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Artist Daniella Urdinlaiz Illustrates Why Your Dog Licks Your Face

The artist's illustrated story over at Digg is just the thing to pick you up.

Michael Leaverton  |  Sep 15th 2014

Among her many illustration projects, Brooklyn artist Daniella Urdinlaiz has been churning out illustrated stories for Tapestry’s Drawing the News feature on Digg, and they are uniformly excellent. After the timely “How To Stay Cool During The Night” and “An Illustrated Guide To Animal Sex” (yep!), she tackled “Why Your Dog Licks Your Face,” which combines utter adorableness with hard-won facts about dogs and the licking of faces. (There’s also some neat animated gifs involved and some other technical neatness, which we can’t reproduce, so be sure to go here to check it out.)

Here’s some of the adorableness:



Adorable, no? Here are some of those hard-won facts:





Those facts are hard won because they entail letting a dog lick your face at all hours of the day, most likely.

This next one has nothing to do with a dog licking your face, but just look at it:


“Why Your Dog Licks Your Face” is an animated story, however, so to get the full effect — and that third reason why your dog licks your face — head over to Digg and check it out.

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