You Win, Purina: The Ads for Your New Hands-Free Treat Launcher Are Just Plain Ridiculous

We can't speak to how well Beggin' Party Poppers actually work, but there's something to be said for the ads.

Michael Leaverton  |  Mar 3rd 2014

As electronic gizmos like automatic ball launchers gain traction, we can look forward to a hands-free dog-owning existence in the very near future. Case in point: Beggin’ Party Poppers. Featuring the latest in canine robotronics and voice-controlled telemetrics from the Purina Embedded Systems Labs, the Beggin’ Party Poppers device features a touch-sensitive rubber polymer catch combined with a patented —

Oh wait, it’s just a rubber pig snout that you press down to blast off a treat.

That’s refreshing.

Although we can’t say much for those treats — it’s a bacon and cheese something or other and we don’t review food products here on Dogster — but we have been enjoying the funny videos the company has been releasing in anticipation of this week’s launch.

Here’s one that uses irresistible slow-motion doggies:

Here’s one that excellently parodies a French art film, right down to the mime:

After those two they get a lot weirder (and less funny, sadly), but this bizarre product launch meeting makes the cut.

Funny stuff. Are you intrigued? Is a Beggin’ Party Popper in your future? Check out more funny videos at the website.

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