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Watch the “Star Wars” Trailer Remade With Puppies and Kittens

"Paw Warz: The Furrce Awakens" is shot-by-shot masterpiece of puppies and kittens and intergalactic war.

Pamela Mitchell  |  Dec 10th 2014

We have two problems with the Stars Wars universe. One, as expertly uncovered by a Deadspin writer’s son, is: Why do human pilots fly the spacecraft, especially the fighters, instead of droids or computers or whatever?

Second: Where are all the puppies and kittens? Oh, there are plenty acklays, of course, and bandaras and banthas and bergruutfas. We’ve got cthon coming out of our ears, and croators and dweebits and duracrete slugs. You want a fobool or a fallen? Head to a Star Wars movie. But puppies and kittens? No.

(And Akk dogs are not dogs; they are lizards. Neks are doglike, but they scare us too much to include in an article about cute puppies and kittens.)


Thankfully, the Pet Collective remedies this situation by remaking the new Star Wars trailer with puppies and kittens. It is intensely faithful to J.J. Abrams’ original — even down to the desert of kitty litter on Tatooine. It also has the Millennial Roomba, same as the original movie. Watch:

This is just the latest in Star Wars trailer remakes. Here’s the trailer made out of Legos:

Here it is using footage from the original movies:

Here’s the trailer if Wes Anderson directed the movie:

And here is the actual trailer, which is also pretty good, given the lack of puppies and kittens:

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