What Can Jack the Dog Balance on His Snout? Whaddya Got?

As these photos prove, whatever comes his way, it's no problem for this Australian Cattle Dog.

Michael Leaverton  |  May 6th 2013

Last week, a picture surfaced on Reddit of a dog balancing a stuffed duck on his head. Here’s that photo:

Under it was a bit of tantalizing text from user doigoid. It was part challenge, part call to arms:

“Our dog is really good at balancing things on his head. Name a common household item for him to balance!”

The game was on.

People submitted items. Jack started balancing. Hours passed. People cheered. Comments poured in — nearly 2,000, as of this writing. It turned into “the coolest thread ever,” according to one user.

“This thread is off the Richter scale,” said another.

We agree. But we thought we’d save you the trouble of scrolling through “my favorite thread ever” (so sayeth Ricos_Roughnecks) and post just the photos — but we encourage you to join the fun.

But first, let us tell you a bit about Jack, because you’re going to want to know as much as you can about this dog by pic three or four. Jack is 3-year-old Australian Cattle Dog from San Francisco who was adopted from a local shelter as a puppy. He balances things. He was trained using positive reinforcement techniques, according to his Facebook page Stack on Jack.

“We never force him to do anything. He tells us when he’s tired and we listen,” his owners write.

And now, on with the show:

Good job, Jack!

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