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A Fitting Punishment: Soccer Player Throws a Dog and Gets Thrown Off the Team

In Argentina, Jose Jimenez acts like an idiot.

Michael Leaverton  |  Jun 13th 2013

The dog did nothing wrong. He simply wandered onto a field in Argentina where people were playing with a ball. We’re supposed to like dogs like that. Dogs who act like friendly dogs, ready to suit up wherever people are playing with a ball.

But this was a Tucuman League soccer game with Jose Jimenez, and the forward for the team Bella Vista is a horrible person. He does not know how to treat dogs. When the stray wandered onto the field, stopping play, Jimenez grabbed the dog by the neck, ran him over to the fence, and tried to fling the dog over it like he was throwing a sack of potatoes. The dog flew through the air and slammed into the top of the fence, then tumbled to the ground.

It’s hard to watch. Fortunately, the dog immediately got up and ran off. He appears to be okay.

Nobody at the game was ready to let Jimenez get away with this sickening act of animal abuse, however. Fans immediately started throwing garbage at him and hurling insults. Players of the opposing team chased Jimenez around, and the teams looked ready to start an all-out brawl. Referees did the right thing and threw Jimenez out of the game, giving him a red card.

Later that day, Jimenez laid the blame onto other people. First, he told Argentina’s Ole sports newspaper that it was the ref’s fault.

“The referee made me nervous,” he said, according to the New York Daily News.

Then, he blamed the other team, saying the dog was the other team’s dirty trick: “I wasn’t trying to hurt the dog, I just wanted to remove it because the (San Juan) fans sent it onto the field to waste time.”

He also implied that things like hurling a dog at a fence by the neck should not be penalized in soccer, as soccer is rife with horrible actions.

“So many things occur in soccer that do not have such repercussions,” he said.

For his day of acting like a monster in the Bella Vista jersey, Jimenez was fired from the team.

Later, he said he was having a hard time explaining to his three-year-old son “why I had choked a doggie on TV.”

Via New York Daily News