not a purebred. You don't pick up on tricks very fast, and you make the silliest faces. But what's perfect? To me, you are. I love the way you nudge me when you want me to pet you. I love the way you cock your head when I'm singing at the top of my lungs. (I'm glad you can't talk through some of that, though. I'm sure you understand.) I love the way you grumble when you are trying to get comfortable at night. I love the way you jump around when we play. I love how you think everything means 'speak.' (I'm sure the neighbor's don't.)

Before you, I don't think I ever really got it. I've always loved animals, there has never been a time in my life where I didn't have any. But until you came along and showed me just HOW MUCH an animal could love, I never had the attachment that I do now. And I thank you so much for that. Honestly, I don't know if it really was ME who rescued YOU. Sometimes I think it was the other way around. I know that you won't ever let me down, and I hope you know that I would never ever fail you. I would do anything in my power and then some to do whatever I could for you.

There are a million more words I could say, but nothing could ever come even remotely close to hitting the mark. Love was just a word, until you gave it a meaning.

your mommy :)


Letter from my momma

September 20th 2009 2:54 pm
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Dear Lilah,

The other night, I watched you lie in pain. I thought it would be the last memory I had of you. You had all the symptoms of bloat, and it was too late at night to go to a regular vet. At first, before bloat even entered my mind, I knew something was wrong, but I didn't know what. I gave you some Pepto and pulled you outside when you acted as if you would throw up. Most of the time you didn't.

You started shaking, whining, and trying to be as near to me as possible. One of our friends suggested it might be bloat, and when I looked up all the symptoms and saw just how lethal it was, I freaked out. I admit that I should have been more cool headed, but you mean the world to me. I couldn't imagine my life without you. Our life had just begun together. I prayed to God and I asked Him to keep you safe. To keep you with me.

I called a 24 hour emergency vet, and they told me I should take you in as soon as I possibly could, because it was likely you wouldn't make it through the night. Maybe not even through the hour. I asked them how much it would be if they had to do surgery. They told me $1500-2500, and I knew that I would do it. I asked about payment plans. They told me that I had to pay half up front and then the rest could be paid through payment plans. I explained to them that I wouldn't have money until the morning, and they basically told me there was nothing they could do. So money hungry! Before I unleashed all my anger, frustration, and sadness on them, I let the phone fall to the floor. I couldn't believe that even though I promised I would pay by the morning, they would do nothing for my baby. They didn't care about her, they only cared about money.

I stayed up all night. I didn't close my eyes for a minute. I was even scared to let you go to sleep. You snuggled up to me closer than I thought was possible, and I stroked your beautiful black fur. Finally, around 6 in the morning, I got ahold of my grandmother and told her the situation and she told me she would lend me the money. Of course she would, because she, unlike those monsters at the emergency vet, loves you. I called the closest vet to the area, it was so hard because we weren't even in our home state. We got the earliest appointment which was 10:30 am.

At that time, you seemed to be a little less bloated, and you hadn't thrown up, and you were no longer whining. I prayed and prayed to God that you would be okay. That you would stay with me. "It's not her time, it's not her time..." I sobbed into your fur. We fell asleep together on the floor and my phone rang at 9:30. It was Grammy again. She was checking on you. I was so scared, because I had fallen asleep and possibly allowed you to drift away. But you were awake, and you looked at me with those pure amber eyes. I jumped in the shower, and we took you to the vet.

You jumped around like your silly little self and tried to get to the other little girl that was in the vet's office. The vet took us back and after examining you, he told us that you most likely did have bloat, and it's a miracle that you basically cured yourself. You weren't showing the signs anymore, you were still just a little bloated. He said to watch you carefully and feed you four to five times a day. Of course I would. I would do anything for you. The night before I was thinking of all the things I could sell quickly to get the money for you to go to the vet. But God was with us. He made sure you stayed with me.

Right now, you are lying next to me on the couch with your head in my lap. Occasionally, I look down at you, pat your head, and call you my "Miracle Dog". We are closer than ever before. You need me just as much as I need you. I thank God every day for sending you to me. I am so glad that I went to the Humane Society that day. I often wonder how your life would have gone had we not met that fateful day. But it doesn't matter. You are the biggest part of my life. You mean everything to me, and the other night, showed me just how much. I would do anything to protect you, as I know you would do the same for me. I love you so much, Lilah. You've shown me the true meaning of undying love.

Love always,
Your mom


My birthday

August 5th 2009 8:32 pm
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Dear Diary,

My birthday was today, and since my mom was gone, I thought it was going to be a stinky birthday. But all my dogster pals made it such a nice day!!! Pictures were made, gifts were sent, and threads were made. It was such a wonderful thing and it was amazing to see how much love illuminates from everyone!

I started the day off bummed, and then everytime I signed on I had something new and more birthday wishes! It was the best birthday anyone could ever ask for. I love all my pals!

Love always,


Raja Babu interviews...ME

July 8th 2009 6:36 pm
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You are a shelter dog. How did you end up there?
Mom isn’t sure what my story was, but from what she’s been told, I was with a family that didn’t want me because I was too small and too nice to be a guard dog, and they didn’t like that, so they tied me outside with a choker and a pole. Maybe they were trying to bring the mean side out in me. Thankfully, a neighbor reported them and animal control came out and told them that something needed to change. But it didn’t and when they showed up again I was starved and my choker was cutting into my neck. I was very timid and very scared of people, but I’m happy to report that I am not in any way afraid of people, and I don’t hold what happened to me against all the good hoomans in the world.

How did you get your name Lilah?
Well, mom had taken me out at the shelter and we were in a gated in area where you can let the dogs off the leash and run around with them. You are required to spend at least thirty minutes with your dog there. Mom already knew she was going to take me home with her because we just had the strongest bond right off the bat. But she didn’t like my kennel name (Lady). She said I reminded her of a flower, I was small, petite, delicate, and pretty. She tried names like Rose, Daisy, Lilac, and nothing worked. She liked the name Delilah, but I didn’t come to it. She went to call me Delilah again, and Lilac at the same time, and it came out Lilah. I turned my head and looked at her with my ears cocked and my head tilted.

What was it like to come home to seven (?) dogs? How did they react to you?
This is a bit of a long story. All the other dogs are very dog friendly, except for Chester. He has a Napoleon complex and doesn’t let anypup forget it. We knew he was going to be the problem. I had already met Riley once at dog intro, and he wasn’t very nice at first. It was raining when mom brought Riley to meet me, so we had to meet inside. Riley was extremely distressed and anxious, being back in the pound and when they brought me in, he growled a scary growl, and mom couldn’t believe it, because he never acts like that! She explained to them, almost in a begging manner, that Riley goes to the dog park all the time, and he’s never had a problem. Thankfully, they gave us the benefit of the doubt, and when it stopped raining hard, they brought us outside and Riley sniffed my butt like there was no tomorrow, and he even did the play bow. (I don’t think he knew that I was coming home to be his sisfur) So we passed, and they gave us the okay to bring me home. When we got home, we let Angel meet me first because she tends to be afraid of other dogs, never aggressive. And when she came out, we were both kept on leashes, just in case. After about a half hour we were comfortable around each other and mom let us off the leashes. She gave us another half hour together and we played just fine. Chester was the problem. So mom brought him out on a leash and a friend held me on a leash and he didn’t even growl once! She kept us on our leashes for thirty minutes just in case, and then let us off, and he was fine. Mom was so relieved. Buster came a few days later because he doesn’t live with me. We went to the dog park together, and we couldn’t have hit it off any better! I fit in just fine at my house.

What should one know about socializing older/new dogs into a houseful of dogs?
The most important things to keep in mind are patience and do NOT get nervous. Dogs pick up on those feelings and it makes us anxious too. We are more likely to start a fight when we feel anxious, rather than if we are in a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t just let your dogs together off the bat. Use leashes, and let them do what they want. If they don’t want to be around the other dog, don’t force us. Eventually we will do what we need to do. Leave the dogs on leashes for at LEAST half an hour, just in case. To sum it up, just be relaxed and patient.

Who do you get along best with?
I would say Riley and I are best buds. We are the youngest pups of the pack, so we like to get into trouble together. I even dig into cool sand for him to lay in.

Did Riley teach you to dig? Are you two best friends?
Riley definitely taught me to dig. He is so bad! He showed me how to manipulate the fence, and now we both make holes in the fence! He is definitely my best friend. We are always together. Sometimes he will just lay there and watch me walk around. Other times he’ll jump all over me. But he is no doubt my best friend.

So, tell us about how you met Sparky? How is the spark in the relationship?
Ahhh Sparky. I’ve talked to Sparky before, but ever since I got to my furever home, I was in the bachelor contest, and I didn’t think anything into it, though I did think he was a good looking pup. Jet is actually the one who got it started. He mentioned to me that he thought we would be the pawfect couple. The next day we started talking, and one thing led to another and he asked me to be his girlpup. He is such a sweetie. He’ll paw mail me if he thinks he won’t be on for a few days, and he always says the nicest things. He really knows how to make me feel special, and I’m so glad that it’s him who is my boypup.

You have made quite a splash in Plus fun with all your posts and games. When did you start posting? What do you like about Plus?
Before I was even home, mom made me a Dogster, and right away I was into the bachelor forums. I became the post hog because I had all the good ideas, BOL. I love to come to Plus. When I’m not having a good day, I know that I can come to Plus and everything will be okay. I will be laughing in a matter of seconds. I can be just who I am, and no one judges because everyone is as passionate about the things I am passionate about. Mom says the good people in the world are the ones that love their pets, and the pups on Dogster are those pups.

Tell us about a special incident in your life?
This isn’t special in a good way. I posted this story in the bachelor thread, but I will tell it again. Mom and I were in the living room watching Fluke and all the sudden someone started walking up the driveway, and that might not sound weird, except that we live down a quarter of a mile woodsy driveway, and even then we are surrounded by a lot of land. So I turned of the TV quickly, and I went to stand behind the door, so whoever it was would think no one was home. He knocked on the door a few times and then when I thought he was gone, he started banging. Mom was so scared but I remained calm at her side. Then, he started to turn the door knob and mom started crying because she was so scared, and when he opened it and peeked in, I growled a ferocious growl, and I startled him so much that he tripped on the way running out. Mom ran to her phone to call the police and I ran after him. I nipped at his heels and chased him all the way down the driveway. I ran back to the end of the driveway but stood there, to make sure he didn’t come back. A few minutes later the cops showed up and he never came back. That was special in the sense that now mom and I have an even stronger bond, and she knows that I would risk my own life to save her.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers?
I want to thank you, Raja, for taking the time to give me this interview, and I would also like to thank the pups that take the time to read it. Each and every one of you has touched my life in the most special way, and I am so glad that I have you all. I know that I can come to you if I have a problem, and no pup will make fun. Dogster has definitely changed my life for the better and it is all because of you guys. Thank you!


I have a boypup :)

July 2nd 2009 5:48 pm
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Dear Diary,

The bachelor game was cut short, and all of a sudden Jet announced that it was Tilly who was going to be his girlpup. And I was surprised to find that I wasn't upset, since I wanted to win so bad. So I was talking to Nutty to see if maybe I could be a bachelorette. But Jet mentioned that Sparky and me would be a perfect couple. We starting talking and what do you know? We are together! And I couldn't be happier. He is such a sweetie. Thank you so much, Jet. You really helped this whole thing along!



Vacuums scare the pee outta me...literally!

June 23rd 2009 8:59 pm
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Dear Diary,

Well, today, my girl was on a major cleaning spree. Who knows why? Cleaning is sooooo overrated! But she pulled out this big weird shaped thing. I admit, I was curious at first. I sniffed at it and I walked around it, checking it up and down. You know, making sure it didn't have a butt, cause if it has a butt, I wanna smell it! But for some reason my girl was laughing at me. So I gave her this look like "yeah you crazy person, just keep on laughing" but then SHE TURNS THE METAL DOG ON! It was the loudest scariest noise I have ever heard. So I started running in place, and when I realized that I wasn't going anywhere I just stopped. And do you know what I did? I peed! Right there where I was standing. And I don't even think I realized that I was doing it. My girl switched off the vacuum and ran to hug me. By then I had pulled out of my trance, but I don't think I'll be going near any metal dogs any time soon. If it doesn't have a butt, it's not getting close to this mutt! BOL



Ice Cream Tag

June 19th 2009 10:23 am
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I was tagged by two pups at the same time! BOL. So what kind of ice cream would I be? Hmmm.

I think I would probably be vanilla. Vanilla is not too sweet, and when it's added to, it's still not overwhelming.

Pretty lame, huh? BOL

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