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What a Love Story! A Dog Travels 10 Miles to Find His Shelter Mate After Adoption

The bonded pair were broken up when one was adopted, but that couldn't keep them apart.

dogedit  |  Mar 26th 2013

We all know it’s sad when bonded shelter dogs get broken up in the adoption process, but we’ve never know exactly how sad it is until now, thanks to Ben and Jade. Spoiler: It’s pretty freaking sad.

Ben and Jade were two strays, mixed German Shepherds, who lived a rough life fending for themselves on the streets of Terre Haute, IN — though they were looked after somewhat by people in the area and fed by the staff at Benjamin’s Family Dining, according to TribStar.com.

But when Jade got pregnant by Ben, the Humane Society stepped in, trapping them both so Jade could have her puppies in a safe place. They knew they had a serious relationship on their hands.

“They were a bonded pair,” said Charles Brown, shelter manager.

Jade had her puppies — six, all now adopted out — and Jade and Ben spent several months in the shelter, even sharing the same pen.

Then one day a couple came in, Courtney and Jason Lawler, and adopted Ben. They did not adopt Jade. They had a 3-year-old and thought they could handle only one dog.

It took Ben just three weeks of plotting before he made his escape. Jason was taking out the trash. The door was open. Ben bolted, not looking back. He went out into the night to find Jade. He went out in the cold to somehow find the shelter.

According to TribStar.com, Ben crossed 10 miles of busy streets, railroad tracks, and fields. It was freezing out. Somehow, in about 24 hours, he did it. He found Jade.

“He came out of nowhere and started licking her through the fence, like they were kissing,” Courtney Lawler told NBC2 News.

But Ben also didn’t want to be caught, and because he was so street savvy, he knew how to do that, conducting a huge, hours-long game of cat-and-mouse with the shelter staff. Ultimately, they used a dart gun to capture him.

Ben’s amazing journey, however, paid off. The Lawlers decided that Jade would be coming home with them as well. Today, the two dogs are back to being inseparable.

“They go on walks together, and stay together at all times,” said Courtney Lawler.

“They want to be together,” said Debbie Floyd, president of the Humane Society board.
“There hasn’t been a lot of human love in their lives. They found love with each other and that what’s make them happy. … Hopefully, they will live their lives happily ever after.”

Via TribStar.com