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We already know dogs have been known to eat homework, or so kids say, but what else do they get into.

In the UK PDSA Petaid Hospitals released a list of the ten strangest items that have been removed from dogs that have visited their clinics.

The top ten list in full is:
1. Ten-inch tent peg

2. Christmas decoration (star shaped)

3. Kitchen knife

4. Alphabet fridge magnets

5. Man’s wig

6. Ann Summers underwear

7. Bell

8. Fishing hook

9. Socks

10. Rubber duck

PDSA senior veterinary surgeon, Sean Wensley, said: ‘There is a medical term for pets eating strange objects – pica.

Since dogs, especially young dogs, use their mouth to investigate sometimes items get swallowed accidentally. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on puppies and young dogs so they don’t get into something they shouldn’t. Having plenty of dog toys around is a good way to keep them busy, and safe.

PDSA Petaid Hospitals provide free veterinary care to sick and injured pets of those unable to afford veterinary fees. What a wonderful thing to do, kudos to PDSA.

* The mischievous boy above is Gunner, luckily he spit out the cushions after chewing.