Win a Treat Basket for Your Furry Valentine

Hey, Dogsters! February 14 will be here before you know it, and who better to get an extra treat that day than your funny, furry...

Maria Goodavage  |  Jan 25th 2012

Hey, Dogsters! February 14 will be here before you know it, and who better to get an extra treat that day than your funny, furry Valentine? The other day, Jake received a couple of very pretty treats from Rosie’s Barkery. He looked at the reds and pinks and flowers, with a “Yeah, they’re cute, but how do they taste?” flip of his blond head. As longtime readers know, he is up to his neck in girly things, thanks to my daughter and me.

Of course, once I unwrapped the treats, he inhaled the two I offered him. See the heart cookie with the bite out of it in the photo above? If Rosie’s were creating such a treat based on a realistic version of what Jake did to the treat, it would not just have a bite out of it. In fact, it would not exist at all. That one went down whole. Disappeared. He loves the treats so much that he now spends even more time staring at the big kitchen cabinet. That’s where the pink Carob Bone Bone lies in wait for Valentine’s Day.

Okay, so 1) they’re really cute and 2) they’re obviously delicious to dogs. But what about the ingredients? Organic and/or wholesome foods lead the ingredients lists on these goodies. Organic sweet potatoes, organic honey, real peanut butter, yogurt, unsweetened applesauce. Yeah, they have some food-grade dye, but there’s nothing on the ingredients lists I can’t pronounce, which is always a good thing.

All this, plus Rosie’s raises money for good animal causes. “Most importantly, every treat we sell helps to make a shelter dog or cat’s life better because we are always raising money for a rescue or shelter,” cofounder Christine Iversen wrote me. “Whether it’s at an event, at our website or if it’s a store that carries our products, no less than 10% of the profits go to help out. It’s our mission and why we exist.”

Awww, a company with a heart making hearts! How fitting. And Jake thinks Rosie (that’s her in the heart photo) is pretty heartworthy, too. “She makes great food, inspires awesome causes, and she’s really cute,” he explained. If he weren’t married to a buffalo (I promise to blog on this soon), he might consider getting to know her especially after Christine let us know that Rosie’s favorite flavor is “food.” Jake’s too!

Back to the point of this post: One lucky Dogster reader will end up with a “Sweets for your Sweetie” Valentine’s basket, which contains the treats you see above: one Applesauce “SweetBarks” package (31 little hearts in a package), one sweet potato “Carob Bone Bone” (a 5″ cookie), two bacon “Love Bites” cookies, and four Cranberry “Red Rosie” cookies. But how do you get this, besides buying it on the Rosie’s site? (It’s a $25 value, by the way.)

Head over to the Rosie’s FAQ page. The font is kind of small, so this may be the biggest part of the challenge for some Dogsters. Find your favorite question and come back here and leave a comment with your opinion about it. For example, there is a cute FAQ about “Why do cats do what they do?” The company’s owners tell us what they think, but maybe you and your dog have other ideas. Or “Why organic?” Do you like the idea of organic ingredients? If so, leave a sentence or two saying why.

Leave your comment by Mon., Jan. 30, at 5 p.m. PST. We’ll use to choose a winning entry, and we’ll announce the winner on Feb. 1. One entry per household, please, and as usual, the contest is open only to U.S. residents. (With apologies to our Dogster friends around the world.)

Have fun with this! You won’t be judged on what you write (tooooo hard!), but we love reading this kind of stuff anyway!