I want to thank Wilson for barking this cute story to me.

If you live in the Macon, GA. area be on the lookout for a red haired beauty riding on the back of a candy-apple red Roketa 250.

When Johnny Ray rides his scooter down Gray Highway, he’s used to people pointing and staring.

Gizmo, his Pomeranian/cocker spaniel-mixed pooch, rides in style in her own “K-9 unit” fastened to the bike.

“She loves it. She rides good,” Ray said.

She took an interest in the scooter as soon as he drove it home last year.

“When I got back from my maiden trip, she put her little paws on the running board like, Daddy, I don’t know what this thing is but I want to go with you,’ ” said Ray, 64, who retired in 1996 from doing in-house printing for the Atlanta Braves for 15 years.

Ray at first thought he could hook her up with a harness and leashes, but he decided instead on a double-decker contraption. He hinged two black milk crates together and fastened them with bungee cords.

While she’s waiting outside the restaurants, people come up and stick their fingers through the holes to pet her soft, graying fur.

“Everybody just loves her,” he said.

Gizmo might let out a couple of coughs – a symptom of congestive heart failure that could have ended her life years ago.

But she keeps hanging on.

Ray says strangers in the restaurant will ask, “Who’s got that motorcycle with the dog on it?’ I tell them, I can call my motorcycle woman a dog, but don’t you call her a dog.'”

See a slideshow with more cute pics of Johnny Ray and Gizmo on the Macon.com website.

* Pic courtesy Jason Vorhees