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3D Dog Planter
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Meow 3D Dog Planter

Melissa L. Kauffman  |  Oct 25th 2019

If you’re like me, you have a lot of impossible people to shop for on your Christmas list. Well, if they are dog or cat lovers, this unique gift is perfect for them. Basically, you send Meow 3D a photo, then artist and co-creator Angel Napoleon and her partner Brent Napoleon use 3D software to print the planter (using responsibly sourced PLA material — corn based). Next up, hand painting the planter to make it look exactly like your dog (or cat or favorite human).

Angels tells Dogster that “We’re the originators of this particular style. We’ve gotten so much positive feedback with our work, and we continue to improve based on the feedback we receive.”

Meow 3D was born three years ago and has its physical studio in Montclair, New Jersey, while its online shop is at etsy.com/shop/Meow3DStore. Follow the company on social @Meow3d_; or at Pinterest at pinterest.com/Meow3Dstudio/pins/ or on its website
at meow3d.com.

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