Musician Dev Hynes’ Puppy Perishes in Manhattan Apartment Fire

Hynes named his latest album after his beloved puppy, Cupid. Now he's grieving her loss.

Phillip Mlynar  |  Dec 19th 2013

On Monday evening, the Manhattan apartment of musician Devonte Hynes was destroyed when a fire broke out. Unfortunately, his puppy, Cupid, perished in the fire, too. Hynes’ resume includes writing and production duties for Solange Knowles, Florence And The Machine, and Kylie Minogue, plus a sideline as a soundtrack music composer. He had named his most recent album Cupid Deluxe.

“Big announcement — we’re parents,” wrote Dev’s girlfriend on her Instagram account as they announced Cupid to the world only three weeks ago. They accompanied the news with a picture of them both holding up Cupid, who fit snugly into their intertwined hands.

Further videos of Cupid show her to be a playful and mischievous scamp, as she wriggles around and, in one scene, appears to frolic in a pile of rose petals.

Unfortunately, Cupid’s time in her new happy home was a short one as the fire struck on December 16. The blaze also destroyed all of Dev’s possessions, causing his girlfriend’s mom to set up a fundraiser account. (It’s already quadrupled its original goal.)

“Last night, the unthinkable happened,” wrote Dev on his Twitter account. “My entire apt burnt down while I was out. I’ve lost everything I own, including scores, hard drives, clothes, sentimental items. Everything from my life is gone.” Then in heartbreaking words he added, “My dog died in the fire. I will love you forever Cupid. I miss you.”