We Want to Know: What Have You Learned From Your Pet?

The hosts of SoulPancake went out to a park to chat with people and ask them, "What have you learned from your pet?" The answers might have you hugging your dog a little tighter today.

Liz Acosta  |  Apr 18th 2012

We here at Dogster already know the invaluable lessons our pets teach us in their quiet, unassuming ways, but SoulPancake’s taken it to the next level, staking out a spot at a park to ask people what their pets have taught them.

So if you’ve got a moment and a box of tissues, check out this uplifting little video featuring pets and the people whose lives they’ve changed.

Wait, what? No, we’re not crying … we just got something in our eye! It’s just our … allergies! Yeah, that’s it! … sniffle.

What sort of lessons have your pets taught you?