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The Gallant Greyhound Etsy Shop has the perfect accessories for your dog.
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The Gallant Greyhound: Crochet Accessories for Dogs

Looking for adorable crochet accessories for your dog? Chace Rush got inspired by her own Greyhound to start a company that makes dog snoods in every size.

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Oct 15th 2018

I adore the snoods from the The Gallant Greyhound Etsy shop, particularly because I’m a big fan of crocheting. Creator Chace Rush got the idea after she made her own Greyhound, Cricket, a dragon costume for a festival.

“I didn’t expect the sudden, unbridled joy on people’s faces when they saw her. There stood my Cricket surrounded by smiles and laughter, clueless about the effect she was having on people.”

Chace went home and thought up her shop name. “I figured if my crocheting could help people all over the world spread that same joy and create fun memories, I couldn’t keep my hobby to myself,” she explains. “Three years later, we’re having more fun than ever.”

Ideas come to Chace from all over — nature, TV, movies, video games. She’s made snoods for dogs of every size. “A hound’s comfort while wearing one of my snoods is top priority,” she says.

Snoods retail from $22 to $27 and are available at, plus the shop has a Facebook and Instagram page. Email at

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