St. Louis Residents Without Power

Quick report from what has been the darkest heart of St. Louis!

St. Louis is not the place to be right now. As of this morning, we still had about 300,000 homes without power. If you listened to Randy Grim’s radio show, “Animal Talk,” on Friday to hear us talk about the blog and maybe even the book, you got to hear about the storms and the massive efforts to restore power to well over half a million homes. Randy and his pack were displaced due to a tree falling on his home and bringing with it live power lines.

Our pack only got power back on this morning. So if you’ve barked in and haven’t gotten a response or you wonder why I’m a little slow in posting over the last few days, that’s why. I’ve been hearing from some of the members of the Missouri Mutts group and many of them have been affected as well. My wishes for a speedy recovery of power goes out to each and every one!

As they say, you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone and is that ever more the case when it comes to air conditioning in 90 to 100 degree temperatures!