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We know you’re thinking … sardines for dogs? Can dogs eat sardines? It turns out this flavorful little fish has big nutritional value for people AND dogs. Let’s talk about why sardines are good for dogs, how to feed them to your dogs — and a few words of caution when it comes to sardines for dogs.
If I had to choose the most misunderstood word in the dog nutrition vernacular, it would be “carbohydrate.” Mention feeding a dog “carbs” and you are likely to be met with a shocked retort such as, “But carbs are bad for dogs!” With the popularity of the “keto” diet (more on that trend in a future article), the poor carb has fallen even further from grace.
Of course, it’s ‘kennel cough!’ Chloe was at a kennel, and now she’s sick. I’ve researched dozens of blogs and consulted an online veterinary service, and they all agree. Now if you would simply write me a prescription for these antibiotics, I’ll be on my way.”

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